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study with Sudhir America so Agatha I'm

Tia sue Dean one of the queries that has

been raised by a student here on study

with severe who goes by the name of mr.

Jack I don't know his real name or bits

in school or city he belongs to he asked

in the comment section that how is the

average calculated out of the

best-of-five because after all observe a

with the RTI CSE - riccoshot keyboard

may thus subject scape paper there there

exactly ten papers that is English

language English literature maths

physics chemistry biology Hindi in the

second language paper computer

applications or economics or the arts

paper then you have history civics and

geography these are the ten papers which

you actually give over a period of what

almost five weeks then how is it that

the final marks actually is the best of

five how is this best off I calculated

is the query race I would have thought

key at the bothy normals of

questionnaires of eco malum Haga but i

realized that many students actually

have this doubt as to how is the best of

i calculated now the best of five

obviously means that he's missing kaiser

age or subjects NGO key common subjects

I was sick words Arthur hey if they are

totaled together for instance physics

chemistry and biology comes together to

form the general science paper ok

history civics and geography the two

papers come together to form the social

studies paper okay then you have the

English language and the English

literature paper coming together to form

the English big paper so now you have

English social studies maths general

science and the second language and the

computer applications oblique economics


okay so you

six subjects so thousand has become 600

has arsenic each a super Ave or in

chaser may say up K best five jo hae-yun

Coquina jaga

lakyn is make caveat behave those best

five have to include the English marks

so it will be English plus best for some

J out of these six subjects it will be

English plus best for okay so it's may

what is it that you need to take keep in

mind upper caste or per all subjects

Posada Honda na hoga jihad / though yep

in paper go

Sapna Malaya Jetta have for instance

physics chemistry and biology let's

assume that you did the physics paper

very well you also did the chemistry

paper very well but by algae paper which

is on the 30th of March who Smith rasa

know cha ho gaya Smith what a Gerber

hoagie your entire science percentage

will come down as a result so wherever

you have actually more than one subject

all subjects per abjad on DJ taki x

subject k paper cabbage si pura combined

total actress and Michi Naja his bath /

aku Giada they on Dara had Joe second

language oka Hindi ho gaya producer

language hoga yeah Matt saga Votto

standalone subjects say to us co2 up

directly deal curse a clear match made

60 out of ati eighty on ati you are

taken care of it will be one it will not

get averaged

with another subject paper right but in

physics chemistry and biology it will

happen and many students actually make

that mistake that you know they focus

more on physics and chemistry biology

especially since it's a last paper torah

garbajosa that then comes history civics

and geography

again students they may end up doing one

paper very good mess up the other paper

geography for instance is considered

very high-scoring history civics may

students are not able to retain things

in memory are not able to actually put

out what it is taught them which is why

on study by Sudhir be I have tried to

teach as a story instead of trying to

take every examination kind of an


examination of approach a bi Agha Lakin

PLA it kahani Qataris a modulo was kebab

a sunny who jockey here semaj Ghana

though history civics geography baby of

the on DJ because it will become 100

plus 100 so 200 divided by 2 that will

become your social studies curve average

similarly English language and English

literature and that is the most often

the biggest dampener because English

literature may forbid students corker

let him English language may agar aapke

composition peaks in lingua

comprehension of pressure rating may

apply mark Hartley's summary writing me

yeah grammar may he coffee girl Thea


so after English language cutpurse

enriched coffee droppage at in fact

those are illness McAfee students

kaikoura market a english language k

paper michiyo kiev kapahala paper hey

paella paper hello Houston to retention

be Giada Jota to schedule a big kabhi

kabhi karate a so op is vodka and rocky

K occur after English language car iboga

though English literature did not be a

chucker angle average freebies rasa that

Mazda Maha yoga or English though

compulsory hey so it becomes English +4

so let's assume that English is taken

care of whether you got 75 100 or 90 to

100 that will be calculated then you

have done well in maths

you have done well in social studies you

have done well in science also then the

final choice is between Hindi and

computers applications oblique economics

so one may say a paper Co calculator so

Jovic subset come hoga was Cohutta Thea


so out of 500 English plus the best for

will be calculated that sort so finally

your marks will be out of pants so out

of 500 so that's the way it is

calculated as far as the ICA is so final

GJ Bob crying baby jiying it you will

actually mention your best of 5 K paper

so it's very important English per cast

or per day on DJ that you do both your

papers very well because English kiba

Jacek coffee students case your own a

science may social studies may match may

both high schmuck score curtain

ninety-eight ninety-nine hundred English

made a guru K marks in the 80s I the

whole average drops down so English pay

please pay special attention

for the sake of your own best of high

average then the final thing is of

course similarly as I said physics

chemistry biology may ensure that you

don't mess up one of the three papers

same goes for history civics and

geography also of course I would want

chaos savita's paper mache Caray but

this is essentially the format by which

your best of Phi average will be

calculated and I hope you people have

done your project work well and use Maya

up kaeun is based or go to it that part

at least is taken care of by the school

authorities themselves so that's what I

wanted to tell on this special request

of mr. Jack I hope your query is

answered and if any other students also

had a similar request to make another

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Cudney here okay so that should not be

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but I am there to help you as much as

possible before the exam because I do

understand the kind of tensions that

most of you must be going through

especially those of you who do not go

and take personality oceans and

especially those students I have a

special affinity for who are not in the

capital cities of states in India who

are from small town so I really want to

help them are cool seviche my mother

zero karna cha thumb because I do

understand what they must be missing out

okay so all the best to you this is how

it is done so now that it's taken care


go back to your books okay thank you so