Top 10 Teaching methods

hello friends and doctor difensa and

today i am going to discuss with you all

regarding the top 10 teaching methods

and let's see first and foremost we need

to connect with our audience they should

feel comfortable with us if our feeling

level is fine then the dealing label

will be verifying second point for any

presentation or the any lectures or any

type of explanation anything which we

want to give the starting part it has to

be very superb if the start is super

half the battle is bheem we need to

create attention of our audience towards

us during our presentation third point

don't just tell about the facts and data

always go from known to unknown approach

while teaching always give the little

earners the things which they want from

you and not the things which we want to

give and the next point is there should

be a change in the teaching methodology

from the teacher centered approach to

the students centered approach let's see

this five is for the effective preaching

the first e is engaged basically we have

to occupy and engage the students in the

variety of activities then only we can

do a effective teaching second explore

take your students from known to unknown

approach travel through an unfamiliar

area in order to learn about it explore

the new things in the teaching explore

the new things in the topic which you

are teaching to your students

the third point evaluate evaluate or to

judge the effectiveness of the teaching

I always do the evaluation of my

teaching by asking the students the

questions like are you on with me

yes or no or else I'll ask the question

from some of the subtopics which I have

completed and then I will evaluate

whether my students are with me or not

if they are not able to answer or if I

feel they are not with me I will take a

small break in such a way that ok I will

gain their attention once again I will

bring all the audience towards me and

then I will start with my teaching once


forth II is explain make an idea or

situation clear to students by

describing it in more detail or

revealing the relieving facts try to

give a more detailed explanation or the

justification for the point which you

have told to them the fifth point is an

over rate that means explain or present

in further detail going depth of any

particular topic try to go in-depth

elaborate the point or the topic which

you are teaching to your students so

these are the five is for the effective

teaching if we follow this we can

improve our teaching let's see the

teaching methods today I am going to

give you an idea about the ten top most

or good teaching methods

the first one is lecture method lecture

method is the oldest method and in the

lecture method large number of topics

can be covered in a single class period

basically this will help the students

listening skills help to learn the

language and exclude the using of lab or

any equipment that is the disadvantage

of this method but the lecture method as

such is not that much effective until

and unless you merge with the other

methods which include maybe your

discussion method role play

problem-solving method or any other

method but the lecture method is good

okay when you are addressing

when your focus is to cover the large

number of topics let's see the second

method that is a discussion method it

discussion method involves a variety of

forums for open-ended and the

collaborative exchange of ideas among

the teacher and students for basically

the purpose of furthering the students

thinking learning problem solving

understanding etc discussion method is

highly used method for admission into

the B schools for the admission in the

MBA and for doing the doctoral studies

even you can go through one of the video

which I have prepared on group

discussion do's and don'ts it is also a

very good method for the teaching the

third method is a project method it is

an educational enterprise in which the

students has to solve a practical

problem over a period of several days or

a week so it becomes self learning

guided learning and involved learning so

the effectiveness will be more the

students can be able to remember the

things for a longer duration of time if

they do some project on it okay if you

think about the science subject if they

are doing a static or a dynamic model

okay or if they're doing some experiment

okay they will be able to remember it

for a longer time

the fourth method is a role play it is

the changing of one's behavior to assume

a role either unconsciously to feel a

social role or consciously to act as an

adaptation for example you want to give

an idea about one of your patient that

how the patient has behaved with you or

how the patient has given a history to


or any incidence which has happened

between you and patient so that you can

perform it in a form of a role play and

you can explain to the students you can

show that to the students that we create

an interest and students will be able to

remember this in a form of incidence for

a long period of time the fifth one is

your problem solving method it is always

good way for the teaching because it

will enhance the mental thinking it will

increase the mental activity

so basically purposeful mental activity

we give that will help to solve the

problem and make the decisions or to

fulfill a desire to understand so

basically our mind will keep on thinking

just suppose a problem arises

automatically if we try to think about

the solutions our brain will think about

it and we try to get so many ideas ok

and if you want to develop these

problem-solving methods or the approach

for the teaching as I say previously

first make our feeling level comfortable

with our students then the dealing will

improve and ok many of the problem we

can solve with the students and we can

enhance their knowledge let's see the

other five methods demonstration method

it basically involves showing by reason

or a proof explaining or making clear by

use of the examples or the experiments

you demonstrate something show something

to the students perform some experiments

so something on the models etc so it is

a good way students will be able to

remember it for a long time

seventh method classes outside the

classroom now sometimes changing the

place where you are taking the lecture

that also helps a lot what you can do is

you can take the lecture same lecture

may be in a hospital in the form of a

clinical teaching so that enhances your

teaching effectiveness maybe you can

show one patient and you can do a case

related discussion and if you are not in

a medical field or a para medical field

if you just take the lectures outside

the classroom it will make the learning

more engaging make the learning more

relevant if you are taking them to a

place where that particular teaching has

to be done for example if you are taking

them to a science museum and if you are

teaching them okay that is the same

lecture if

taking it in a museum and if you show

