welcome back to the gun collective my

name is Jon Patton boys and girls today

we're gonna be doing something a little

bit different I have three products to

test out and we're gonna kind of compare

them and see where all of them fit I've

covered some of these on TGC news in

fact two of these these two on the right

my right and I think it's important to

get these out here and show you guys

what the different capabilities are and

see where they sort of Excel and what's

the fastest and maybe find out what's

the best value for your dollar the idea

with all of these products is to save

your hands when you're loading mags at

the range that sort of thing so we're

gonna see how they all perform so I'll

start over here we've got the mag Lula

up Lula I'm not sure which one they have

a bunch of goofy names but the idea here

is this goes over a nine millimeter

magazine you push down with the magazine

seated on a table insert around open it

up and kind of do this motion yes over

and over interesting one then we've got

a newer one this in the center is the

cam loader from ETS elite tactical

systems they make these clear magazines

and they came out with this I cover this

on TGC news originally the pricing was a

little bit high they brought that price

down it's pretty cool and the idea here

is that you lock this over top of a

magazine like that and scoop up the

rounds kind of as such they line up in

there and then you smash them down with

this top piece loading things pretty

quickly I suspect that's going to be one

of the faster ones that we're looking at

here today and then we've got this hooba

jube over here this thing is the mag

pump this is one of the most complex

things but it is way more hands-off way

less effort physically and I think this

one is also the most expensive over $100

for this one but it all kind of has its

own merits and value points so without

further BS I think it's time to

one-by-one try these out see how they

work our first victim up is the up Lula

this one is kind of universal this


unit can be used from nine forty and

forty five doesn't matter which magazine

you put it into this time we're using

Glock magazine so I've got three of them

up here I've got a factory one this is a

Glock 19 magazine with a tgc baseplate

we have a Glock 17 Magpul mag and and of

course the giant ETS mag we're gonna try

this thing out with all of these have

got some freedom munitions ammo and the

interesting thing with this one like I

said you kind of push down drop around

in squeeze and push down kind of do that

sort of thing

this one you actually have to handle

each round so let's go ahead and try and

load up 15 rounds as quickly as we can

with this thing I've got my stopwatch

here we're just gonna start in this sort

of configuration and we're gonna see how

fast I can load 15 rounds ready go okay

haven't used one of these

Lulla things in a while squeeze insert

let it out squeeze okay there's 15

rounds that first time through was 42

seconds 40 2.53 42 and a half seconds to

be exact with 115 round magazine now I

would not call that quick but let's try

it again and get the average of three

runs here we go so that was it says over

33 seconds I'll call it 33 even way

faster than 42 that time this is

interesting let's go ahead and download

it and try one more time and then we'll

average it a couple things I noticed on

the second run this thing started

skating around my table probably could

have gone a little bit faster

had I not have that issue and bobbled it

a couple times but let's go for round

three and then we'll get the average

obviously that first one is sort of a

toss out but we're gonna do the exact

same thing with all of these and that

way it's an even playing field this

isn't supposed to be some sort of crazy

scientific test but thought would be a

lot of fun to see really where this

stuff shines all right here we go

with round three start that was way

worse but I think the issue was I wasn't

quite squeezing this all the way and it

was kind of bobbing around but that's

the reality of this product when you're

trying to really go fast obviously this

is not something that you're really

gonna do while you're at the reins

you're not really gonna be racing around

but the idea is to find out what's

quickest in this particular instance my

average for the 15 round Glock mag with

the mag Lulla was about 37 seconds next

up that we're gonna be testing is the

cam loader from ETS so this one is a

little bit different it actually mounts

on the magazine while you're loading and

use the plunger to push them in this

will be a really interesting one you use

this to scoop up the rounds every time

we're gonna have to start with it off

the magazine because that's how this one

was we're gonna have to kind of load the

magazine into the loader that sort of

thing with all of these to keep it fair

our part to beat on this one is 37

seconds let's go to it start okay come

on scoop man that's fast 20 seconds 20

seconds first go around including some

bobbling and it's 17 seconds faster

that's impressive on the second run I'm

gonna actually try getting it closer to

the edge because I feel like I was kind

of hitting down here when I was going to

load them up but without further BS here

we go I stopped to show you at about 15

seconds another 5 seconds off 22 seconds

difference time for the third and final

go with the ETS cam loader timer is

reset here we go start

13:45 that's my fastest run improving

every single time that is really really

quick I'm curious to see if I can load

this as quick as I could load this with

the other one but we'll get to that in a

minute my average time the part I'm with

the ETS cam loader was 16 seconds 16

compared to 37 19 seconds difference

that's impressive let's put the rounds

back in here and then let's go ahead and

try the mag pump that'll be a fun one

because it's kind of hands off cool so

this one is by far the most complex it

uses these kind of adapters for

different brands of magazines we've got

a Smith & Wesson I've got a Glock in the

box comes with I think cz cigs

Springfield block Ruger is in there that

sort of thing and actually what happens

is it locks in on the same tabs that

your gun would use and as you insert it

in here you feed all the rounds into the

hopper and then just work the lever is

