hey guys welcome to today's video we are

gonna be running through with the very

best items beauty wise beauty related

kind of a little all over the place but

that's okay I have some good stuff here

from 2019 this is dominantly higher-end

luxury you guys know year after year

after year I always love making the

first week of January a hits list a

fails list best worst drugstore all of

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so this year I discovered the cover FX

gripping primer and this is one that I

just used over and over and over and

over and over this is a fresh bottle

just open it up I travel with this I

love it when you need something to kind

of stick as a base instead of just a

poor fill or a hydrator it's just a

really great primer that has the perfect

texture and I really love just the way

that it's formulated without a lot of

irritating ingredients love that primer

so very much

I also this year tried out a ton of new

foundation every brand came out with

their spin on whatever technology and

beauty was available and I just felt

like there was just like a sea of

foundation at one point and I narrowed

it down and I will link below a few

corresponding videos but my very

favorite of the year and like I said

this is a game-changing product and I

meant it now it's like not clickbait

like best foundation and I still reach

for this when I need to just like erase

a lot but not with cakey and have it be

long wearing that is the Smashbox

Studios skin full coverage 24 hour

foundation love this ahh it is just

heavy fullfil full full full coverage

but in like the right way like it

definitely looks like makeup not in like

a you look like crap - and you're

wearing a lot of makeup you know I'm

saying another one that I really love

that I feel deserves more attention like

I've put this into different favorites

videos I did a full day wear test on

this this is the lava foundation from

pretty vulgar I like the packaging

I feel like this formula does not

irritate my skin it wears really nicely

it doesn't get overly oily

some of this today on top of our cma

which I will get to but it's a really

great hydrating natural finished product

and I do have a video on that one as

well I will link below and then also the

synchros Skin self refreshed human

oil-free foundation I don't know how

this works but it does the technology in

this foundation from what I can capture

through reading and trying to educate

myself on this formula online it's like

don't really get it there is something

that snaps the formula back together

where the particles don't really want to

break apart they just want to just all

be friends and not separate in your

lines if you make a lot of facial

expressions like me I'm constantly

smiling laughing squinting my eyes

scrunching my face

raising my eyebrows and Foundation will

separate you know for the most part it's

gonna happen the good news is products

like this are going to help you have

everything stay in place longer and I

really love this foundation so so much

okay moving right along I do want to

shout out our CMA now I have this

palette right here the number 11 palette

um you know I have like four maybe five

of them I keep one in a go-bag travel

bag makeup kit one in Seattle one here

like this is an item that I have to have

on hand whether I am doing my makeup or

I am the artist doing another person's

makeup this has long been one of my

favorite go-to items so you can contour

with this you can really just like

chisel out the face you could do it on

top of foundation you could do it

underneath foundation all the Scott

Barnes you know just you have so much in

here that will blend out and you have a

lot of control and I think even if

you're not a pro artist can be so

beneficial to have a product that is

heavier and pigmentation for specific

concerns on the skin so if you have

scarring and you want to not just slap

on full coverage everywhere you can

definitely benefit from a cream product

like this I don't even want to call it

concealer or foundation it's just a

cream product that you can really use to

highlight contour or just correct now

you don't have to get the full meal deal

big bad-boy palette they do have these

guys right here as well this is the

highlight and contour palette and media

dark I do like this one I actually like

mixing these two together this one is

really great too maybe I should show you

so I literally will go in here you can

see there's just not that much on there

and then I can kind of shade and shape

and this is so creamy that you can put

it on bare skin you can get away with

putting it on top of a little bit of

powder it's really forgiving it whatever

you are using it with I have like a

surprise smash hit like I did not like

this when I first got it and I'm like

cycling in my mind and I'm like did I

talk smack about this and then all of a

sudden like it became a favorite because

they think that might be the case

forgive me I don't know but I recently

have been using this every single day

and it is Carlene Kay's fault because

she uses this all of the time on all of

her clients this is the glam glow glow

powder now these together are just

stunning to die for like I love this

mixture so you get three shades in here

it's infused with hyaluronic acid so if

you have you know deeper skin you can go

into the darker one and I like that

they're all just kind of bright sheer

very just creamy and be mean but not

aggressive it's just a really great

highlight I'll show you see I have like

the nicest glow from this no I was kind

of rolling my eyes a little bit at this

cuz I was like I don't think I like that

one like out of all the highlighters in

the universe like why that one and then

on my talk to UT shoot Carlene used this

and I was just kind of blown away I was

like wow that's like so gorgeous I

really loved that just and also like on

the body like in a wider way you can

just take a bigger brush and really just