them something it increases the

effectiveness basically it nurtures the

creativity and imagination of the

students and it develops the learning

through the play in the experimentation

so this is also a good idea we can

implement it for a change and definitely

it will be welcome from our patient side

a given example just suppose you want to

teach about vitamin D which we are

getting it from sunlight okay and you

want to show that you want to tell them

that we are getting a collie Calcifer

all from item in d3 and that is required

if your patient is having osteoporosis

or if your patient is having a calcium

deficit so if you take the lectures

outside the classroom where they're

taking the sun bath as well definitely

that will be giving them a practical

idea as well right okay how the sun rays

are feeling and you can teach them the

theoretical part as well the eighth

method is a storytelling this is a very

very good method of a teaching ok

another than story if you are not

comfortable or not appropriate with your

profession you tell them about some of

your old cases which you have treated or

some relevant incidents which has

happened and the which you can correlate

with the topic feature teaching right

now so a good form of a teaching is a

storytelling and it has the potential of

fostering the emotional intelligence and

help the students to gain the insights

into the human behavior remember most of

the time

ok this story incidents case clinical

teaching students will be able to

remember it for a long long time then

just a formal lecture in which most of

the professor's they do it in a class

okay the ninth method is always welcome

the new idea when we involved in active

teaching with our students there may be

new ideas which will come from the

student side or even sometimes a new

idea comes to our brain actually when we

are teaching to our students

so we should be always welcoming a new

idea so basically an open-minded

attitude can help us for innovating the

new things and the new teaching methods

and that increase more of the

participation from the students I always

say that we should not inform the facts

knowledge or the data to our students

but we have to involve our students if

they are involving in our lectures when

we are teaching them so what will happen

that will enhance their involvement will

enhance their knowledge and the last

method which I want to say is the

simulation games or the educational game

so learning is a fern when the puzzles

and games are the part of the education

students may not feel that they are

learning something when their lessons

are introduced through the games and

puzzles and games helps the students to

think creatively and it will help them

to face the challenges so always through

the games or through the other

activities we can teach and train our

students so I always say first we have

to tell then we have to teach and then

we have to train so if we follow this 3p

ok we can enhance our teaching methods

and in the last part of this particular

video I would like to give you some idea

about the passive versus active learning

a very famous saying or a quote which

says that if I see ok definitely I will

forget if I hear I will remember and if

I will do I will understand and I will

be able to remember it for a longer time

I would like to give an idea about Edgar

Dale scorn of experience like people

generally remember the learning

activities which you can see here and

people are able to how many how many

days they are able to remember what are

the outcomes so just suppose if your

students are just reading so

ten percentage of what they read okay

only they will be able to remember this

at the end of two weeks if they hear

something by attending your lectures 20

percentage of what they hear they will

be able to remember at the end of two

weeks if you show them some videos or

the images only thirty percentage of

what they see will be able to remember

at the end of two weeks if they attend

the exhibit sites or watch a

demonstration which you have given it to

them fifty percent see what they see and

here they will be able to remember so if

you and hence your skill by doing some

demonstration in your lecture they will

be able to remember almost fifty percent

and just suppose if you do the teaching

with the hands-on okay you show them and

if you ask them to perform on a workshop

or if you design a collaborative lessons

70 percent page okay of what you said

and what they write they'll be able to

remember and if you make them to prepare

to give some presentation okay or maybe

a paper or a poster presentation or

maybe a working or a static model where

you teach them okay and they also learn

by themselves by doing a different

search on the internet reading from the

book setting from the journals etc and

when actually they prepare okay and if

they do a presentation and most 90

percentage of what they do they will be

able to remember so read and hear okay

it will define the describe and list the

explained image videos okay in the

demonstration okay that will improve

their capability to remember it for a

long time

and if you give them a hands-on practice

or if they are doing it really okay

they'll able to remember it for a very

very long period of time so your

teaching or the method of taking the

lecture it has to improve so I always

say that your experience should not

increase in the years

but your experience should be reflecting

in when you are taking the lectures when

you are treating the patient so not only

focusing on reading hearing just on

showing the videos or the images okay go

with the demonstration go on teaching

something on a hands-on go with the

collaborative lessons okay go on

teaching and training your students for

preparing for doing the paper poster

working or the static model and let them

also do some homework based on the

teaching which you do and if you go with

this type of involvement teaching with

the students will be able to remember it

for a very very long period of time so

to summarize this particular lecture

video I would like to say there are five

ease which you have to remember for the

effective teaching that is first one was


explore evaluate explain and elaborate

and then methods of teaching that is

lecture method discussion method project

letter roleplay problem solving method

demonstration method classes outside the

classroom storytelling

welcome new ideas and the stimulation

games and try to understand about the

active and the passive learning and try

to follow this l Edgar Dale scorn of

experience and try to improve the

teaching from the reading hearing on

images and video to do the real things

definitely if you improve your teaching

capability the response which you will

get it from the students from your

audience that will also improve and you

will feel that okay you are as you are

improving okay your feedback will also

improve and students will listen to you

very carefully