BEST Website Builder for Online Store | Shopify, Squarespace or Wix [Beginners Guide 2021]

are you looking to build your own

e-commerce website and start selling

your products online well today I'm

gonna do my best to help you choose the

right website builder for your online

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this video I'm gonna discuss the best

website builder for creating your online

store in 2020 the top three ecommerce

website builders that we're going to

break down in today's video are called

Shopify Squarespace and Wix now just

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online and with that covered let's jump

into the best website builders for your

online store and one last thing if I'm

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the speed of this tutorial I hope this

helps the first web site builder I want

to talk about today is Shopify Shopify

is a powerful and easy to use website

builder for creating online stores with

hundreds of software integrations that

make it super easy to build a

comprehensive ecommerce website to sell

products online now there are many

benefits to using Shopify and these

include the low pricing options from $29

per month to get you started

Shopify also has hundreds of powerful

integrations with important channels

like Facebook messenger Amazon eBay and

more to help you further increase your

business exposure online these

integrations are endless and easy to set

up for beginners you also have access to

over 70 website themes and templates to

build off and customize and options to

pay for more advanced themes adding

products is a breeze and the back end of

your Shopify store is extremely easy to

navigate now the cons of using Shopify

include limitations to page

customizations once you pick a theme you

are limited to section or element

Iceman's and in order to make particular

customizations you will need help from a

developer also monthly prices can

increase fast meaning as you add

additional apps and features to your

website your monthly cost tends to

increase a lot and can amount to over a

hundred dollars per month with dozens of

app integrations also all Shopify

websites have a very similar structure

you can easily tell if a website is

built using Shopify however we believe

this is a great option for small

businesses that want an easy to use

e-commerce website builder and want a

reliable and simple experience for their

customers this is the best option for

beginners with a medium level of website

building experience but also on a

professional conversion focus website

Shopify is also ideal for online stores

that want to scale and expand in the

future great for big ecommerce websites

the next best e-commerce website builder

I want to discuss today is called

Squarespace Squarespace is a more

high-end website builder starting at

around 26 dollars per month for a basic

ecommerce plan Squarespace is not just

for selling products online but also for

any business website you can think of

the benefits of using Squarespace

include the sleek professional and

elegant ecommerce templates to customize

and build off and the fact that it is

nearly impossible to screw up your

website and make it look ugly as the

building experience is very structured

and great for complete beginners your

website will be very modern-looking

and conversion focus with Squarespace

you can also simply choose features and

elements to add to your website in one

click like Maps booking forms videos and

more the issues with Squarespace include

the limited customizations to each page

as everything is structured in blocks

you also have limited access to apps

compared to Shopify and wex

giving you less options for integrations

however Squarespace is ideal for

e-commerce websites that

a more modern and sleek feel to them and

great for online stores that are basic

and do not require all the tools and

apps and integrations that Shopify and

Works provide so if you're looking to

create a simple affordable and effective

online store then Squarespace is for you

and last but not least the final website

builder we want to cover today is called

Wix this all-round website builder is

one of the most popular for small

business and becoming quite popular for

selling products online Wix is a

combination between the elegance of

Squarespace and the impressive

integrations and functionality of

Shopify the benefits of building your

online store with Wix includes the

access to over 500 plus professional

pre-made online store templates for you

to simply build from works also provides

a simple to use drag-and-drop website

builder so you can customize every

element the way that you like for

complete beginners you also have access

to the Wix ad I feature essentially all

you need to do is answer a few questions

and Wix will make your website for you

and within minutes then just customize

it the way that you like also similar to

Shopify you have access to hundreds of

apps and integrations and the prices for

works are slightly more affordable

compared to Squarespace and Shopify

starting at $17 and for a few dollars

more you can upgrade to $25 per month

for all the features you would ever

require for your online store now the

cons of using Wix includes the confusing

back in and front in for complete

beginners it's hard to navigate and find

exactly what you are looking for when

you're building your website and when

you're in the back end and sorting out

your settings for your website also

there is a major problem

with the worx drag-and-drop website

builder as you can easily screw up your

design by accidentally putting elements

in the wrong place or sizing each

element wrong this is a big issue for

beginners with zero design experience

however and saying there Wix is a great

all-in-one beginners option for small to


ecommerce websites ideally for beginners

that want to take the time to understand

all the features to building with works

essentially these are we believe the

best e-commerce website builders for

beginners wanting to create an online

store all these top three website

builders for online stores provide a

14-day free trial to get you started

so depending on your budget experience

and personal preferences I recommend

giving each of these website builders a

go with the 14-day free trial and decide

after this trial which one works best

for you and your online store and that

is that for today's video I hope you now

have a better idea of what website

builder is going to be best for creating

your online store in 2020 now if you

have any questions make sure to pop them

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