kind of give a nice sheen and juiciness

to the skin and I like the rubber kind

of feeling of the actual pallet

container itself another highlighter

that I actually have not mentioned or

used on camera as much because this is

something I would only really use on

days where I am not wearing a boatload

of makeup which is actually a lot of

days when I wake up and I do mascara and

quick tinted moisturizer maybe a little

Seeler I actually have gotten back into

a cream highlight now this one right

here reminds me of something from

Prescriptives back in the day I used to

obsess over and when it was no longer

available I always looked for something

kind of similar texture and tone to what

is right here now this you can purchase

at Sephora it is a very creamy cream

that will just give a nice reflection

and lighten up whatever area you are

trying to bring forward because with

highlight you are definitely bringing

the structure of your face forward with

contour you are adding shadow and shade

and bringing things backwards so keep

that in mind when you are balancing your

face out I want to also say as far as

adding like an overall like global

creaminess to the skin this is not a new

discovery but I still have to mention it

because I use it like almost every

single day hourglass ambient powder in

ambient dim light and then this one

right here is another one of those where

I don't like a lot of the more shimmery

versions but the girl on meteorites the

like og one oh my gosh it just does

something so gorgeous to the skin now I

have used this here their touch go but

this past year specifically I feel like

I started using this every single day to

the point that I always have like three

backups on hand that was never the case

before I used to be more of an urban

decay primer pushing kind of a girl but

now I just love this so so much it just

really helps the eyeshadow to blend if

you want to do a cut crease you can do

that just put your flat brush in the

product boom boom moving on to brows I

discovered two things and that is the

double down brow from Urban Decay I

really love this powder you can see I've

kind of I've loved this product they

also have a micro blade kind of an

effect felt tip liner that's double

sided and I cannot find it and it's

actually giving me really bad anxiety

that I cannot find where I put this

freaking brow pencil because I use it so

much it looks so realistic if you take

the time to really just it just looks

beautiful it is very budge proof and I


I love it so this right here is from

pure it is a bronzer that is mineral

based it does not have a ton of

pigmentation but I actually really like

that because you can build on it

and you can really go a little bit more

inner like kind of bring it up toward

the nose a little bit and because it's

not super pigmented it just gives you

this beautiful light bronze like it's

very healthy I will actually use this on

days that I don't wear a foundation at

all if I'm just doing concealer mascara

gloss that whole thing like I will

actually just kind of go on the

perimeter a little bit and it looks

really nice just kind of wakes the skin

up okay we don't need to stay here long

oh my goodness

this was like this was the blush

discovery of the year for me I use this

almost daily like literally almost daily

I even use this as like a lip product

like I just I've made so many people

fall in love with this item this is from

honest this is the rose pink cream cheek

blush I also really really love the

coral this is actually what I'm wearing

as blush today and both of these shades

are absolutely stunning I think it wears

well it looks so like flushed from

within but visible like if you want to

build it up to be like that nice rosy

like very angelic kind of a look this

will get it done and Jessica Alba is

incredible I think it was one of the

highlights of my year that she took the

time to come on my channel and it meant

the world to me like honestly honestly

she's really great and so down to earth

and I have so much respect for her as a


so she's created some beautiful products

and that's definitely like the smash hit

for me as far as like what I use over

and over and over okay now I want to

jump right into a few lip items this

from soar may the smear proof liner this

is in the shade natural nude Scott

Barnes introduced me to this one and it

is fabulous I have to just give like a

shout out to this product because it's

just like the the rollover a

continuation favorite of all time like

this is such a good gloss I don't really

know how they made the gloss this way

but it just makes your lips look so big

and like juiced and like it's not thick

or gloppy but somehow it's like very

reflective and shiny and just perfect

so this

in the shade fussy this is from frente

beauty also the shade Brule from dose of

colors this is just like ongoing the


how many lip items can I wear in this

video I don't know whatever it's so

pretty I really like the formula and the

bullet of these as well it's just really

convenient the application goes on

really perfect every time really love

this from Charlotte Tilbury the amethyst

aphrodisiac pencil this is my 3rd

purchase of this item it's one of my

favorite items from her line altogether

you can use this on the lid and kind of

smudge it out for a smoky effect or you

can use this in the waterline this is

made for green eyes I believe yeah green

eyes and it really does like set them

right off like this is the perfect color

I also really love the cream shadows

this is the eyes to mesmerize this is in

the shade Monalisa same kind of a thing

it just has this richness and tone to it

and with these you kind of just have to

trust that someone like charlotte really

knows what she's doing she understands

color and you're not watching it for

satisfaction going oh sparkly blue I

love it like what you're doing is you're

putting this on to enhance and kind of

trick the eye and bring things out a

