Martin Guitars Top 10! | The Ten Things You Should Know About Martin Guitars before buying one!

all right here we go ten things that you

should know about Martin guitars before

you go out and buy one stay tuned


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90 years is a long time 1929 seems like

a long time ago but you know it's been

around longer

Martin Martin guitars has been around

since 1833 and that's not one of the top

10 things were going to be talking about

today because frankly that's on most of

their head stocks so that's already a

given but we are going to tell you ten

things that you should know about when

it comes to Martin guitars before you

purchase one and help you appreciate the

history of this very storied guitar

manufacturer so let's get started with

number ten ten so number ten why is

martin guitar so important when we talk

about flat top steel string acoustic

guitars well

there's one simple reason they invented

them prior to christian Frederick Martin

coming out with the first steel string

guitar all guitars were nylon or really

at the time gut strung guitars they were

carryovers from the designs that were

made popular in Spain and spread

throughout Europe and yet this German

luthier who immigrated to the United

States and set up shop in Nazareth

Pennsylvania developed a steel string

guitar and it was all with one idea in

mind it's got to be louder that was the

whole point

by having steel strings you could put

more tension on the top and therefore

have a louder instrument prior to

amplification which was really not

existent at the time so the flat top

acoustic guitar market really owes its

entire existence to Martin guitars and

they've been building them longer than

anybody else as a result so like we said

since 1833 number nine

so they invented the flattop steel

string acoustic guitar that invention

was made possible by CF Martin's

invention of the X brace that's right

the X brace which you see on just about

every acoustic guitar of steel string

acoustic guitar that is in existence

practically was invented by CF Martin

and it was really initially done on the

gut string guitars getting away from fan

bracing which is still popular on

classical guitars as a means of

basically allowing more tension and

controlling the belly on the top and

things of that nature so X brace that's

where it started

steel strings is where it went to and

then a host of other innovations that

we're about to discuss so let's move on

to number eight your played your guitar

or you're just starting out and you grab

a guitar you take a look at that neck

and if it's a steel string guitar I bet

you 90% of the time when you look down

there's two dots right here right here

at the 12th fret and the 12th fret is

two frets away from the body that's what

we call a 14th fret neck well that's

another invention from Martin it was

actually at the request of a banjo

player who played guitar and he wanted

more of that space mourn neck before you

hit the body of course this was at a

time before you know things like a

cutaway would be normalized in the

industry so 14 frets to the body made

just a little bit more real estates to

play around with before you ended up

hitting your hand against it so Martin

guitars came out with it and then

popularized it and now it's very hard to

find an acoustic guitar that has 12

frets they are more of the exception

than the rule and now you know why

number 7

another invention would the idea of

volume behind it is this guy

the dreadnought body shape now it's

pretty common when we're looking at

acoustic guitars but Martin invented

this shape the dreadnought was named

after the HMS dreadnought which was a

British warship and it's square shoulder

shallow waist and deep body design was

all with one thing in mind two

acoustically out-perform

at least try to equal the volume coming

from the mandolin and banjo player that

wouldn't shut up do you know how to tune

to banjo players you shoot one so Martin

guitar players back in the day and

bluegrass bands had to compete for

volume because again not much

amplification going on the idea came

about to invent a body that would push

out as much air as possible and that's

how we came out with the dreadnought

body shape which again is pretty much

common all across the place is the most

common body shape in all of steel string

acoustic guitars still made produce and

play by millions today so there you go

from warship to musical instrument

number six so a lot of people don't know

this but early on in the endeavor to try

to find a way to again for volume sake

amplify the acoustic guitar mark guitars

was front and center with another famous

guitar company Fender guitars in fact if

you get the chance to go to Nazareth

Pennsylvania to the Martin guitar

factory there is a museum there where

you can see a lot of the early Martin

guitars that became famous some of their

instruments that didn't do too well back

in the 60s like keyboards and amplifiers

and all sorts of other stuff and the

earliest example that I've ever seen of

an acoustic electric guitar it's a

triple o 18 with a Fender single coil

pickup basically hacked into the top of

the guitar now we know from experience

at this point that just hacking a single

coil electric guitar pickup into the top

of acoustic guitar could be the perfect

recipe for feedback but it's one of the

earliest endeavors to try to figure out

this convention of taking the beautiful

sound of an acoustic guitar that we all

know and love and amplifying it so that

an audience can hear without us having

to be hampered by standing in front of a

microphone that's kind of feedback on

its own anyway so that was the earliest

endeavor martin was there at the

forefront with a lot of these

innovations really creating what we know

of today as the modern flattop steel

string acoustic guitar number five

there's a lot of guitars on the market

that are signature models from other

players maybe most famously something

like the Les Paul we often forget that

the Gibson Les Paul is in effect

probably the most successful signature


ever fender has tons of signature model

guitars but if you ever want to actually

get a signature model or guitar played

by one of your most favorite musicians

the likelihood is that you need to look

to Martin guitars let's go over a few of

them famous musicians that have played

Martin guitars in the past

Elvis John Lennon let's see Willie

Nelson Eric Clapton John Mayer Kurt


that's quite an eclectic list Lester

Scruggs we could keep going Hank

Williams jr. you get the idea Martin

guitars has been around since 1833 and

it has basically been the go-to when it

came to quality professional level

instruments that players could play

enjoy and trust the quality of and so

for that reason if we go through and

look at it who's who of artists over you

know decades and decades have recorded

