Lawyer Personality Types | Top 5 Myers-Briggs Types!

hey guys welcome back if you are

anything like me then you love all

things myers-briggs 16 personalities

love figuring out what kind of career

you should be pursuing based on your

personality type or if you're well

suited for the career that you are

currently in so the question is can your

personality type determine whether or

not you will make a good lawyer keep

watching to find out alright now before

we start on this video I want to give

you guys my very very strong personal

opinion that anybody can become a lawyer

if you have a perceived weakness that

you think automatically disqualifies you

from being a good lawyer like being bad

at public speaking being shy around

other people the idea that developing

new client business absolutely terrifies

you I'm here to tell you that there are

lawyers out there with these weaknesses

or these perceived weaknesses that are

absolutely crushing it so if a lawyer is

which you want to become go ahead and

jump in now if that's the Fox moment out

of the way let's take a look at the

personality types that are most likely

to draw people to become a lawyer or

that indicate personality

characteristics that are best suited for

becoming a lawyer and why the

personality types that we're going to be

taking a look at come from the

myers-briggs personality test and this

is a test designed to evaluate people's

preferred methods of thinking making

decisions interacting with the world

around them based on a series of

either/or questions and if you guys are

interested I encourage you to take a

free abridged version of the

myers-briggs test which I will link in

the description below

you guys might not be that surprised to

learn that the psychological profile of

lawyers as a group is actually quite

different than that of the general

public and that of the sixteen

personality types four of them make up

more than 50% of practicing attorneys

and those are the four that we're going

to run through right now number four are

the ENT PS which make up nine point

seven percent of practicing attorneys

and the personality type of ENT PS are

known as the debaters smart and curious

thinkers who cannot resist an

intellectual challenge famous auntie P's

include Socrates Leonardo did

she Benjamin Franklin Barack Obama John

Stewart Mark Twain Weird Al Yankovic Tom

Hanks Thomas Edison Captain Jack Sparrow

and Tyrion Lannister number three estjs

which makeup 10.3% of practicing

attorneys the personality type of ESTJ

is the executive excellent

administrators unsurpassed at managing

things and people famous ESTJ include

Margaret Thatcher Hillary Clinton

Michelle Obama Judge Judy Dwight Schrute

and Robb Stark number two

INTJs which makeup thirteen point one

percent of all practicing attorneys the

personality type of INTJs is known as

the architect imaginative and strategic

thinkers with a plan for everything

famous INTJs include Mark Zuckerberg

Elon Musk Arnold Schwarzenegger Stephen

Hawking Isaac Newton Karl Marx Gandalf

the Grey Petyr Baelish and Katniss

Everdeen and number one is TJ's which

makeup 17.8 percent of all practicing

attorneys the ISTJ personality type is

known as the logistician practical in

fact minded individuals whose

reliability cannot be doubted famous is

TJ's include George Washington Angela

Merkel Queen Elizabeth the second Warren

Buffett Jeff Bezos Morgan Freeman Ned

Stark and Hermione Granger a few

important takeaways from this breakdown

one this study was actually done in 1993

and it is the study that is consistently

cited in law articles blogs research

papers but I think it would be really

interesting if anyone out there is

interested in doing a new survey of the

myers-briggs personality types of

currently practicing attorneys to see

how they match up the general

understanding is that the personality

types would be basically the same but

nevertheless I think it would be an

interesting thing to look into number

two is that although is tjs are the most

common personality type among lawyers

they're also the most common personality

type among the general public so that

could be the reason that number is so

high among lawyers whereas int

jiae's are actually found to be five

times greater in lawyers than in the

general population and seven times

greater among women lawyers than into

the general population and so INTJs

actually stand out as the most prevalent

personality type among lawyers and this

makes sense because as a group lawyers

score higher in introversion over

extraversion and intuition over sensing

and thinking over feeling and in judging

over perceiving so if you're one of

these top four personality types that

are found in lawyers especially an INTJ

and you're unhappy as a practicing

attorney it may very well be that you

would be happy practicing law but just

not in the environment where you're

practicing it so if you're in big law

for example maybe think about starting

your own law firm working at a smaller

law firm going in-house working in a

government agency and a nonprofit

organization being a prosecutor some

other environment that may play more to

your strengths and if you're not one of

the top four personality types found in

lawyers like me

don't despair you can still have a very

fulfilling and happy and successful

career as an attorney I personally have

enjoyed every step of the way from being

a judicial clerk to working in big law

to now working with nonprofit

organizations it might just be the case

that you have to work a little bit

harder to find your niche or to find

what environment works best for you and

to that end I'm going to put below the

breakdown of the other personality types

five through sixteen so you guys can see

where you fall so take a version of the

myers-briggs type link to the

description below and let me know in the

comments what personality type you guys

are and if you think you're a good fit

for being a lawyer whether you're

aspiring to be one or currently

practicing one I'd love to hear it and

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