little bit louder and I love that and

then she does have you know of course

like fun glittery shimmery products as

well so I have to talk about my textured

neutrals volume one I know I kind of was

like do I bring it up do I be that

person and I'm like yeah I'd be that

person because I worked so hard on this

and I do have more coming very very soon

so you guys it's close we're close oh my

gosh I've been just so waiting to share

with you what is right around the corner

for Tati beauty and it's not a palette I

will drop the hint right now it is not a

palette I am already working on more

palettes plural I'm working on more

collections I actually I'm already

shaping out what holiday next year looks

like that's how far in advance you will

work on particular items within a

cosmetic brand I'm learning so much

about how far you have to order

different things that you would need to

make what you envision and it's just

been the most fun I'm really grateful

that you guys are loving what

do with this brand and supporting it and

sharing the looks and telling me what

you like and telling me what you hope

for for the brand and it's just been the

most incredible feeling and I'm really

proud of it and I hope to make this a

much bigger thing than it is right now

with just the one product I have so many

ideas that I really am doing everything

I can to bring to life and the formula

and this palette is really top-notch

that's gonna continue what's around the

corner is gonna blow your mind like

you're gonna love it

so stay tuned we are almost there but of

course this past year I wore my own

eyeshadows over and over and over even

when you guys didn't know I'll drop in a

few clips of different videos where I am

wearing my own palette before it

launched and I'm just really happy with

how everything you know came together

for Tati beauty I have to say my

favorite moment of the year was the

launch party that is a place I go to in

my mind whenever I feel overly anxious

or like why am I here on this platform

what am i doing what does this all mean

like why was I blessed with all of this

and when I think of the good choices and

the bad choices and just you know being

an imperfect person you know it's been a

challenging year it just has for so many

reasons with my family for reasons here

on YouTube reasons with my health

reasons with fertility and through all

of that I've had this connection with

you guys and I've been able to build my

brand which has been such a huge dream

of mine and that night like everyone

that was there I felt in a huge way

represented like a lot of you guys

watching so I just want to let you guys

know that was the most magical moment to

be with you and hug you and unveil this

huge project and I'm excited for all the

unveiling that the next year will bring

so yes stay tuned I'm really just like

I'm staring at the product right now

it's really crazy but we're close we're

gonna go back to a Jessica Alba moment

and I'm gonna talk about this guy right

here for a second this is the contour

kinetic skin toning system this is crazy

this is that little suction you guys

that she had that she was going like

this and it like suctions your skin

improves circulation

and it is wild because it really wakes

your skin up and it works and I'm so

happy I found this I like was on the

internet like stalking everything and

trying to find out what is this oh my

gosh like I need that Jessica Alba

product it's not her product but she

shared it with me and she's beautiful

and her skin is like well next level it

kind of gives you like baby hickeys on

your face it's a little frightening to

be honest like you think like oh my gosh

am I gonna have like a bruise on my face

or something cuz it does kind of like


like it sections your face but man it

looks like you just like got a facial

and all the fluids are just like out of

the skin and you look healthy and like

firm and it's just a great product so I

have madly fallen in love with this also

honorable mention to my nurse Jamie

uplift I started using that one a little

bit more this year and so I put my

uplift in the fridge not the freezer

just in the fridge and in the morning

I'd put on my eye cream and just really

go in with it and I am Telling You like

any of that build-up right here or

puffiness right here it just banishes

there is something about that massage

like with the little Nubby's on there

where it's just like really almost like

kind of getting into your skin not that

it's painful but if you use enough

pressure you really feel like you're

rolling everything out and you're

getting all of that movement and water

retention just like out of your face and

then you're like yes like I look like I

got so much sleep or like how you look

when you leave a hot yoga class just

everything's like tight and like this so

between that under the eye cold and then

this suction kinetic whatever oh so good

very very good okay so where are we doo

doo doo I have a lip product that I have

been obsessing over hardcore obsessed

probably over the past six months ish to

the point where I got rid of my other

lip balms and I was like I'm gonna

simplify and be like a minimalist which

I don't think I will ever be but I'll

die trying so this is from bite Beauty

this is the agave balm and it is the

juiciest oiliest

but thick so it's like not like an a

mess it's just like oh it's the best lip

balm ever

if you suffer from any dryness on your

lips this is it it is so good I take

this on every flight I have so many of

these floating around that I actually

washed a pair of jeans with one in the

pocket and it completely melted

everywhere it was not happy that I did

that but my point is there like in my

purse in my nightstand in my pocket like

I just love that lip balm so so much

like you to use his food great

ingredients and I really like that as

well if you're using something where

you're reapplying it often and kind of

like eating it off or licking your lips

