Top 10 Books To Read in Your Lifetime!

hey everyone its Haley and today I'm

going to be talking about my top ten

books that I think you should read in

your lifetime so a few times you guys

have mentioned the idea of doing kind of

a top books that you should read before

you die sort of thing so I decided to do

that today

um now this list will never be complete

because I haven't read all the books

that I want to read now most of these

books are classics they're kind of all

over the board really but it's not all

y-a so if you would like a list of

must-reads for just ye then let me know

and I will do that for you I did do my

top 15 why a last year which I will link

down below for you guys but if you

wanted kind of an update on that then I

would be willing to do that I mean if

the list has changed that much which I'm

not really sure that it has but I'd have

to look into it a little bit but anyways

today I'm going to be talking about all

of the books that I think you should

read before you die if you are going to

pick up only 10 books these are the 10

books that I think you should pick up

and for whatever reason most of them

they are on this list because they're

books that kind of had an impact on me

and I think that you really can benefit

from them in some way so they all kind

of have a special place in my heart

because they have helped me to kind of

grow as a person which is one of the

awesome things about being a reader is

you're given this opportunity to learn

about things that books can teach you

you learn from character's mistakes and

it's really just a learning experience

and that's one of the reasons why I love

reading because you can live a thousand

lives just through the pages of books

it's just amazing so these are without

further ado my top 10 books that I think

you should read in your life so number

one on this list is my absolute favorite

book of all time and this will come as

no surprise to you if you've been

watching my videos for a while now and

that is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak I

just absolutely adore this book and if

anyone ever says that they are like

looking to read something that's really

impactful and powerful this is the book

that I will refer them to because it is

just such a magical story and you just

learned so much from it through the eyes

of Lisl who is in this terrible

situation in Nazi Germany and she's just

a kid

the whole thing doesn't really make

sense to her and you can see her kind of

trying to find her footing and grow up

in a world that is just absolutely

terrible and there are terrible things

happening around her that she just can't

even begin to understand her innocence

is kind of taken away from her and you

just see her kind of struggle with that

now I do have a review for this one up

so I will link that down below for you

guys I don't have a review for many of

these books because I don't really do

reviews for classics I just don't like

doing that it just feels like I'm

writing an essay so I prefer not to do

that but any of the books that I do have

a review for I will link down below but

I think this might be the only one but

this book is honestly just absolutely a

magical experience and even if you don't

end up liking it I I truly believe that

there's no one who has read this book

who can say that it didn't have some

sort of an impact on them next is the

Fault in Our Stars by John Green I love

this book for multiple reasons I think

it's fabulously written and I know it's

not everyone's taste but I just think it

is so so good I love the concept of it

in the fact that you don't have to like

leave behind this huge legacy when you

die you you matter to a few people who

you knew in your lifetime and that's

enough you don't need any more than that

like the kind of complex of wanting to

be amazing and wanting to leave

something behind is something that I

think a lot of people feel like like

they want to be remembered when they die

and they want to be remembered forever

but I mean it's not plausible for

everyone to be remembered forever in

this book I think deals with that in a

really great way it also deals with

illness and people being more than their

illness because I think sometimes in

books that deal with characters who are

sick um the characters kind of aren't

seen beyond their illness but in this

book it's really you are able to see

them apart from the cancer the cancer is

just kind of a thing that is in the book

but it's not like the main driving force

of the characters they are able to stand

on their own which is really refreshing

next is a book that I don't actually own

but I read in grade 10 and it has had a

huge impact

on me and that is to kill a Mockingbird

by Harper Lee I just loved this book I

loved the characters and I loved all

that it dealt with with racism and I

think especially today that's a really

prevalent issue that we should be

reading about and we should be educating

ourselves on and what better way to

educate yourself than reading a fiction

novel because you can enjoy yourself at

the same time as you're kind of learning

about things and I just think that

tequila Mockingbird really starts the

conversation on racism in a great way

and it kind of it gets you thinking and

that's what we need especially in

regards to racist issue

racism issues next is Fahrenheit 451 by

Ray Bradbury I read this for school as

you can tell because it has a ton of

highlighting and a ton of like post-it

notes in it and I loved this book it

really struck a chord with me it deals

with censorship and in this world the

world of this novel there's no

literature there's none of that like no

storytelling all that has been banned

and I think this one once again is

really a conversation starter because it

