Finally - a simple cure for erectile dysfunction

all right welcome back of all the

qualities that make a couple happy and

successful in the long run what are the

most essential is a satisfying love life

something like erectile dysfunction can

put a serious dent in that and in

intimacy so bill Jefferies from

flagstone medical is here with a

solution it's nice to have you here

thanks Alex good to be here so we're

talking again

edie erectile dysfunction it turns out

it can affect men at just every at any

age right absolutely

we've seen patients from their 20s into

their 90's and the the basic cause of

erectile function generally is a lack of

adequate blood flow and that could be

caused by a number of issues but you

know our doctors can evaluate that and

correct the the problems regardless of

age well and we're seeing some

illustrations here of how this

particular therapy is different than

other methods of fixing edy and it's


acoustic wave therapy talk about the

technology what we're seeing here and

how that works

sure the the way acoustic wave therapy

works is that we use a an acoustic

energy wave it's similar to the process

that is used to break up kidney stones

where they use a type of ultrasound to

break up those kidney stones we use the

the same technology but a different

frequency different intensity and break

up the blockages and it actually

promotes new blood flow to the area and

it just works marvelously to restore

function naturally when we've seen and

heard about other methods I mean

something even including needles who

would want that to happen but it is it

is something that's been used before and

pills and whatnot so how is this

fundamentally different why is it better

for for a person to use it well not to

knock on the other remedies because they

have their place but they don't deal

with the root cause of edy which is the

blood flow issue and that's where the

acoustic wave therapy comes in the

picture on the screen now is a picture

of the the handpiece from the acoustic

wave generator that that we use and we

applied these acoustic waves at very

specific spots to open up blood vessels

promote new blood flow and we can do it


injections without drugs and without

surgery and without side effects most

importantly it's it's not you're not

gonna have to deal with anything other

than fixing the issue that may have been

ailing it for a long time so is this

safe for men who might might have

pre-existing conditions like diabetes

and alright conditions absolutely on

diabetes in particular one of the

manifestations of it is that it causes

constrictions and blood vessels and

causes circulatory problems the the

acoustic wave therapy can overcome those

circulatory problems that guys with

diabetes have and because there's no

drugs involved in our process we don't

have those drug interaction issues yeah

and it's one of those conversations

that's hard to start you know first you

have to start it with yourself or maybe

your partner has to start it with you or

you with your partner and that's where

flagstone comes in they make it sort of

a seamless easy experience and what our

viewers do if they think my guy needs

something like this we need to address

this problem how do you start that

conversation it's hard for guys to talk

about this issue it just says they feel

insecure about it

they damages self-esteem so you know if

your partner needs this kind of help

understand that even if he's not talking

about it he's feeling pretty badly about

it and so I advice would be to get

educated about it understand that it's

not his fault

it's something that happens sometimes

even guys that are you know fairly young

20s 30s 40s we're seeing a larger

incidence of Idi issues and but we do

have a solution it's not a life sentence

we can fix it also guys that have

Peyronie's disease and guys that haven't

know that they have it but this is a

very very effective treatment to deal

with that as well right and in the

office experience like I was mentioning

earlier it really you can ask anything

you can just talk about whatever you

need to talk about with the experts

there they'll guide you through right

talk about very quickly the experience

going in for the first time and then

what it's like afterwards the we we

spent a lot of time and thought with the

the whole office experience this is our

specialty it's all we do

all day every day we create a safe

environment for guys to come in and talk

about their IDI issues they're among

friends and we don't do other things in

this medical office so you're not

sitting next to the you know the kid

with a broken arm or whatever we create

an environment where men can come and

get the information and the help that

they need to overcome the issue that's

right a lot of great information is

always I'm gonna let them know great

special that's going on too so it's a

fantastic special yes thank you as

always nice to see thanks Alex here's a

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