to have it be safe like that is so cool

oh you know what I have an item here

that is ridiculously expensive but I use

this like almost every day any guesses

my only guess is this guy right here


okay I need stuff this is my Dyson and I

just I love my Dyson and I'm sorry too

my Dyson that I didn't love her

appropriately at first I smacked talk to

her before I fell in love that sucks

this is such a powerful hair tool but

you can use it for so many different


I mean first off you can use this to

like impress your friends check it out


I will never do my entire hair with the

Dyson alone I have too much of it but if

you have shorter hair or fine hair you

definitely can blow-dry your hair with

the tool what I use it for is volume

second day hair if my hair is dry I

might dampen parts of it and then go in

and get that volume and curl I also use

it to dry down self-tanner

I use it to dry down any of my setting

spray and heat up any creams I use it to

heat up my lash curler I use it to heat

up my pencils like I have found ways to

justify the price of that tool

ultimately where we land is it is one of

my probably like top 10 items of this

whole year so way to go Dyson oh I know

I wanted to share this to fresh cannabis

santol makes me feel really mysterious

I like this scent on this is one of my

very favorite fragrances look how empty

I am so good now this is I thought I had

the conditioner in here I don't I

actually have giant like pump ones of

these in my shower right now

that's how much I love this this is the

pure volume shampoo it's by Maria nila

and this is a vegan and cruelty free

volumizing a vitamin b5 sulfate and

paraben free color guard complexed

produced in sweden that's a lot right

this is such a good shampoo though if

you're looking for something gentle to

keep your color really vibrant and not

over stripped but still clean the hair

where you have volume oh my gosh check

this out

and then I have

a face another face item this is the TLC

Sakura baby facial everybody raves about

this for good reasons if you have a

special event or you just really need to

exfoliate the skin but you don't want to

do a physical exfoliant meaning that it

would be gritty like a granular

exfoliant and you want to do a chemical

exfoliant this is strong so I would

patch test first to make sure that

you're not too sensitive but if you can

muscle up and like do things like this

and your skin accepts it this is so good

it is a 25% aah a 2% BH a chickpea flour

formulation it's good it's like oh my

gosh you wake up at any texture is just

like smooth and alleviated and I need

more because I've been consistently

using this and when I stopped using it I

definitely can tell so I don't do

retinols on the daily I like I don't do

any retin-a or anything like that and I

really this year also have not done that

much to my skin like I normally would be

the person to be like all admit like

I've never shied back from this like

I'll do a little Botox I'll do lasers

all do peels like I have done nothing

maybe I should do something more but

this year I've really scaled back I have

like full you know mobility and movement

in my forehead I might go and adjust

just a teeny tiny bit and I recommend

with any of that do your proper research

and be conservative but I really feel

like pumping up the skincare doing you

know treatments a couple times a week

with a product that works like finding

what works and being consistent has

helped so much where I don't feel the

need to constantly get facials every

month and you know do this that this

obviously also a big favorite of mine

has got to be halo Beauty I'm gonna

throw in some before and afters because

when I have a chance in a favorites

video or anything like this where it

makes sense to share that with you guys

like I really want to and I don't want

my channel to just be like talk to you

beauty halo so I do kind of like take

pause and I don't want to make you guys

crazy with that because I think you guys

know by now it exists I'm proud of it

the IG exists it's listed in the

description box it's there and if you

ever have any questions I have a great

customer service team you can ask me

like the conversation flows and

that is something that has definitely

helped me with my health you know

maintaining a reduction of inflammation

which I inflamed over any little thing

it feels like and then also just

hydrating and the clarity and brightness

in my skin I'm still taking Kiwi I take

the multi as well those pair together

beautifully as does the original HSN and

the multi we have a body and brains

multi for men and women and now we also

offer that gorgeous refill pack where

you can be subscribed and you save money

and it's better for the environment and

there you have it I'll put a link in the

description below that's my brand my

love my baby it helps my skin so while

talking about all the skin stuff I

thought I would you know share I love

that I have two brands too I have to say

that like I love that I have my wellness

health passion for all the inside glow

and then we have this exciting color

just this like journey of glitter

metallics and color and the process of

actually applying makeup so I think this

year is gonna be so gorgeous and glowing

and beautiful for so many reasons

inside and out I'm gonna leave on that

cheesy note you guys I don't even know

how many products I shared with you all

but there's more so guaranteed I will

continue to talk about all the things I

love as I always do throughout the year

here on my channel so make sure you're

subscribed ring the bell I hope that you

have had the very very best new year and

I am visualizing all of the clarity and

goodness that 2020 is gonna bring as a

brand new fresh decade and I love you

guys so much thank you for being with me

I'm gonna be celebrating 10 years on

YouTube this year and that's just like

that's really wild so I love you guys so

much and go have a good one I will see

you all in my next video