makes you really consider like how much

our voices are being heard and how much

is really being silenced and how

government censorship is affecting

things like I wouldn't say it's a huge

huge issue like it used to be like we do

have a lot of freedom of speech now but

at the same time you have books like

Looking for Alaska that are being banned

in high schools because of sexual

content and all that like it's just

things like that and you have to get

like kind of think twice about it and

being like why are we taking literature

away from schools when that's exactly

what they need like I could just do a

whole video on it and it's just this

whole huge issue but I think this book

really starts the conversation on that

and it's honestly just an incredibly

crafted story and it's fabulous next I

don't want to actually take the series

off my shelf because I'm being lazy but

it is the Harry Potter series by JK

Rowling and this book honestly like the

whole series is just magical and it just

kind of has the power of taking you away

from the world for a while and

experiencing this world that is honestly

like no other and you just feel welcome

in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

and it's just amazing like I can't even

describe it it's just such a great

experience reading this series you fall

in love with the characters and you get

to follow their journey and see them as

they grow up and you learn countless

things from the series and it is just no

matter how old you are it's never too

late to start Harry Potter it is just so

good and you need to read it you will

understand all of the crazy hype if you

read it next is the Hunger Games trilogy

by Suzanne Collins this year like this

trilogy is honestly just it kind of gets

you thinking and it really just makes

you consider what's going on in

government today and if we have the

potential to like become somewhat like

the world of the Hunger Games which is

really scary especially because it's a

dystopian and any like dystopian that

you're like wow this could actually

happen is just terrifying and I think

that this book definitely has the

potential like maybe not to that extreme

but I mean they were making a frigging

theme park out of it like this book is

not about a theme park I think you're

missing the point of it but anyways I

think that this series this trilogy just

honestly makes you think about today's

society and how the government kind of

manipulates things and that's always a

good thing to think about because

politics are crazy

next is Anne of Green Gables by Ellen

Montgomery um this is a Canadian classic

and that makes me just so proud to be

Canadian I just love this book so much I

remember growing up watching the movies

my mom loved this story and it just is a

story that's really close to my heart

especially as a Canadian and apart from

that though it's just a fabulous book it

is so fun to read and I think you can

learn so much from Anne because she's

this protagonist that just she is a kid

that cannot be brought down like she has

this kind of happy-go-lucky view of the

world and it's amazing to be reading

from her perspective and see her

imagination and kind of live through her

eyes it's just a really professional

next is the help by Kathryn Stockett and

this one once again starts conversations

about racism and issues in regards to

that especially in the south and in

America and like the history of America

this book just honestly really kind of

is educating it considers like

censorship it considers racism at the

forefront and I think it just starts the

conversations that need to be had and it

does it in a way that is really

enjoyable next is Alice's Adventures in

Wonderland and through the looking-glass

by Lewis Carroll you guys know that

these stories are near and dear to my

heart I just absolutely love Alice in

Wonderland and there's just something

about it it's just this magical world

that is full of nonsense but I think

that's what makes it great is the fact

that nothing makes sense there but

everything makes sense at the same time

like it's just kind of a book that you

can't even try to understand it because

there is no understanding it it's just a

once again it brings you back to being a

kid because you can't like you just have

to kind of accept the fact that nothing

in Wonderland makes sense because not

everything is going to make sense and

it's just honestly I feel like Alice

just keeps my curiosity alive and she's

just a really enjoyable character and I

just really really love these books so

much and yeah I just yes and finally The

Great Gatsby by F scott Fitzgerald this

book is honestly just the great American

novel it is fabulous and I love reading

it and I think that you can learn a lot

from it in terms of like people aren't

always what they seem

and like kind of um there's just so many

things and you just need to read it I

can't even begin to describe it it's

just so good

so those are the ten books that I think

that you should read in your lifetime

there are obviously a million other

books that I could put on this list that

I've read but I decided 10 was a good

number and if you're wondering why

there's not like a popular classic on

here that you think should be on here

whatever chances are I probably haven't


yet so that's why it's not on this list

like that's not that's why there's no

Austin on this list and no Bronte's

because I haven't I've read a couple of

Austin I've only read none of the

Bronte's so I can't really include them

on the list so this is just from what

I've read what I think that the top ten

books you should read in your lifetime

are so anyways if you guys have read any

of these books let me know your thoughts

on them and yeah I'll see you guys in

the next video bye