Head Lice Removal Combing Techniques - Lice Control

hi my name is ray lewis and i'm owner of

lice control we've been doing this for

nine years now and i'd like to show you

how to use the nip comb when it comes to

removing lice I've trained hundreds of

technicians on this and we've been doing

this for so long that we found that this

kind of combing is really one of the

best ways to follow up with any kind of

lice treatment that you may be using we

have found this kind of combing very

detailed in conjunction with a great

product that you may be using will

definitely eradicate your life so I'm

going to show you a few things that

you're going to need when you are going

to want to be removing lice and these

things are a must so that's this big

comb right here is going to be great to

start out combing out those snarls and

tangles and things in your child's hair

we want to start out using this and then

we want to break down to using something

like this which is called a rat tail

comb you know hence the tail and the

reason why we want to use some of these

things is because eventually you're

going to have to break it down to get it

finer and finer

because you're ultimately going to have

to use this this now this is the neck

Terminator comb

this is the best comb on the market so

far we have found we've tried many of

them as a years gone by ultimately this

is the best comb because it glides to

the hair much easier it has serrated

edges which claims to actually cut open

the eggs when you slide through which

we're not sure but either way it has a

non-slip grip because many times as you

get in there and start combing sometimes

the comb falls out of your hair and so

this is why we choose this comb you want

some clips this will help you to keep

the hair out of your way we have cream

conditioner here we here we use fairy

tales this brand works very well and it

has other products that we do sell on

our website at lice - and we

have a towel so we can wipe off the comb

or the critters and other things you

find and some water you need this to

reactivate this when this starts drying

up you have a bulb this is great for

putting the

is again critters in jail here we call

it and they just can't get out they just

stay in there the eggs the lice and yeah

this works very well and you know have

yourself a table I ever see just get

yourself ready to prepare this work out

great because once you start combing you

really don't want to stop right now what

I do what I did is I parted some of this

off just to make it easier on us and

what we want to do is give it two nice

sexes like this where nice clean parts

so it makes a lot easier to run the comb

through because if you if you did get

too close to one of the edges it's going

to snag this part and it's going to be

very difficult and we want to make sure

you're doing this right and not fighting

yourself by doing anything like this so

you just take a section and you put some

of the cream conditioner in any kind of

conditioner will work put enough to

where this is going to slide through

very well but you got to make sure that

it's enough if you don't then you're

going to be fighting the hair instead of

actually focusing on getting the lice so

one of the biggest things that we want

to do here is when we start you start

right at the edge here make sure you're

angled enough and stay on the scalp

these are one of the biggest things that

you have to do is you have to make sure

you're staying on the scalp with emotion

following the scalp a lot of it is in

the wrist it's not all in the arms so

let's just kind of stay right here and

you hang onto the hair and then we'll

start right here and then as you follow

through you can stay right of the scalp

you can watch yourself right on the

scalp and then you flip the hair over

and then you twist with your wrist and

you see you can tell when you have

enough conditioners when you have a nice

little build up if there's not enough

then you may want to add a little more

the next time around now this helps to

continually slide that egg all the way

off the hair when you do break it free

so it doesn't get caught somewhere over

here and stay in the hair so as we

your wrist it draws deeper into the comb

this is where your power is in the comb

right and in here if you have the hair

out here if the tongs aren't very strong

when you have a deep in here it works

out great so one continuous going deeper

the column you'll see and then away from

you one stroke that's what you want to

do and see there's some creating

conditioner on there you know you're

doing good you get your towel use a

towel that has a little fluffy so it cut

helps you get it out of the comb and

then you hold this up again you never

let go this hair don't let go this hair

and so then you want to go on this side

you want to do all the sides so we go

right here again down with the following

the curvature of the scalp right so we

want to stay on the scalp see the

tongues all the way on the scalp this

picks up lice also that's what you want

to do too and you begin as you go up a

little bit it's just a little bit draws

deep you hang onto the hair down here so

you don't yank on the poor person pull

up a little bit push down on the comb

raise your hand a little bit more and

now deep in the comb with that wrist

action see nice and deep hold up a

little bit down so you don't hurt the

person so you have slack down here now

you can just yank or do whatever because

you're not gonna hurt the person we want

to do the same thing to this side here

this side here you may want to shift a

little bit normally you would have to

come over here again so you can position

yourself correctly with the comb like

this and again we'll just boom-boom up a

little bit deep in the column hold it

down so you get some slack here deep in

the column and there you go you do that

all the way around the head the waves

position you just kind of get your clips

okay so that's it for the combing

technique remember be patient be

thorough and make sure not to be

frustrated because sometimes the combing

can be difficult if you ever have any

issues with the combing or any questions

you can contact me

my website is lice - control calm and

you can buy any one of our products that

you may have seen during the

demonstration the fairy tale products

are some of the best we've ever used we

have the shampoo leave-in conditioner

and the cream conditioner and terminer

combs and few other products you might

be interested go ahead and visit us at

lice -