Don’t Buy a Life Insurance Policy Until You Watch This!

hi i'm byron adele founder and CEO of a

q quote since 1986 we've helped over a

million people save a fortune on their

life insurance I think you'll agree that

not having life insurance is one of the

dumbest things in the world you can do

if you don't have it you're leaving the

people you care about most open to a

world of hurt when you die and yes it

can happen to any of us I see it every

week how will your family get by how

will your spouse pay for the mortgage

food utilities health care your kids

college tuition etc everyone needs life

insurance it's what people do when they

care about their families thirty years

in this industry has taught me a lot

life insurance is the most amazing

product mankind ever invented it's the

only product that turns pennies into

dollars and it delivers those dollars

exactly when they're needed most and

it's dirt cheap but before you buy life

insurance the biggest most important

question you need to answer is how much

coverage do I want let's face it we only

die once and if we die with the wrong

amount of life insurance there's no

do-overs our families are screwed now

there are some rules of thumb

none of which work very well and there

are some pretty elaborate and

easy-to-use needs calculators online

including the one on our website but

even those sometimes miss the mark

everyone knows that nothing can replace

a father a mother a husband or a wife

what life insurance can do though is

replace the economic value of a human

life so what's your life worth

economically to your family not sure

answer this question if I were to write

you a check right now for the full death

benefit of all the life insurance you

own would you agree to work the rest of

your life for no pay

if your answer is no way then you

probably don't have enough coverage if

you're saying where do I pick up the


well then maybe you do have enough

either way getting the right face amount

is critical once you know how much you

need to figure out what kind of life

insurance you need so here's some

information that might help you with

that term life insurance is certainly

the most affordable a term life policy

now costs about a third of what it did

just 20 years ago a 35 year old health

email can get a half million dollars of

20-year level term for less than

seventy-five cents a day term life

insurance is typically sold in terms of

ten fifteen twenty twenty-five and

thirty years there's even a term life

policy that guarantees a hundred percent

of your money back even if you don't die

it's called ROP term the ROP stands for

return of premium if you live to the end

of the 30-year term you get a refund of

all the premiums you paid for example

say at age 35 you buy a $1,000,000

30-year ROP policy let's say your

premiums are a thousand dollars a year

of course that'll depend on your age

health and other factors but at the end

of the thirty year period in this

example if you're still here and haven't

died and the policy is still in force

the insurance company will pay you

$30,000 tax-free and if you happen to

die before the term is up then your

family will receive the full 1 million

dollar death benefit which is also

income tax free ROP policies do cost a

little more than regular term policies

so why are you wondering whether there's

a catch well there is if you don't keep

the policy for the full 30 years you

don't get all your money back so don't

buy one of these unless you think you're

going to hold on to it for the full 30

years now with all term insurance the

downside is that it covers you for a

temporary period of time and when the

term of the policy ends whether that's

10 years or 30 years the new premiums

jump dramatically which basically forces

you to drop the policy now this is good

for the insurance company because they

don't have to pay you anything but it's

bad for you and your family the only way

win the game of life insurance is to die

with your policy in force if you do that

you will have won the game the insurance

company will have lost money on your

policy you will have turned pennies into

dollars for your family and that money

will be delivered to them exactly when

it's needed most so how do you make sure

you win well if you buy a permanent life

insurance policy you won't have to worry

about your policy ending there's no

expiration data on this type of product

premiums remain level forever let's do

the math on that real quick

let's take a woman age 43 with a

$500,000 permanent life policy with a

guaranteed annual premium of $2,500 a

year at age 83 40 years later she would

have paid in a total of exactly $100,000

in premiums over the years now if she

dies in that same year at age 83 her

family receives $500,000 income tax free

that's a net gain of four hundred

thousand dollars a hundred thousand in

five hundred thousand out that's a

tax-free return of over seven percent

and depending on your tax bracket that's

like earning eleven or twelve percent

one hundred percent guaranteed in this

world today what other financial

instrument can even come close to this

and these returns are guaranteed by some

of the largest and highest rated

financial institutions on the planet

insurance companies now for some

shameless self-promotion

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life insurance is a tack you quote over

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