what's up guys welcome back to my

channel today's video is going to be the

fourth video in my breastfeeding series

today's video is all about nursing bras

so I got a lot of requests for this

video to talk about the nursing bras

I've used what some of my favorites are

I've tried out a few different brands

for you guys and I have a lot of options

in today's video so I'm super excited to

share them with you

plus I have some great options that are

not technically nursing bras but do work

for nursing so I'm pumped to share those

with you guys as well all of the bras

shown in this video are new mom approved

as well as busty gal approved because if

you can't tell I got a lot going on up

here especially now that I'm

breastfeeding so all of these bras are

things that will provide you lots of

support that you won't link through and

that will help keep your girls in place

and looking good while you're

breastfeeding and taking care of your

little baby I will have all the other

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pumping as well as what I eat in a day

to support breastfeeding now this video

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months old crazy and yeah so like I said

lots of great options for today so let's

just get started so to start we're gonna

take you back to the beginning of this

journey I've been on when I was newly

postpartum and I just had a baby and I

very first went to Target to get some of

their GP nursing bras and I swear by

these I actually got some of these when

I was pregnant as well and I wore them

in my third trimester towards the end of

my pregnancy they're really comfortable

they're really stretchy and they were

great for being newly postpartum so


have two different kinds here that I've

wore a lot and I still wear all the time

they're both by the tone you pronounce

it the Gilligan and O'Malley brand so

they're really affordable they range

from like fifteen to twenty dollars this

one is just like a classic kind of blue

one I also have this in a tan I think

and then it has your typical like snap

down at the top like that and then this

one is actually considered their yoga

bra it's a soft fabric it's kind of like

a more sporty style and it's again

really comfortable and really versatile

for when you're first starting out

breastfeeding you have the snaps at the

top these are great because they're

really comfy and they're really stretchy

so they were great for the end of

pregnancy and when my milk first started

coming in when your milk first starts

coming in your boobs are really heavy

and tight and they hurt even now in my

milk comes in it gets that way so now I

will use these as sleeping bras I don't

like to sleep without a bra yet because

I do still leak in the night if it's

been a while especially now that my son

is sleeping through the night more often

so I'll sleep in bras like this because

they're really comfortable they don't

hurt my back to sleep in and then I'm

not like leaking all over the place plus

then I can get up and nurse him easily

throughout the night if I need to as

well so I would definitely recommend

checking out Target for more affordable

like comfy options I stocked up on a

bunch of these and I continue to use

them as well and then I also grabbed one

like underwire bra from Target this one

is also by the Gilligan and O'Malley

brand but it's got an underwire it

doesn't have padding to it so it's still

really comfortable but it does provide

just a little bit more support

especially for us busty gals this has

been a great one for me again snaps from

the top pretty simple but really

affordable I think this bra was like

twenty dollars and they also had it in a

black color it's got like a little bit

of lace to it so it's a little bit of

something-something but because it's

still pretty thin and lightweight it

doesn't hurt your breasts as your milk

is coming in too so I would definitely

recommend checking those out as well for

just like really affordable easier

options then I have a couple specific

nursing bra brands I want to talk about

the first is cake Maternity so they

they sent me a couple of their bras to

try out and this one I'm in love with so

this one I can't ever what it's called

oh this is they're truffles bra and it's

really adorable because it has lace

detailing to it and there's really

pretty wine color and also the front

kind of looks like that so it's just it

looks stunning on but it still holds you

in place it's super supportive I got a

size 34 F because they're sizing runs a

little bit different than your typical

store does and again the snaps come down

from the front too so it's really easy

to use and it's just so stunning it's a

nice way to mix up your typical Nursing

Bra routine especially when you're

feeling like kind of achy and just I

don't know you know you want to feel

cute and not have to sacrifice style

just because you're wearing a nursing

bra so that's why I love this one so

much then they sent me one of their what

is this one called

I love the tags on so I can't remember

what they're called this is called

they're rock candy bra and this one has

a really comfortable seamless fit so the

material is seamless so it's not gonna

dig in at all it's really comfy it has

very sturdy snaps like I'm really

impressed with these snaps at the top

and then of course it has an adjustable

back as well and I got mine in this like

fun kind of bright and neon coral color

but they did have multiple colors this

reminds me of those like comfy yoga bras

you could sleep in this really easily

you could probably work out in it but it

has a decent amount of padding too so

you're not gonna leak through it and

it's gonna keep you nice and covered and

just like comfortable and supported

throughout the day I really like this

one and I'm really impressed with the

quality of it as well and then the last

one they sent me is actually a sports

bra this one is a little bit big on me

size-wise but I think I can still make

it work but the structure of this is

super impressive and sports bras are

