Who Should Not Buy a Chromebook and Who Should

hey welcome back to the channel so the

idea for this video came from a bunch of

different comments that I've gotten on

my recent Chromebook videos and it seems

like there is a lot of confusion around

what Chromebooks are designed to do so

that's what this video is about I want

to talk a little bit about what they're

designed to do and who should not be

buying these Chromebooks and who should

be buying them so let's get right into

it so I'm just gonna jump right into

this and talk about the people that

should not be buying a Chromebook first

now these people include anybody where

your primary goal is gaming you're doing

multimedia editing you're doing some

heavy development you're doing 3d work

anything along those lines you shouldn't

get a Chromebook they are not designed

to do the kind of things that you're

looking to do I mean you wouldn't buy an

Android phone expecting to run iOS

applications on it or buy iPhone

expecting to run Android applications so

if you're doing that you know 3d work or

playing games you want something with a

beefy GPU if you're doing some heavy

development you want a beefy processor

and a ton of RAM just make sure that you

get a machine that is gonna work for the

work that you're trying to do alright so

now let's talk about the people where a

Chromebook might be a good option now I

did an entire video on why use a

Chromebook I'll put a link right up here

if you want to check that out but

basically to summarize if you're

somebody that is doing office work

browsing the web checking your email you

want to do media consumption Chromebooks

are a great option for you they have

super long battery life they start up

extremely quickly a lot of them have

styluses now so you can take notes on

them or do some sketching you can run

Android apps on the newer ones and even

run Linux apps on the newer ones have

GPU and CPU acceleration so you can

install things like Steam and play some

lightweight games on it you can also

install a video editor like kdenlive and

do some light video editing now if

gaming and video editing are your

primary goal for a machine again you do

not want to get a Chromebook but if you

like the benefits of a Chromebook and

they work for you and you want to do

some light editing and gaming these are

great options for you that just vastly

expand the capabilities of a Chromebook

Chromebooks are fantastic machines but I

completely recognize there

not for every person in every situation

but that's not a fault of the machine or

the operating system it's just using a

machine that was designed to do what

you're trying to do if you're pushing

trying to push a machine past its

capabilities and you're disappointed

that's not a fault of the machine that's

a fault of you trying to push things

beyond the limit that they were designed

for and usually when that happens

there's going to be some disappointment

so hopefully this video helped clear

things up for some people that had some

confusion on what Chromebooks can be

used for if you have any questions on

anything I talked about or anything I

didn't cover leave those down in the

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