music then they are most likely if they

are acoustic guitar players at some

point or another playing

a Martin guitar so if you've got someone

in mind look back in their history I can

almost guarantee you they played a

Martin guitar of one model or another

number four so what is the sound of a

Martin you know that's one of the big

things when it comes to the acoustic

guitar that you prefer and Martin

guitars are synonymous with a big bold

woody warm tone this is what they've

been known for and it's what has

garnered them fans for decades literally

over a hundred years now that sound is

not simply based upon the shape of the

Martin or the tone woods use it's a

combination of all of those things

including the neck joint and the bracing

that's used even the glue that's used on

different models will affect the tone of

the guitar but it doesn't matter what

you pick up whether it's a D 18 and D 28

modern deluxe like I have here or one of

their x-series guitars made in their

plant in Mexico all their guitars have

this quintessential Martin tone with an

emphasis on the roundness of note and

girth in the low end that really makes

it enjoyable to play and just resonates

against your body as you do it that's

why so many people love to pick up a

Martin guitar and just strum away

number three Martin guitars makes

probably the

broadest range of acoustic steel string

guitars when you're looking at price and

features they make guitars both in

Mexico and in their Nazareth pa factory

here in the United States they have

guitars starting from a few hundred

dollars all up to hundreds of thousands

of dollars on a very ornate limited

edition guitar and so it can be said

that no matter what you're looking at

for Martin guitars has something for you

whether it's price or feature you can

get something that is incredibly vintage

inspired something like an authentic

series that's made with the same woods

the same glues the same finish no truss

rod just like they were making it back

in the 30s or you could buy something

that's very modern like this a d-28

modern deluxe with titanium and liquid

metal and carbon fiber and all of these

things in a wooden steel string acoustic

guitar so you could say that Martin

guitars are still innovating to this day

and offering musicians of all walks of

life and aptitudes and and interests

guitar to meet their needs so big big

big catalogue to go through and that's

kind of going to our next one number two

so one of the things you should know

about Martin if you are not too familiar

with Martin is that they have a bit of a

confusing catalogue and it's been

getting better but let me kind of tell

you what we're talking about in the

standard series you can get a D 18 or D

28 or a D 41 or D 42 or D 45 but you

can't get a d6 teen and you can't get a

d7 teen and you can't get a D 15 because

those aren't part of the standard series

but they're not part of their own series

there's a 15 series in a 16 series in

the 17th series but the 18 series

doesn't have its own series and there is

no 14 series yet so it can all be a

little bit confusing when you're trying

to go through the catalog that's why

music stores like us try to put things

out like this video and buyers guides on

our website in order to help you sort

through it all learn the differences

between what's available in the various

series from Martin guitars and why you

might like one model

over the other so if you feel confused

don't worry the rest of us have been -

we've sorted through it for you and

things are available so you're in good


we'll help you find the right guitar but

you should kind of know where you're

getting into from the start number one

if you've heard all of these things and

you're thinking to yourself I want my

dream guitar and I want it to be a

Martin good news

Martin's Custom Shop is just about

unrivaled in the options that are

available and the means by which they're

able to execute a truly custom

instrument specifically from a factory

built guitar there's individual luthiers

out there that could make you custom

instrument because let's be honest most

of their instruments that they make are

already custom instruments but Martin is

unrivaled in the fact that they're

custom shop that exists as its own

entity within the factory can do just

about anything that you ask them to do

provided that you're willing to pay for

it they hand-carved next they

hand-carved bracing but that's just the

tip of the iceberg you want to come up

with a new color or maybe a different

type of inlay something that's never

been seen before maybe here's an idea

for you

relief glass etching use as inlays on

the neck you want something like that

they can do it for you unlike many other

custom shops that are out there so if

you are looking for custom instruments

something that's heirloom quality

something that you've never seen

anywhere and will probably never see

again Martin guitars will build it for

you I'm guarantee it number one a so or

one B we'll call it number one and be

number one a just a bonus for you guys

we've done our top ten but I'll say this

something that you should know about

Martin guitars and this is perhaps an

infamous quality that they have more

guitars can sometimes be a quirky

company that makes some interesting

guitars that are we could easily say

more art than instrument now sometimes

that is an incredible instrument - like

the Fire and Ice guitar with ornate

inlays of dragons and all sorts of stuff

on it that spins around and just is

absolutely gorgeous and beautiful to

behold sometimes it's something like the

clock guitar

again ornate inlays all over it a

bologna Formica pieces of glass and

metal all made to symbolize this motif

along with a custom timepiece in the

headstock but sometimes it's the brexit

guitar or it's the 420 guitar or it's

the Rock the Vote guitar which I think

we'll all agree is more art than musical

instrument and art as they say is in the

eye of the beholder I'll leave it at


so there's your top ten and a little bit

for Martin guitars we hope you enjoyed

this and that you learned something from


we love Martin guitars we think they are

a stellar instrument to this day and

here's something that you should know

there's a lot of manufacturers out there

that are basically making Martin copies

there's a reason we don't carry them

Martin is still around they're still

making fantastic instruments and so if

you want the feel in the sound of a

Martin you should get a Martin and if

you'd like more information about them

click on the link below it'll take you

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all of the various series that Martin

offers and we're glad to answer any

questions that you have and navigating

that sometimes difficult to understand

series and model line that they offer if

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