The BEST Nail Polish Brands

what's up guys welcome back to my

channel so for today's video we're gonna

be doing my top three nail polish brands

I have tried so many polishes and so

many different brands throughout my

career as a nail tech and I have

narrowed it down to three that aren't my

top most favorite as far as the price

point the quality the colors the

consistency I'm gonna get into all the

details with these polishes so we're

just gonna go ahead and get started so

I'm gonna start off with my all-time

favorite brand my number one pick is

going to be you see my cat's tail so my

number one favorite brand is Orly I have

been obsessed with Orly for years there

are so many reasons why I love this

brand but number one as far as um

consistency they are top-notch so

there's some polish brands that you can

really love some colors but then other

colors are kind of hit or miss as far as

they might apply patchy they might be

like thin runny like watery formulas

just different stuff like that but as

far as orderly goes I've really never

come across the color that was not great

quality this brand I think average is

about $8 a bottle and they're sold at

different drugstores and on Amazon you

can definitely find these a lot of

different places but they provide some

of my favorite polish colors so this

color in particular is one of my

favorites this is a neon and it's called

beach cruiser as you can see I have used

down to here I love this polish or the

spring in the summer another color that

I'm actually wearing on my nails right

now is fresh start by Orly now this one

is like a really pretty like gumdrop

mint color this line is actually aligned

with in the brand of Orly it's the Orly

breathable treatment and color

this one is supposed to be kind of an

all-in-one polish so you're supposed to

have kind of the base coat formula the

color and the topcoat formula all in one

bottle I still obviously use a base coat

when I feel like it

and I always use a top coat no matter

what with polish but with this line in

particular it's really thick not

thinking a bad way to where it's like

goopy polish but all of the colors in

this line are really opaque so you

really do get that effect once you

polish it on your nails that you already

kind of have that top coat and base coat

apply it even if you don't so the other

two brands I am NOT gonna put them in

any particular order but it's OPI and

China Glaze and I'm sure so many of you

guys love OPI just like I do in China

Glaze I mean they're everywhere you can

get these so many different places and

they're around the same price point as

Orly OPI tends to run a little bit more

expensive sometimes like around $10 a

bottle I've even seen it so much as $12

a bottle in some drugstores but these

two brands are also really poor really

great as far as quality consistency goes

I will say I have found some China Glaze

polishes something like the nude and

beige colors that have been a little

streaky a little watery but overall they

have really great quality polishes and

of course everybody knows about OPI one

of the things that I really like about

OPI too is the color names so if you

know anything about the brand you know

they always have a cute little name for

all of the colors this one is one of my

favorites I have these have this color

on my toenails right now it is do you

like it I am a sucker for a cute name

for a Polish I don't know half the time

when I would go polish shopping if it

had a cute name I had to get it no

matter what color it was

so OPI so many of my favorite colors

come from this brand China Glaze

once again great color options great

quality they do really good when it

comes to neons so if you're looking for

neon colors no matter what shade it is I

would look in this brand

most often all of their neon colors are

perfect consistency neons are tricky I

don't know what it is about the color

itself but you can find hit or misses in

different brands but China Glaze has the

best neons so that's it for my top three

favorite polish brands I'm gonna have

all of these linked in the description

box down below these specific colors

will be blamed if you want to check

these out I have these added in my

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that I like always repurchase within

these brands and I'll have them listed

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