How To Paint A Fence / Make An Ugly Fence Look New


this Krissy Idaho painter here on home

improvement tattoos today we're going to

show you how we go about staining a

fence and controlling overspray you get

a lot of questions how we control

overspray and keeping it off the

neighbors houses and the neighbors

plants so we're going to show you that

process we got an airless sprayer setup

you're gonna run the pressure really low

we're gonna be spraying a solid color

stain and back brushing it we're gonna

be using some simple tools like a

cardboard craft a cardboard shield

photos are made by craft do hold a

cardboard shield over the top to control

overspray we're using it at the bottom

we're also gonna be spraying with a

30-inch gun extension of 515 tip always

want to use a really new tip to help

control overspray so we're going to show

you some little tips and tricks and

we're gonna show them to you right now

so stay tuned so one of the most

important tools when it comes to

controlling overspray when spraying

offence is this tool right here this is

a craft cardboard shield holder and

these are cardboard shields that we've

just purchased to go along with this

tool very important tool you can find

this thing on my tool store it's a

number one selling item I have on my

tool store right here and what we do

with this thing I like it cuz it easily

adjust without any tools without any

wing nuts or anything so just moves

easily I'm gonna be using it right here

then this is going to control the

overspray from going on the other side

of the fence there and then we also use

it down on the ground to keep the

overspray for getting on the dirt rocks

or grass so you got to have this tool

here's a couple more tips when it comes

to controlling it overspray doing the

fence we always use a hand master to

mask wherever the fence will butt up to

a house or anything else that we don't

want to get overspray on we use a lot of

used cardboard shields you just lay

along the ground or lay low it rocks or

concrete to control the overspray and

here's another really good tip and this

is using the titan high offensive high

efficiency airless tips and these things

will run down to a thousand psi so

they're gonna run at way lower pressures

which will give you way less overspray

okay now that we showed you some of the

tools that we use to help control

overspray we've got everything set up

over here we're gonna be staying in this

fence now we're going to show you the

staining and back brushing process we

spray it on with an airless sprayer so

we can get it on fast and we can stain

these fences fast but then we back brush

so our stains gonna look like a

professional dinner and it's gonna last

a long time so let's head on down here

and see what John's doing and help him

out so we're gonna keep working on these

fence panels and so I'm gonna show you

how I guard everything with my cardboard

shield I'll go around the bottom real

quick and I'll shield it as close as I

can a little bits gonna get on the dirt

and a little bits okay we just don't

want to make a big mess with that I mean

it's all gonna go away with the next

rinse of the sprinklers or rain up top

what we're gonna do is we're gonna take

the shield we're gonna stick it behind

but you don't want to touch the backside

of the the fence with the cardboard

shield or you're gonna get all the stain

that's on there on the back of your

fence so you just hold it about an inch

or two away and try to keep it steady as

you move across so here we go always

wear your respirator

it's really important if you go against

the grain while you're working on a

fence like this we got to do this you

didn't up stain on those boards but you

got to make sure if you're gonna do that

that you backed rocks right behind it so

you don't have lap marks sort of built

up going the other way you'll end up

seeing those after it all dry

so I see John you're like stain and

really close to this fence over here or

I'm not the fence I'm this shed this is

a storage shed I mean that's probably

only what two feet away are you

concerned about getting overspray on

that no I you know it's our pressure

especially with this Titan HEA tip

that's down really low so we've already

got way less pressure than we even

normally have and way less overspray

than we normally have but that that

overspray isn't going to float back and

hit that shop unless you've got a tip

that's just massive and blown out and

you're putting out way more product than

you need to put out you choose the right

tip size and keep things at the right

pressure you're gonna you're gonna get a

greater transfer rate you're going to

get less bounce off and and coming back

and hit in that shed or whatever else

you're trying to protect




but Jonathan tieu you're using one of

those tightened high-efficiency airless

tips aren't you so I'm so far I

definitely I can see from the video not

as much overspray what do you think way

way way less overspray so I think Titan

says up to 50% more I think it's even

more than that

so usually I wouldn't use as big of a

tip light as this this is a 517 usually

use a 515 and try to have less this

still has I guess about 60% less

overspray than a grey coat 515 would

these I can see a back brush in there

why don't you tell us what the

importance of back question is in your

own opinion so it looks better and last

longer look like Popeye huge so there

you have it how to control overspray and

stain offense hopefully you've enjoyed

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