tricky to find when you are

breastfeeding because your breasts get

bigger throughout the day I actually

have a really good option coming up in

this video as well but this one's really

cool because it has this panel at the

top so as you can tell

a good amount of cleavage know that I'm

breastfeeding and sometimes it's hard to

cover up but this panel in the front

really makes it so that I can wear this

under tank tops I can wear it with my

sport and athletic clothes when I'm

working out and I'm not gonna like show

off more cleavage than I feel

comfortable with so I really like that

it's built in it's not removable and

then the top flips down the way your

typical nursing bra would it doesn't

have any additional padding but it does

have underwire so this is gonna be a

really supportive sports bra for you

that's not gonna make it feel like

you're running in a push-up bra so I

really like that I like that it has

underwire I like that it has this front

panel but that it doesn't have padding

because the last thing I need right now

it's padding so this is a really good

option if you're looking for some

support while you are on the go or

you're working out postpartum as well

then the next bra I found recently I

love so this is by a brand called

kindred brave burly and I decided to buy

a couple of their bras because I had

seen them on Instagram and just when I

was looking for brands that are good for

more busty chests this brand continued

to come up so I got two of their bras

what I'm really impressed was one is

kind of late so so so this one that I'm

really impressed with is I can't

remember the exact name of it but I'll

have it linked down below for you guys

but it's this bra that has like a really

flattering v in the front and then the

back is a racerback style so it is pull

over so you pull it over your head you

don't fasten it in the back but it is

like the softest smoothest material and

it's actually super supportive

it doesn't have an underwire but it does

have a lining at the bottom of the cup

so it's not uncomfortable at all this is

another one that would be great to sleep

in or wear under a t-shirt but it's just

really supportive and really comfy and

it gives you a much more expensive like

much more I don't know much more like

pushed up look then it feels like if

that makes sense

so I was really impressed with this one

I got it in this like nice pale baby

pink color and like you can see right

there it's got a good amount of

structure to it but when you're wearing

it it feels like you have nothing on

this is like gonna be my new

brah and I'll probably buy more of these

and more colors as well just because

it's so comfy um the snaps are also

really structured and feel like really

good sturdy quality compared to like the

target bra snaps are a little bit more

cheap the second part I got from kindred

brave early this is the one that I like

I'm not like over the moon impressed

with it this was one of their just like

typical seamless bras it's actually very

similar to the rock candy bra from cake

Maternity and then I have another bra in

this video that is basically the same as

well all three styles are pretty similar

but this one's cute because it has this

pink lining and it's like a nice ivory

color again it's got good padding it's

nice and seamless and if you're buying

something else from kindred brave early

like if you decide to get this bra which

I would highly recommend then you could

like to throw this one in with it as

well and not have to get it from another

place but the snaps also feel really

structured on this one and this nice

like seamless style will just be a good

everyday go-to to have especially when

you're new and you're breastfeeding a

lot like right now my baby's not eating

solids yet so I'm only breastfeeding so

I need something that's gonna last me

throughout the day and keep me really

comfortable the next fraud the last one

that's similar to that design is by

Bravo designs this is their maternity

body silk seamless nursing bras so all

of these seamless styles are pretty

similar so I have this seamless style

from three different stores that are

very similar in this video this one the

bravado Designs once does have very

structured clasps so I like that a lot

and this is in their dusty peony rose

color I think that's what it's called

the thing with these frogs that you'll

notice is that like right now as I'm

holding it up you can see the cups kind

of sticking out I did kind of feel like

some of them gave me that feel on my

body but the overall seamless like feel

is so comfortable that like I don't

really care if the pads stick out a

little bit if that makes sense so I

would recommend getting yourself one or

two of these but then for everyday look

use if you're looking for a more

structured vibe I would recommend going

with the kindred brave early like more

v-neck style or the lace style

crumb cake Maternity those are more good

for just like a structure a structured

like lined bra but if you like more of

an online seamless style than these bras

you can find multiple places and they

are good quality this one from bravado

Designs had a pricier price tag compared

to kindred brotherly like I felt like

the seamless bra from Nam was very

similar for like half the price so just

something to be aware of all the

seamless styles are pretty similar but

you can typically find them cheaper

elsewhere besides just like Nordstrom

where I got the bravado designs one then

the last company I wanted to mention is

actually a small business that I hadn't

heard of before but they're called

wonder moms they also sent me these next

to bras and I really liked them for one

special reason and that's because the

snaps are different than your typical

nursing bra these you can get on Amazon

I believe I'll have them link down below

for you guys and I got two colors of

them so I got this black color and again

it has like a nice lacy detail which is

fun to like mix it up and then I also

got this more neutral nude color what's

really cool about these though from