this meant to be the fastest out there

I'm not sure it is definitely the least

amount of effort with your hands and

physical body strength but we're gonna

start with the rounds in the tray dump

them in throw the mag in then work the

lever until we get 15 rounds indicated

alright here we go start 15 rounds dump

those in that's pretty quick let's get

this inserted properly there we go and

then just do this until you can see the

thing on the back there's 15 rounds got

it out stop 20 seconds and went past but

about 20 seconds that is actually pretty

damn impressive for what this is let's

go ahead and do it a couple more times

three two one


so that run was a little bit different

because I didn't get all the rounds I

believe I got 13 in there there's still

one in the loader there we go so these

two rounds didn't make it in 26 seconds

obviously I was rushing and slamming it

pretty hard but that's unfortunate so

we're gonna count that as a 26 second

partial run the clock is reset let's go

for our third run start 15 there we go

make sure this is kind of set in there

correctly there we go alright we're

gonna stop it there

30 seconds and I believe that's another

partial magazine yep so we actually have

rounds stuck in here there they are

I'm kind of having a bear of a time if

I'm in a hurry getting this thing to

seat I think if I was going slow and

deliberate and just sitting there

stacking mags I was like watching TV or

something that would be a lot cleaner

but since I'm in a hurry this is the

reality of the situation okay obviously

this is not the fastest one here we go

start okay let's get the mag in there


there it is 15 rounds boom that was

actually 16 here we go nice deliberate

it's just not working oh that's just

fantastic that is unfortunate oh my god

there they are good lord so I think this

one is going to be out of the running

for the fastest maybe this could be

useful in a scenario at a gun company or

something other than what we're trying

to do here we're just looking at the

speed and unfortunately that thing is

just not ready for what I would call

this the

test its it bobbled quite a few times

and these other ones didn't bobble at

all it was me bobbling it was not the

actual loader and unfortunately that

that kind of sucks all right I've got

everything laid out kind of like I did

for the first one we're gonna do 30

rounds in here because I think that's a

fair test double the amount we'll see if

we can get faster than 37 seconds

because this thing is quick I've got the

Box oriented a different way because I'm

gonna try to do 10 at once on this here

we go start that last one is difficult

so I got 29 rounds in there in about it

says 38 it was about 37 seconds remember

our average with the 15 round mag was 16

seconds so we're looking at about 32

seconds that we want to get if we're

doing this super clean but let's go for

it here we go that's what I'm talking


I hit the stop button at 19.7 seconds

way better we'll give that a third run

just to make it even cuz holy crap that

was quick our third and final run with

the 31 round mag we're gonna put 30

rounds in it with the ETS cam loader

here we go

start it was 18 seconds I bobbled it a

little bit 18 seconds guys you can't

argue with that I'll put the average

there but that is still faster than this

we had one run that was a little bit

bobbled by me

the average like we've been doing is

faster so I think the results are pretty

obvious but we're gonna go through these

one by one we'll start with the mag pump

I had high expectations on this one I

had used one a little bit before not

like extensively it comes with a bunch

of different inserts it seems really

well-built it comes apart easily with

these two pins

just pop them out that you can throw

that in a bag or whatever if you want to

go to the range take a training course

and whatnot but unfortunately it bobbled


I've seen it bobble up in other people's

uses and I think while this is a great

idea and has some merit in some

situations for the average guy at the

range this is not the ticket it's a

hundred and twenty three dollars right

now on Amazon as of this recording and

in comparison to these two that is four

to five times more expensive and guys

that that's just not gonna work it's

just not gonna work in comparison to

these for a consumer test so we'll move

on to the mag Lulla next this one the up

Lulla mag Lulla whatever this has been

around for a long time lots of guys have

these I've got a couple of them and

they're available in all kinds of

different colors they're the smallest of

what we've got here on the test and I

think this is a good product this is not

a bad product as a proven design

everybody has one of these in the range

bag this is a good product however it is

not the fastest this is 37 seconds

compared to 16 on the ETS cam loader

with the 15 round mag this was actually

faster than 115 round mag with this one

in the 30 round magazine that to me boys

and girls says a lot about this product

and I honestly did not know how this

would go I had no idea that this thing

was as good as it is I had seen other

designs like this that you scoop the

rounds up and you just flip it around

I'd seen that in European ammo loaders

or whatever I think B&T did one and I

saw this design originally and I'm like

man that's pretty slick I hope it works

well well it turns out that if you do

your part and you get used to it you use

it a few times this thing for the price

of about $30 on Amazon right now is

freaking impressive really really

impressive now obviously it's a little

bit longer a little bit larger but it

will still fit in your range bag easy to

transport obviously doesn't weigh much I

think this right here boys and girls

might be the new king of a

he'll when it comes to mag loaders boys

and girls that is a fun test one I had a

lot of fun making this and two I think

it's interesting to get these products

and put them head-to-head and see how it

turns out because honestly I didn't know

and I'm genuinely impressed with this if

you want to check it out of course they

are linked to all of these down in the

description I appreciate you guys

watching this video if you want to see

more head-to-head tests just like this

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