hey guys I'm your Alex and today I'm

gonna show you guys the one of my two

favorite news app that you can install

to your iOS device or the Android okay

I'm gonna go show you guys which app and

what's the app does basically just go to

the App Store and in the App Store guys

you basically have to type a smart news

smart news is pretty much the

application it's a word already winning

the our news app over like 40 plus

million users are downloaded and over

like 100 plus countries so like smart

news actually this app analyzed millions

of articles every day like delivered to

the app and you know the trending top

trending and you know like pretty much

helpful for every overall on the app

like also you guys would it look like

here you can see when you open the app

you can look through like the top


so pretty much helpful like you see you

can even add your local zip code and see

what's going on in your area as well and

also you can go to the smart views

source like wave views or smart smart

views is pretty much helpful here you

can go through it and go back and you

can even go to the different like you

know media like what what do you want to

see so and even you can get it update

like every new update that are trending

and you can also like Business Insider

like look into the wave go to the wave

and see what's going on

so pretty much helpful and you can

actually add your deep core and see

what's going on nearby you so that's the

pretty much powerful of smart news so

I'm gonna show you guys the other one

which is right here and so news break

this app actually destination for your

local contents and operating anytime and

anywhere in the united state new break

keep you in

from your local community and town and

state you know pretty much you can get

anything inside of this app so I really

personally like the local if you put

your chip code you can see what's going

on nearby you and pretty much helpful

like really helpful app that you can get

it and see any updates for the news you

can read your local nails and you can

even get a notification and if you add

the chip code you can even get the

weather what's going on on your account

like in your local so pretty much

helpful like everything here you can

press in view how he can be here is

gonna show you guys and it's really

clean you know some app it's messed up

so this one this app actually analyzed

everything at the one place that you can

read clear away and here you can see

take you to the page and you can read

through it and yeah I basically I like

on this app is like local that you can

read your community what's going on so

you can even add energy code to see

where you wanna see and even you can see

the for sale shop service everything on

this page here and yeah guys you guys

want to see more video like this please

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and I will catch you guys later