Best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2020

Medicare supplement plans are changing

and today I'm going to talk about what

the best Medicare supplement plans are

for 2020 so stay tuned hi my name is

Stephanie apt I am an independent

Medicare consultant and an insurance

professional and today I'm going to talk

about what the top Medicare supplement

plans are for 2020 macro laws are

changing some things about the way

Medicare supplement plans are going to

be regulated and it can be a pretty

confusing topic so let's break it down

the chart you see on the screen here

shows these standardized Medicare

supplement plans that are offered in

most states and these are plans lettered

a through n and if you look at the chart

you can see that letters F and C are

kind of off to the side they're not

quite an alphabetical order there and

that's because these two plans are no

longer going to be offered to newly

eligible Medicare beneficiaries and

macro law defines newly eligible as

anyone who attains age 65 on or after

January 1st of 2020 or anyone who first

becomes eligible for Medicare benefits

due to age disability or end-stage renal

disease on or after January 1st 2020 so

Medicare supplement plans F and C still

exist and they are very much available

to anyone who's not considered a newly

eligible Medicare beneficiary but these

two plans are no longer going to be

available to anyone who meets that

definition of newly eligible Medicare

beneficiary as defined by macro law it's

all a little bit confusing there's a lot

of different letters and they definitely

don't try to make it simple so that's

what we're going to do today we're going

to break it down and simplify it to

figure out which plans are the best

value for 2020 the most popular plan

that we see folks going with that are

generally the best value for your dollar

right now our Medicare supplement plan G

and plan N and let's talk a little bit

about these two plans and how they work

Medicare supplement plan G covers 100%

of the gaps in Original Medicare Parts A

and B so if you have Original Medicare

and a Medicare supplement plan G you

have 100% coverage for all of your

Medicare a and B expenses after you've

met the Medicare Part B deductible so

you'll see that the only thing plan G

doesn't cover is that Medicare Part B

deductible for this year 2019 the Part B

deductible is one hundred and

eighty-five dollars the Part B

deductible can change a little bit over

time last year it was a hundred and

eighty three dollars this year it's one

hundred and eighty-five dollars so it

can fluctuate a little bit but plan G

covers 100% of your medical costs after

that deductible has been met

the other popular plan that we're seeing

a lot of folks go with these days is

Medicare supplement plan n an Medicare

supplement plan and is similar to plan G

let's take a look at some of the

differences there so you can see

Medicare supplement plan and also does

not cover the Medicare Part B deductible

so you do have to pay that deductible

before your coverage kicks in with plan

n and you can see these stars here these

denote Medicare Part B co-payments so

after you've paid your Medicare Part B

deductible plan and kicks in at a

hundred percent but you still will

likely pay co-pays at the doctor of up

to $20 so it's up to a $20 copay at the

doctor's specialist office and that's

just for an office visit and you'll also

pay a copay of up to fifty dollars for

an emergency room or ER visit finally

Medicare supplement plan n does not

cover the Medicare Part B excess charges

you can see that's another thing that

makes it a little different

and plan G now I'm gonna link another

video below that talks in more depth

about Medicare Part B excess charges in

general Part B excess charges are pretty

rare and usually when we do see them

they're not very extreme so for many

folks this is not a deciding factor

against Medicare supplement plan n but

it is something to know that your

Medicare supplement plan end would not

cover any potential Medicare Part B

excess charges now in general plan n is

likely going to be seeing a little bit

lower rate increases than plan G after

the year 2020 due to the way that macro

laws are going to impact guarantee issue

rights when it comes to Medicare

supplement insurance and the fact that

these rate increases will likely be

lower with plan n than with plan G is

another reason that people are looking

at plan n as a really great value plan

that's worth considering plan D is

another Medicare supplement plan that I

get asked about when you look at the

benefits of Medicare supplement plan D

it does offer very complete coverage in

some areas plan D is definitely worth

considering but in a lot of areas

Medicare supplement plan D is not

offered by very many insurance carriers

and the ones that do offer it tend to

price it a little bit high so a lot of

times we see Medicare supplement plan D

priced significantly higher than plan G

so in some areas it's not the best value

but you do want to check in your area to

see if that's a plan worth considering

and finally Medicare supplement plan F

now this is one of the plans that's

getting impacted by macro law no longer

going to be available to people newly

turning 65 after January 1st 2020 but

what if you're not a newly eligible

Medicare beneficiary is Plan F a plan

worth considering well Plan F has

historically been the most popular plan

because it was the only plan that

offered first dollar coverage though


just mentioned if you turn 265 before

January 1st 2020 or you became eligible

for Medicare before January 1st of 2020

plan F is still available to you but it

may not necessarily be the best value

plan for you the pricing on Medicare

supplement plan F is usually about three

to five hundred dollars more in annual

premium than on plan G so a Plan F

usually cost you at least three to five

hundred dollars more every year than a

plan G and the only additional benefit

that Medicare supplement plan F offers

when it's compared to plan G is coverage

for the Part B deductible which is

currently a one hundred and eighty five

dollar deductible so usually Plan F is

not necessarily the best value

additionally with macro laws changing

the way that Plan F is regulated it's

now going to become a closed risk pool

since there's no newly turning 65 year

olds newly eligible Medicare

beneficiaries coming on to Plan F


it is going to become a risk pool of an

aging population so the theory there is

the rate increases on plan F may get

higher as time goes on in general

Medicare supplement plan G and plan n

are the two most popular Medicare

supplement plans moving into 2020 that

typically offer the best value for your

dollar in most parts of the country now

of course the plan that's best for you

is going to be based off of several

different factors including your age

your area and your specific needs it's

also important to remember that Medicare

supplement plans are standardized so a

plan end with one company is the same

exact coverage plan and as with any

other company so those plans benefits

are regulated by law the only difference

you see will be the cost which can vary

from one insurance company to another

you'll want to make sure that you're

choosing a

competitively priced insurance carrier

for your Medicare supplement plan that

has good strong financials and a mild

rate increase history as well of course

this is where I would be happy to help I

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shared thanks so much for watching I

hope you enjoyed this video talking a

little bit about the best Medicare

supplement plans for 2020 we'll see you