7 Best Omega-3 Supplements of 2019: Most Sustainable, Best Vegan, and More

all right this is it nutria gold

triple-strength omega-3 fish oil is the

best omega-3 supplement on the market

and I am saying Amiga 3 supplement and

not fish oil because there are actually

some pretty good immediate free

supplements that do not come from fish

which I'm going to get into in this


a healthy intake of omega-3 fatty acids

has been linked to lower levels of

inflammation that our immunity but a

heart health some studies even suggest

they might help with mental health and

muscle gain so in this video I'm going

to talk about these seven best omega-3

supplements on the market including the

best overall the most sustainably

sourced the best pescetarians that's

krill oil the best plant-based omega-3

the best green lipped mussel oil and

then finally the best for avoiding fishy

burst which is probably you know the

most popular downside of these sorts of

the supplements the first how you decide

on the best omega-3 supplement so one of

the things to look for when you're

shopping for an omega-3 supplement is

third-party testing this is when a

company brings in an outside company to

be testing the product to ensure label

accuracy purity that sort of thing a

really popular one is a lab door that's

like an online service they also test

like whey protein creatine and a bunch

of other supplements the label accuracy

and purity but they're also some other

organizations that are often brought in

for fish oil in particular that often

sometimes have an extra emphasis on

sustainability as well so examples

include the International fish oil

standard it's a really popular one it's

also the Marine Stewardship Council

friend of the sea and a couple other

ones that I got to make appearances on

this list sustainability really is

something that's very important to a lot

of people here as well I touched on this

earlier but a lot of organizations out

there that make sure the fish are caught

sustainably they test the impact on the

local fish populations they make sure

the fish will come from an approved

fishery some organizations like friend

of DC even make sure that there's not

too negative and impact on the seabed

and they even look at a company's waste

and energy management practices lastly

if freshness is obviously pretty

important for a lot of folks who don't

want their fish oil to go rancid before

they consume it there are a few

different ways to approach it you know

just making sure not too much time

elapses between the fish coming out of

the water and the oil getting to the

shelf preservatives like rosemary

extract or vitamin E are very popular

and a lot of companies also freeze the

official on-site which might also help

to prevent fishy burps and like there

are a couple of other areas I could talk

about here but you know what let's just

get into the list so the best overall

the best of

best omega-3 supplements as I mentioned

is neutral Gold's triple strength

omega-3 fish oil a lot of this is

because of the serving size it has two

and a half grams of a mega threes per

serving which is more than any other

reputable company we looked at it's made

from sustainable wild alaskan fish and

it meets the standards of the

international fish oil standards which

gave it a full five stars and the Marine

Stewardship Council and it meets the

standards for the World Health

Organization consumer labs and the

global organization for EPA and DHA

omega-3 so a ton of certifications here

a big serving size and it's pretty

sustainable as well so what's the most

sustainable official what's the best for

the planet for my money I think that

it's sports research is triple-strength

Amiga 3 fish oil this is made from wild

Alaskan Pollock in the Bering Sea and

it's actually the first fish oil to be

certified five stars from the

international fish oil standard and the

Marine Stewardship Council and NSF

international but they're a couple of

other interesting controls going on here

as well like its tested by ijen to make

sure they're no genetically modified

organisms in it and it's remarkably

fresh they test each batch once it's

ready to go and they always make sure

that it does not exceed a total

oxidation score of five out of twenty

six so this one really has a lot going

for it now a lot of these products

including our best overall like the one

from neutral gold the fish oil is

encapsulated in gelatin like made from

the burns of cows or pigs so if you are

a pescetarian if you are uncomfortable

having beef or pork on your fish oil I

recommend wh C's you know cada ger so

for this one the official is actually

encased in fish gelatin they come in

little blast capsules like this and

there's all interesting things going on

here as well like it's got some natural

orange flavoring in here which might

help to reduce the risk of getting fishy

burps it's also got a relatively large

serving of 1.27 grams of fish oil per

