Best Meal Replacement Shakes (UPDATED!) — What's Best for You?!

what's up guys this is Nick at bar been

calm and this is actually not all the

meal cases I've reviewed these are just

the best I've tried many many many many

mirror places on the market and today I

plan on the best meal places so weight

loss the best ones some muscle gain the

best people diabetes the best fit

elderly folks and a bunch of other

categories this is actually a refill of

a previous video that we've done I've

updated this and added some extra

categories that you guys have been

asking us about if you want to see the

full written review which has extra

runners-up and more details these

products make sure you google the full

roundup with Bob and plus best middle

places but for now let's get started on

the most common question that I receive

what's the best mule placement for

weight loss so first let me tell you how

I decided on these products like what

are the criteria we use for assessing

what is it good and bad knee replacement

so there are like three or four things

that I really look very closely at here

the first is the micronutrients there

are a lot of products out there that

just have like five vitamins and

minerals I look for a good like 24 or

serves and there's a really wide variety

of nutrition the body needs today of

course and they've got a substitute for

a meal you don't want to just get some

vitamin C you want to hopefully get like

maybe some calling some chromium some

manganese magnesium all those kinds of

things so I look at that as well but I'm

looking at middle places the second

thing is the macronutrients the protein

the carbohydrates and the fat and also

the fiber which is a type of

carbohydrate so a lot of middle places

out there they just sort of nutritious

protein shake so nutritious carbohydrate

shakes what I really value very strongly

is some of the good mixture of protein

and fat and fiber and carbohydrates as a

well-balanced meal with there's such a

say that I never include products at a

very low calorie with like pretty low

fat but I really just prefer the

products with like a good mixture of

those macronutrients

and on that note if that thing you look

for is a good amount of calories because

again a well-balanced meal even if you

learn something like a 1200 calorie diet

a milk place would be a good 400

calories now not many no placements out

there do reach that amount of calories

nonetheless I do really highly value

those products as well

finally essential fatty acids so a lot

of these knee replacements if they do

contain fats a lot of the time it comes

from sunflower oil or soybean oil or

something for your high in omega-6 fatty

acids without getting too deep into the

Stynes here a good balance of let me get

3 and Omega 6 fatty acids a pretty

important for the body a lot of studies

they're important for helping to control

inflammation and help with immunity

maybe even possibly helping with mental

health so that's all something I looked

for now that's very very rare so I don't

penalize too harshly there's some of the

best the best that someone may get fries

so when it comes to the best meal

replacements to weight loss I didn't eat

it fast make it clear that I am NOT a

doctor and you should speak with your

physician if you do have any concerns

about your weight or if he is selling a

new weight loss regimen that said ample

is definitely my favorite meal places

for weight loss and that's just because

it really does tick most of those boxes

that I mentioned earlier I'm always

running out of ampel myself I'm always

going through my crates of it what I

really like what Apple is that it is a

really good mixture of protein and

carbohydrates and fiber and fat as I

mentioned like a real meal actually is

and because of all that protein and fat

and fiber it's very very filling a lot

of people think this is a bit of a

strange thing to mention as a

weight-loss product because the minimum

amount of calories you're gonna get with

Apple is 400 calories and you can go up

to 600 calories

first of all let's keep in mind that if

you're having like 1,200 calories in a

day that's an extremely low calorie diet

this is replacing a meal that's still

going to be fine for you but also

compared to other meal places which tend

to be I mean a lot of them are like just

very nutritious low-calorie protein

shakes this is just much much better in

my experience of actually satiating your

hunger and keep you going until the next

meal with plenty of energy and without

too much hunger throughout your day so

that's definitely why I really liked it

it also has omega-3 fatty acids which I

mentioned earlier here that comes from a

chia seed extract and this in

antioxidants and there's a bunch of

probiotic bacteria here as well to help

improve like the jest of health and like

maybe even improve nutrient uptake as

well that's a bit of a maybe the sign

some that is pretty young but

nonetheless Apple I really think it's

fantastic product my runner-up for best

no place in full weight loss it's

definitely ideal shapes ideal shake

there's a lot to like yeah this is very

low in calories just 100 calories per