Wonder moms is that the snap actually

comes from the side versus coming down

like your typical nursing top so it's

something a little bit different and

it's honestly a little bit easier access

if you're Nursing in public I feel like

so it actually snaps open from the

inside like that

so more horizontally versus coming down

vertically I was gonna show you guys but

I don't need you tube taken down this

video and I'm just trying to help you

out Oh

I decided not to try them on and

demonstrate but you get the idea

it opens more like that from the side

versus down and I think that's really

cool and when I tried it out like my

whole breast was still able to fit

through here it wasn't like it was like

hard to get to the nipple or anything

even though it's different so I think

that's really cool these ones do have a

little bit again more of that like

pointy silhouette but I think once

you're enclosed especially if you're in

like something a little more structured

and not just like I don't know not just

like a flowy blousey t-shirt it won't

give you that in clothing but I do

really like

that unique strap on these or the unique

clasp detail it allows you to just not

have to worry about buttoning it down

friend like kind of fidgeting up super

far in your top when you're

breastfeeding you can just kind of like

slip in there and slip it up and open it

you get done anything then the last few

options I have are actually not from

nursing companies they're not nursing

specific bras but they are bras that I

have found work great for nursing so if

you're not looking to invest in nursing

bras these will be great options for you

the first is one I recently picked up at

Victoria's Secret that I am in love with

this bra is one of their front clothed

bras so if you're looking for a bra that

will work for nursing and post Nursing

like whenever you're done breastfeeding

a front closed bra is great because they

just like like the title says they open

in the front and unclasp there and then

you can just clasp it back

I have nursed with these type of bras

before and I do feel like nursing bras

are a little bit easier but they're not

always necessary so something like this

will be great for once you're past this

part of your life as well this one gives

a lot of support

definitely busty gal approved but it's

got no extra padding which is really

comforting or comfortable and then the

back has like this really pretty

racerback lace detailing that I love it

almost gives like a bralette effect so I

could let the back peek through a little

bit and I wouldn't mind that showing

this thing is just so flattering on and

so comfortable I actually just got it in

yesterday and I was so impressed I'm

gonna be buying this in more colors

because this thing I will be wearing all

the time I just know it then I found

these amazing sports bras at Target that

are perfect for not only breastfeeding

but just working out postpartum working

out with big boobs like if you're not

breastfeeding and you just got big old

boobs go get yourself these sports bras

because they're amazing so these ones

are by the champion brand I have two two

colors actually I've been saving this

one for this video and this one I've

been wearing non-stop but this is just

by the champion brand they're like in

the sporty athletic work section of

Target and

one of those ones that has the front zip

and then it clasts underneath the zip as

well my goods are so big that I actually

don't clasp it because I can barely get

the zip closed

I bought the 34 double D I believe and

that was the biggest size they had I

went back to get triple they didn't have

it but the double I can make work but

even just having the zip closed alone

provides so much support it is really

hard to find good sports bras that you

can run in when you've got a big chest

and when you're breastfeeding and these

bras are like the only kind I can

actually run in and not feel pain so I

love these I would highly recommend them

this white one's really cute too because

it has like grey lining and then it has

an alternating color for the racer bag

but the plain black one I like a lot too

these are just awesome for providing

support I would highly recommend going

to get them and then the last thing I

wanted to mention as far as nursing bras

are concerned is to go to TJ Maxx or

Marshalls or place like that and pick

yourself up some of their sports bras

when I was newly pregnant like

transitioning from my first trimester to

my second trimester I actually went to

TJ Maxx and I stocked up on a bunch of

their sports bras because they have

styles like this that are more knit and

stretchy and cheap like I got a bunch

for like $10 each 12 dollars each

sometimes even cheaper if they're on

sale and then I wore them for nursing

after giving birth because you can

easily just pull them up and honestly

now that I'm kind of in the habit of

breastfeeding I can kind of pull up any

bra it doesn't matter the underwire or

whatever like you just pull it up quick

enough to get the baby under there but

these ones make the process of pulling

your bra up really easy and they have a

bunch of them like I just pulled this

one as an example cuz it was it was what

was clean but like the back has like

these nice strappy detailing but TJ Maxx

is a great place to get sports bras like

that and then you're not investing a lot

of money they're really comfortable you

can keep sleeping in them and you don't

have to buy an entire new wardrobe once

you're done breastfeeding as well too so

definitely check out TJ Maxx for

affordable cheap sports bras to nurse

with alright guys and that's all I got

for this nursing bra video I hope this

gave you guys some ideas like I said

I'll have everything linked down below

for you guys and then keep an eye out


nursing outfits video coming to complete

this series I hope you enjoyed this

video of course leave me a comment let

me know any other suggestions or ideas

or requests you have I would love to

hear from you thank you so much for

watching and I'll see you in my next

video bye guys