serving as certified by friend of the

sea and it's got very high label

accuracy and purity rating from lab door

and lab door it's pretty tough to get a

good rating from them so a lot of people

don't like to get their I may get threes

from fish they like to get it from krill

which are these teeny tiny little

crustaceans usually found in Antarctica

and there are few potential benefits it

might have over fish well now you can

see this pill is slightly red because

they contain astaxanthin

which like a naturally occurring

so it might help to preserve the oil

itself it also might confess an extra

benefits for heart health and

inflammation a couple of studies have

even suggested they might have desorb

the immediate things from krill more

effectively than the Omega threes from

fish but you know we need more research

in this area but if you are convinced of

the benefits of krill oil our absolute

favorite is Zen wises omega-3 krill oil

this is made from sustainably sourced

krill from Antarctica and the company is

certified by the Marine Stewardship

Council and another interesting thing

that happens with this is made with an

unusual fractionated processing called

flexi tech which might help to ensure a

high concentration of essential

nutrients for the time you get the

product all right let's talk vegan there

are a lot of misconceptions about

plant-based omega-3 fatty acids a lot of

people will tell you you can just eat

like plenty of walnuts and seeds but

that type of omega-3 fatty acid called

ala it's absorbed very poorly by the

buddy what the best thing to do is to

get EPA and DHA which is usually only

found in fish or like some types of

animals like beef and so on so a lot of

people think those are the only places

you can get epa and DHA but actually

fish and other sea critters they get

their mega threes from algae or they get

it from fish that eat fish that eat

algae off a silly face that eat fish and

so on so there are indeed some algae

supplements out there that you can get

to get a good amount of mega threes in a

vegan perform the one that we really

like the best is definitely new choose

Omega Zen plus EP a and there are two

reasons for this

I mean it's sustainably sourced that's

one of the reasons a second reason is

this has very high purity rating some

lab door which again it's pretty hard to

get good ratings from them and the last

thing I wanted to mention is it unlike

many vegan and we get three supplements

this contains both EPA and DHA usually

microalgae it's usually predominantly

DHA this is a good amount of both

omega-3 fatty acids so it's more

balanced and a lot of us competitors out

there and they're just one you've

probably never heard of but green lipped

mussel oil is a viable alternative to a

lot of other omega-3 fatty acids sources

I'm an Australian that green-lipped

mussels come from New Zealand so they

are my nemec's it's very hard for me to

recommend them but green lipped mussel

oil it is a bit more sustainable at

least according to some people has a lot

of extra sustainability practices and it

contains ETA which is another type of me

fatty acid which might also be useful

for inflammation the reason why we've

picked this one here is that the whole

animal is ground up and frozen on site

to help to preserve freshness there's

also a third party tested for purity and

in addition to that it is made in

accordance with FDA and FTC policies so

green lipped mussel oil from Swanson

that's our picture this one lastly let's

talk about fishy

burps definitely these supplements are

pretty well known for producing some

pretty gross breath doesn't happen to

all of them but of course when little

pills full of fish fat bursts up and in

your stomach they release some fishy

fumes they can make the way up here

esophagus give you some pretty gross

breath so a lot of brands really focused

heavily on reducing and eliminating

fishy burps and for my money athletic

greens premium omega-3s is the best

official at therefore avoiding fishy

burps many of the competitors they sit

on warehouse shelves and store shelves

some months if not years before you buy

them athletic greens they ensure that it

gets from the sea to you as quickly as

possible plot against things some

natural lemon oil as well which can help

with the flavor but there's also some

evidence to suggest that it acts as like

an antioxidant it can help to keep the

oil from going rancid and preserve the

freshness a couple of other interesting

things here as well you get two grams of

fish oil per serving which is pretty

high and it's certified by a friend of

the sea which is an organization

dedicated to ensuring sustainable

aquaculture so that's my fish oil list

of the seven best omega-3 supplements on

the market if you want to check out

these products or if you want to see why

your amigas six fatty acid intake might

be just as important as your omega-3

intake you check out the full list in

the description below