scoop if that's what you're going for if

that's your approach to weight loss it

is very low in calories there's also

quite a few more vitamins and minerals

added to it when you compare it to ample

there is artificial sweetness in this

and it is relatively sweet but you can

always just add extra water to it so

it's not a huge deal that it is so sweet

but a couple interesting things here it

has suggestive enzymes added to it which

could help with nutrient uptake it could

help with indigestion among some people

not everyone it's not a guarantee but

does help some folks but what's really

interesting here is it contains slim

desta which is a potato protein extract

so studies have actually found that

potatoes maybe the most satiating food

like in the entire world so a lot of

products out there that have taken this

extract out of potatoes and put them

into like mirror places or protein

shakes and things like that and it can

indeed have a pretty remarkable effect

on a hunger so if apatite is like a bit

of an issue for you but you still wanna

keep calories really really low this

could potentially help you out

now as the best meal placement for women

I'm not of the mind that women need

completely different nutrients than men

when you look at the industry there are

certain nutrients that do appear to be

more highly valued by a female consumers

when you look at brands that are

targeted at women so with that in mind

I'm a pretty big fan of nature's bounty

complete protein and vitamins shake mix

and look this is a good product for

anyone there's a really wide variety of

vitamins and minerals it's all natural

there's a billion probiotics in there so

the ton of touches like that for female

consumers in particular the brand itself

does focus on collagen because it has a

links to joint and skin health does

biotin which may help with hair health

it's also pretty big emphasis on calcium

as well and women do tend to be advised

to keep track of a calcium more than men

because they're the high-risk lost your

purses so a few little touches like that

that I think make this a pretty good

pick for women but men as well my runner

out for this category would be isalean

shake by Isagenix I really like this

strawberry cream flavor and it's all

natural which is really surprising and I

only found that out awkward I had like

three glasses of it it has a really wide

variety of vitamins and minerals which

is nice it has some probiotic bacteria

in there as well plus it has four

hundred and fifty percent of the

recommended daily intake of biotin we

just I mentioned tends to be pretty

highly valued by seven female consumers

but again it's pretty good for men too I

drink this a lot another really common

question we get is what's the best

mineral place in full of women who are

trying to lose weight and again I should

just say I'm not a doctor talk to your

doctor about your weight loss regimen in

my opinion ideal shape ideal shake is a

really really good option women do tend

to consume fewer calories and men

throughout the day on average this has

just a hundred and ten calories or a

hundred calories for some of the

products so it could be really useful

for women it's also pretty high in fiber

pretty high in protein which is very

satiating it's also a vital fiber blend

which could also make it a little bit

more say

stating and then there's a potato

approaching extract that I mentioned

earlier which can make it even more say

Siri because a lot of things going on

here to help appetite control so I think

it's a pretty good options women trying

to lose weight I think the best runner

up in this category is gonna be vice

shaped nutritional Shake Mix this is

actually like the best tasting of one of

the best tasting in my opinion this

sweet cream flavor it goes down really

easily with some milk so also just 90

calories per scoop which is crazy this

is like one of the lowest calorie mixes

I've seen a ton of vitamins and minerals

it's also got some interesting digestive

enzymes including a managin and like one

study actually found that helped people

to absorb more protein and they would

otherwise like the deaths of enzymes can

have a pretty interesting impact here

combined the low calories and all the

nutrients this is a really good bet as

well so what if you're trying to go in

the other direction and you trying to

gain muscle or gain weight without a few

things I took into account here

obviously calories are pretty important

you don't these like 90 calories shakes

we're trying to gain weight but also I

look for steaks with a lot of

carbohydrates in them because like as a

general general rule people tend to go

high of fat and they're trying to lose

weight and high carbohydrate when

they're trying to gain weight so that's

why I picked it so girl here I think

it's a really interesting product I like

it a lot it's very tasty it's very

popular among survivalists as well if

you don't open the bag it lasts for 20

years what I really like about this 430

calories per serving which is a decent

amount you're gonna get 19 grams of

protein and 46 grams of carbohydrates

with 5 grams of fiber it has the same

amount of protein as fat which I don't

