Open Source Alternative To Salesforce : Crust CRM

hi this a new party and welcome to

another episode of TF our newsroom today

we have with us till my party you are

CEO and founder of crust tell us a bit

about why you created crust what was the

problem that you saw in the community or

the market then you wanted a song we've

talked a lot in Europe recently about

digital sovereignty and then when we add

to that the fact that we look at the

different open-source vendors that are

out there and there are there are a lot

of intellectual property games going on

there are a lot of open core games are a

lot of dual licensing games and

realistically you know we said we want

to play a completely clean game here

100% clean 100% open literally all of

the way just the first part of it second

part of it was to take a look at a

particular market in there and in our

case it was the enterprise CRM market

and enterprises being large-scale

enterprise and saying okay what's

missing there does the technology that

exists scaled properly does it I does it

does it address the issues of identity

communication business logic in a

harmonious way and it does it all come

together in a package that enterprises

will actually want to consume so we went

out of our way to create what we call

the open source Salesforce alternatives

first of all what is the story we had a

name cross because then I would also

jump into all the services and product

that you actually offer there yeah I get

asked that question quite a lot so crust

is written in golang it just mentioned

that originally when I was looking at

designing the entire platform I was

looking at the rust language and we then

talked about the planet and we came back

rust as in planet crust

likewise Cortez oh by the way is the

Spanish crust so now let's talk about

the the kind of service or product

portfolio so I do you offer services or

do you offer product that people can

install on the other server I just want

to understand the whole catalog that you

have there we are a completely

open-source downloadable platform

what our business model works in two

ways one is providing support and

maintenance on that platform because it

is big and it is complex and the second

part of that is providing consultancy

services to businesses who wish us to

let's say configure a write business

logic on that platform and from time to

time even write extra features so there

is no SAS offering as such either is

consultancy or people can install the

product on their own servers but as we

often see that in officers wrote a lot

of companies they take an open-source

project and they start bundling it as a

service so are there any partners of

pairs that you work with because not

everybody is capable of you know having

in-house capabilities to run everything

we're certainly under certain Lea under

you know in some discussions with

respect to having partners that will

actually provide this as a proper hosted

service we have the approach that that

needs to be a critical mass before we

actually go to market with it there's no

point in having a completely federated

service if there's only one or two

people in major hosters hosting it so we

need to actually make sure that that

infrastructure itself once again

replicates what the EU needs rather than

you know holster here holster there etc

which I believe there already are but

you know not under the influence of any

part of our program we have right now so

who is usually right now can you talk

about if you cannot name just can't name

industries or who is using it sure so um

we kind of come to a very lucky place I

suppose where there is no particular

industry profile or business profile

using us we are spread across all

industries and be in government be it

nonprofit be it

for-profit be it finance be it services

etc so we've gone very lucky with that

and it's a good sign for us as I suppose

you know a Salesforce alternative and

that we're able to have the presence in

these different markets and in terms of

scale we've recently signed a project

that takes us up above 100

users on a single boat on a single

platform so we're kind of getting into

that scale as well which is Riku