Best Prepaid Cell Phone Service 2020: AT&T's Amazing Plan!

hey everybody David and David here from

a phone calm and peut for calm and in

this video we want to tell you about

what we think is probably the best

prepaid plan any major carriers offering

right now it's the AT&T prepaid plan $25

a month for unlimited minutes unlimited

messages 8 gigabytes of high-speed data

mobile hotspot included yep calling and

texting in Canada and Mexico unlimited

texting to more than 100 countries

there's a lot of stuff in here yeah the

open the only drawback to this plan is

that you have to show up all three

hundred dollars up front so you buy 12

months of service so to illustrate just

how good of a deal this is yeah we

brought along some dollars so here's

some 300 bucks this is an entire year of

cell phone service with this plan yeah

cheap but it's not that bad of a deal so

let's compare this to some other plans

so the Verizon 66q buy prepaid plan we

both had this plan yeah $35 a month

right so times 12 that's gonna be four

twenty four hundred and twenty dollars

hold on another hundred yep and twenty

yeah you go so as you can see you in

that plan actually is less data than the

AT&T prepaid plan being right anymore

for it right

so next how about the t-mobile simply

prepaid plan mobile simply $40 a month

all right that's 480 total for 18 20

over here that's more that's some more

money priorities that's much more so

yeah it's a very similar plan by the way

yes now let's say you were thinking

about maybe getting T unlimited plans

yeah one of the reasons we love the

prepaid plans is that they're kind of

like unlimited plans with lower

high-speed data caps you can use up to 8

gigabytes high-speed data but then an

unlimited lower speed data with this

plan for 300 bucks a month is right so

is it worth it to get this $75 a month

I'm gonna do plan I would say no

especially when it doesn't include

mobile hotspot right so 75 bucks a month

times 12 is 900 so let's turn another 20

and then also another one two three four

hundred dollars that's how that pile got

bigger as the idea went on this is it

this is how much it is for one year of

the AT&T unlimited plan yeah

and this is how much it is for one year

of the rebate Wow money talks I think I

would take this $600 and and a gigabytes

of data yes run to the bank yeah it's

really the best prepay plan out there

right now not online exclusive requires

a new line activation so if you're

switching to AT&T this is this is the

best time you could possibly do it yeah

it's great yeah I don't have to worry

about a cell phone bill from oversteer

maybe have two people of your family

don't be selfish and get one life for

yourself get everybody up everybody if

you get a plan and you get a plan

well for you know if you'd better the

one unlimited plan you can get three

lines in this prepaid plan for the same

price em hmm pretty remarkable you could

have three phones they could all be

yours too or delete we're gonna like

that in a cart above in the description

section below thank you guys for

watching this video I hope you enjoyed

sign up for this plan it's great plan

yes plan if you want to speak to you if

you want to switch now's the time AT&T

is a great carrier really reliable

wireless coverage

thank you for watching give this video a

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