absolutely love but it does make fresh

take that's really tasty and it's one of

the most nutritious I've ever seen as

well the runner-up for best meal

placements the weight gain and then it's

gotta be queel right here stands for

quick meal this is a Dutch company this

is 700 calories per serving which is

pretty remarkable now that is 700

calories from five scoops so obviously

you can just have fewer scoops if you

want to have fewer calories but still

700 calories that's a pretty good amount

of calories there's also a nice ratio of

protein to carbs to fat it's not as high

in carbohydrates or relative to protein

as Saagar which is why this is number

two but still you're getting 49 grams of

protein 79 grams of carbohydrates 14

grams of fiber and it is very very

interesting as well and honestly this

awesome apple pie flavor is pretty

awesome so quill has a lot going for it

as well now actually best meal places

for keto if you're following a ketogenic

diet I really highly recommend

kay this is a 600 calorie bottle you can

also get in 400 calories

now the macros are really good which

seems like obvious if you're talking

about a keener product but there are a

lot that have like equal puffs protein

and fat which is a little bit unusual

this has a celled 50 grams of fat for 19

grams with carbohydrates and there's a

lot of fiber in here as well so the net

carbohydrates are pretty low

absolutely delicious the real reason why

I really like this takeo diet is just so

convenient like if you do follow wood

heater diet you know that especially

when you're out and about it can be

really hard to get a source of calories

this you just fill up with water give it

a shake and it's good to go plus is a

bit more nutritious than the regular

ample this has added magnesium and

vitamin D and calcium

there's also tips that we do in there as

well so yeah really big fan of this and

of course it's absolutely delicious

that's the second-best mirror places for

the keto diet I think you might be a big

fan of ki genex keto meal the macros are

a bit unusual it's like 10 grams of

protein and 10 grams of fat so it's

almost high in fat as a lot of people

might expect but it does have a ton of

vitamins minerals and very importantly

this contains exogenous ketones so this

was like devised by dum di cocina who's

a big authority in the world of ketosis

and a lot of folks in the keto diet try

to get some exhaustion as he tends

because that could maybe help with

energy levels but there of course a lot

of other people who don't like getting a

coach those key things I feel interferes

or like certain fasting properties of

their diet so it really kind of depends

on you as if this is a pro or a con but

you do need to know the taste of these

ketones is a little metallic so what's

out for that so when someone asked

what's the best knee replacement for

athletes there are a couple things to

think about well what I really emphasize

is a good balance of protein and

carbohydrates like in my experience

active individuals especially on workout

days they'll often shoot for a ratio of

like one pot protein to like three puffs

carbohydrates maybe like four or five

they're really trying to pack on the

pounds so with that in mind I think the

best one out there surprisingly enough

GN seize total lean shake I know this is

a pretty good option so in a 170 180

calories so it's not crazy high in

calories but I can see this being a good

option after a workout because it's got

nine grams of protein to 32 grams of

carbohydrates and just 3 grams of fiber

so you are giving like a decent amount

of net carbohydrates here it's also a

ton of vitamins and minerals and the

taste is pretty good as well it's a bit

sweet but I think a lot of guys who like

protein shakes are gonna be happy with

my second favorite meal placing for

athletes it's got to be rough stuff so

this has a lot more calories than GNC

lean shake which is why I quite like it

you got to get 26 grams of protein and

61 grams of carbohydrate so I like the

ratio the flavor is a bit of a bland soy

type flavor but that does make any

pretty good base the shakes we scrub sub

like strongly advise you do like to make

shake so they're throwing some fruit

stuff like that and the nutrition is

incredible it's a huge variety of

vitamins and minerals as well serve

grubs up definitely when my favourites

so what about the best mural placement

for people with diabetes well once again

I need to emphasize I am NOT a doctor

you should seek the doctor or your

certified diabetes educator for better

information about all this but in my

experience it's someone who has worked

in the health field for quite a while

now I have found that people with

diabetes are typically advised to you

not just control this sugar intake in

the net carbohydrate intake not

necessarily like limit it but just like

keep it in check but also the Stan Lee

advised to monitor the saturated fat and

cholesterol it takes a little bit more

than the average person because they may

be more prone to certain heart

conditions than the average person

that's a maybe but yeah saturated fat

cholesterol and net carbohydrates and

