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today we'll talk about acne prone skin

and how do you apply makeup right I am

sure all of you are very enlightened

audience that I'm talking to you have

done your google searches done all the

social media searches to actually know

the simple things right like you know

you need to choose your makeup which is

for acne prone skin you need to choose

your cleansers moisturizers and the

makeup basis depending on your skin type

mostly and acne prone skin is oily but I

wouldn't say all I have seen a lot of

dry skin with acne and because acne

treatment you're taking on the skin

tends to get dry and sensitive at times

if it is not kind of a well-rounded

treatment so that can be an acne with a

dry skin so depending on what your skin

type is you've already chosen your

either a primer or a moisturizer without

before makeup and then you know your

makeup ingredients are chosen

accordingly and also don't forget the

makeup remover now the one tip that I

think I want to give you which is super

important is how you apply your makeup

no matter what you have chosen firstly

make sure you cleanse the makeup

thoroughly well at night super important

take out take it all out with a makeup

remover and then use a face wash also to

wash it off sometimes if you're an actor

or if you are kind of having a special

occasion and extra makeup also use a

toner to remove the even leftover dirt

and grime and very little makeup

remanence now before you apply makeup

I'd like you to do this whole routine

again in case there is any leftover

makeup from the previous application one

to overnight when you sleep you do have

your skin secretions dust and grime that

sticks to you from a pillow or any of

those things so it's important for you

to really cleanse your skin because when

you apply makeup whether you like it or

not it does clog your skin you don't

want to apply it over a dirty skin so

cleansers can totally well before you

apply makeup as well and then do not use

makeup brushes when I tell this to my

patients it's about man we use the best

brushes but any brushes however best it

is has bristles right when you're

applying makeup with

Rush's if they poke into your active

acne those results will then poke into

the rest of the pores kind of spread

that infection which you don't want to

so bristles on a brush no no use your


how about sponge I would again say no no

unless you're a professional makeup

you need professional makeup which kind

of then you say doc I need a sponge to

spread it well in that case do not use

even your own sponge you know people

tell me but but that's not the makeup

artists point it's mine I wash it I

don't care you cannot use a sponge again

get those little disposable triangles

that you get which is the best but

otherwise fingers are your best

applicators and I'm sure you will learn

by and by to spread your makeup really

well with your fingers itself so use the

finger no brush no sponge if you have to

use a sponge disposable sponge there

well well cleanse skin before and after

the makeup it's super important that's

always what you have to do so if you

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