How to Make a Latte and Cappuccino with the Nespresso Citiz

hi dad

Merry Christmas I got my follow a lot a

sweater on and I'm gonna show you how to

use your new Nespresso machine I have

the same one I'm going to show you how

to make my favorite latte and a

cappuccino so first you have your

frother and you can use any kind of milk

I usually use 1% but you can use

whatever you have in the fridge and then

you know it has this little metal thing

just Boop

pop straight in can you see that kind of

show see there's a little metal thing

see that just little pops in couldn't be

any easier come in okay so now we're

gonna fill up with the milk for a latte

I usually fill it up right underneath

that little black thing for a latte and

since we're gonna make a cappuccino -

I'm going to fill it up a little bit

more so we can also make a cappuccino


super easy then you're just gonna put it

on here and you just press that little

button look how easy that is okay then

you're gonna turn the machine on right

over here see this little button so

you're gonna use this one for the

espresso pods so we're just gonna turn

that on right open this see the used

ones fall in here okay then you're gonna

pick a flavor so for the latte since

you're adding more milk you want to use

an espresso that's more intense so I'm

gonna use this little Paris one this is

one of their limited edition

flavors but now for the cappuccino since

you're not adding as much milk you want

to use something that's like an

intensity around like five let's see oh

yes all right that's my special one so I

don't want to use that one so I'm gonna

use one of these I usually like to use a

Nicaragua for the cappuccinos that's

this one yes so you see it's still

frothing so I got my two little fancy

glasses watch how easy this is for this

one I use for my lattes and this one you

can use for the cappuccino since you're

not putting as much milk into it but as

you can see super easy you can just go

like do something else while it's

frothing it literally takes I don't know

like a minute a minute and a half it's

super quick and then this even comes up

so if you have like a bigger glass you

can still put it right there and for a

smaller glass you can just put this

little guy down and do that super cool

huh okay so it's almost done so I'm

gonna put my little espresso pot in here

and then I'm going to close it super

easy all right it's almost done frothing

mmm oh I hear it get ready for the best

thing ever oh if you like it a little

sweet I get my little Starbucks syrups I

add two pumps but you should probably

just add one so super easy one two

and it's done okay so for the latte

you're just gonna pour it in you want to

come in a little closer it's gonna pour

it in and maybe leave like a teeny bit

of room at the top and then for the

espresso or for the cappuccino

cappuccinos are technically half bone

half foam half espresso but I do like my

cappuccinos to have like a teeny bit of

milk in it so you'll see at the top is

like all the foam so if you just scoop

that foam in there you're just a scoop

like about half way a little milk okay

so all you have to do is just press the

little button and there go


fancy just give it a few little drips


that's your perfect latte and then for

the cappuccino you're just gonna put

this down then use our other pod this is

like an intensity five I think Nicaragua

drop that in and

and there you have it tonight I have

your perfect latte in the morning or you

can make a nice little cappuccino

perfect stir this is life-changing

enjoy your Christmas present