also protein or pretty strongly

emphasized in my experience so with all

that in mind I think 310 shake is

actually a pretty good bet here it's

just 90 calories in this group so it

could help folks trying to lose weight

15 guys are protein

there's also 7 guys of Cubs with 5 grams

of fiber so this is 2 grams of net carbs

hydration and the fiber is like pretty

good as well that's like 20% of the

recommended daily intake of fiber we had

that's the fact there is no saturated

fat and no cholesterol whatsoever and

it's all natural and there's a ton of

vitamins minerals here I really think 3

times takes a slam dunk now my runner-up

for the best places for people with

diabetes I think it's gonna be boost

nutritional drink this is called boost

and glucose control so it's a bit higher

in calories which could be a pro or a

con depending on your own dietary goals

as a hundred ninety calories he has 16

grams of protein and 16 grams of

carbohydrates so it's not as low in

carbs as 310 but it still gives you

three grams of fiber and is just 4 grams

of sugar in here in fact it's actually

specifically formulated for people with

diabetes it says so right there in the

bottle and it's also got a ton of

vitamins and minerals

there as well so this is a pretty good

bet especially need something to drink

on the GAR now another question that I

often get is what is the best meal

placing for breakfast cuz of course

breakfast is when you really crunched

the time so can be used because like a

really big issue here that's why I run

with ample again I know I keep talking

ample I really do like ample this bottle

here makes it really convenient it

really elevates it above a lot of other

places on the market plus when you think

about breakfast for most people it's

like a bowl of cereal or maybe a bagel

sometimes to turn up what I mean is

mostly just have like foie suggesting

carbohydrates without a lot of like a

protein to go with it adilyn here the

hand has protein it has fiber it has fat

it's really really filling and in my

experience it can easily get you through

to lunch well got a lot of hunger

cravings in the morning that I know a

lot of us are very familiar with now my

second favorite for breakfast is gonna

be silent I'm actually talking about the

ready to go soil in bottles though which

I don't have here because I drank them

all because I really like the product

but the ones you get in the fridge you

can just take it in the morning again of

course it's very very convenient being

able to take it with you and you don't

have to mix it with water like you do

with ample however I think Apple is

really tasty he's got a ton of fat in

there and there are no artificial


Soylent it does have the artificial

sweetener sucralose and it still tastes

quite a bit like soy so that's why I put

a number two but the nutrition is really

really impressed with salt and again

there's a convenience factor finally I

want to look what the best knee

replacement for elderly folks they do

have slightly different nutritional

requirements and others like there's a

chance they may need like low it

calories as well to support a lower body

weight but you still need to really

emphasize things like calcium and

vitamin D and b12 things like that so

that's why I went with ideal shapes

ideal shake again here what I really did

like about this again it does have 80%

of the daily vitamin D and 70% of your

daily calcium which is a pretty big hit

and they both go to Wars bone strength

which is obviously really important in

old age and at any age at all another

thing that I like about this it has a

good hit of b12 as well which all the

figs often advise you really focus on it

as well so this is a very very

nutritious product it is also pretty low

in calories just could be a good or a

bad thing based on your own individual

goals I do want to say that yes it is


sweet which might be a little bit

intolerable for all the folks but they

do have a naturally sweetened version

with stevia so that could be a good

option in that regard my runner up in

this category is cure

now ideal shake is a really good product

but as I mentioned it's pretty low in

calories which can actually be very

necessary for a lot of folks but if

you're on the other side of the spectrum

you actually need to get a good amount

of calories if you tie it pretty quickly

this is 500 calories per serving if you

choose the three scoop wrap that's easy

to get lower calories or more calories

as you want those have a pretty wide

variety of flavors like this is one of

the flavor additions here it's chocolate

there a bunch of other ones you can get

as well and it's got a really good

mixture of protein and fat and

carbohydrates it's a very well-rounded

meal and I think anyone at any age could

do well to have people on a diet alright

so there is a my picks for the absolute

best new places on the market I have

tried so many more places and I'm really

confident with that final list but like

if you want to see the full written

roundup which has some X or runners-up

in each of these categories so you can

help make up your in mind make sure you

google the roundup with Bob and plus

best knee replacements