TOP 5: Best Laptops in 2020

how do you go about choosing a great

laptop with so many models on the market

it can certainly be tough in this video

we're going to break down the best

laptops on the market today we'll be

taking a look at laptops in every budget

range so regardless of whether you've

got a few bucks to spare and what the

best value or are looking for the best

of the best

we'll have an option for you so if

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first on our list is the Apple MacBook

Air our choice for a great laptop for

college if you're heading off to college

or university this year it's a safe bet

that you're going to need a good laptop

Apple's MacBook Air might be a great

choice for you most students want

something to be lightweight and portable

with enough battery power to make it

through the day without a problem not

only is it one of the thinnest and

lightest laptops on the market but it's

priced under $1000 which makes it one of

the most popular choices for college

students the MacBook Air isn't just

portable it's also packing a lot in the

functionality Department the airs Retina

display is crisp and bright which is

great not just for the classroom but

also for a Netflix binge later in the

evening a key part of the Retina display

is its built-in color accuracy that

doesn't require any calibration if

you're going to college for graphic

design photography or video editing this

is really important the MacBook Air is

very light at just two point 75 pounds

and super thin carrying it under your

arm is as easy as carrying it in a

backpack the keyboard and trackpad er at

the top of the class and Apple has added

other bells and whistles including

fingerprint identification a t2 security


battery that can net up to 12 hours the

MacBook Air lacks the power necessary

for heavier tasks like hardcore gaming

and it doesn't include a touchscreen

which would have been nice to see for

this price point it's built with

convenience balance and longevity in

mind if you're looking for a laptop with

a touchscreen and don't mind paying

slightly more the Dell XPS 13 is another

great option that we'll be touching on

next in this video however if you're a

student looking for a laptop for daily

tasks that will last you a long while

the MacBook Air makes the perfect campus

companion next we have the Dell XPS 13

our pick for the best two-in-one laptop

two and one laptops have become very

popular and it can be very difficult to

find the right one the Dell XPS 13 is a

great choice offering a lot of

versatility features and hardware power

for those who want a more robust 2 in 1

laptop for their needs

it comes with a few more bells and

whistles than the MacBook Air for a

slightly higher price tag that comes in

under $1,300 which is just right for

those who want a balance between

affordability and function the XPS 13

sports a 13.3 inch infinity edge 4k

display with a thin bezel design for

excellent edge to edge viewing without

any distraction it's also touch enabled

for extra convenience making it easy to

tap and swipe through browsers and apps

the display quality is excellent with

accurate color quality and a nice degree

of brightness for easy viewing even in

dark rooms it runs on an Intel Core i7

CPU 16 gigabytes of RAM M comes with 512

gigabytes of storage which means there's

plenty of power under the hood when it

comes to multitasking watching videos or

even some light to intermediate gaming

it includes a pair of Thunderbolt 3

ports and a USB C port for up-to-date

connectivity options plus a microSD card

slot and headphone jack it wasn't

designed specifically for gaming in mind

but the XPS 13 can handle many of

today's games on mid to high settings

without suffering from massive framerate

drops which is a nice plus

battery life is somewhat limited at

around eight hours which isn't the best

for a laptop in this range if battery

life is a must you may be interested in

the Acer Aspire e15 which we'll be

touching on shortly the Dell XPS 13 is

far more powerful however with a

brilliant 4k display excellent build

quality and a top-notch keyboard and

touchpad to round off a very attractive

2-1-1 laptop prospect up next is the

apple macbook pro our choice for both of

the best laptop for video editing and

the best macbook if you're big into

video editing and other tasks that

require a laptop with a lot of power

Apple's MacBook Pro is a viable option

rather than being tethered to a fixed

desktop computer the macbook pro acts as

a portable workstation that you can take

with you to work or client meetings it's

also got more than enough power to

handle video games and some movie

watching which makes it a well-rounded

laptop for just under $2,200 the macbook

pro runs on a 6 core intel i7 processor

with 16 gigabytes of RAM and powered by

an AMD Radeon pro graphics card this is

a great package for video editors who

need the acceleration capabilities of a

powerful GPU to decrease rendering times

and complete projects in a fast timely

manner that also makes it great for

gaming too the Retina display is color

accurate out of the box which is vital

for video editors who need to color

correct their footage the touch bar

offers another level of interactivity

that merges with individual programs to

allow for quick touch selection of

certain tools and functions Thunderbolt

3 connectivity is what gives the macbook

pro an advantage however allowing for

connection of 4k and 5k monitors

high-capacity data storage devices and

even external GPUs to give video editors

and power users more options when it

comes to expanding the machine's power

despite its power the MacBook Pro is

quite expensive for what it offers

dedicated power gamers may opt for the

Razer Blade 15 which we'll be showcasing

later in this video

while casual users may opt for the

MacBook Air with a far lighter price

the MacBook Pro was designed with Apple

diehards in mind especially those who

video edit on the Mac platform if you're

a Final Cut Pro user you'll love how the

program takes full advantage of the

MacBook Pros hardware including the

touch bar

are you someone that spends hours a day

on your laptop whether you are watching

Netflix or finishing up a final report

this stand is going to be an absolute

game changer with this stand you can use

your computer in bed on the couch or

just about anywhere comfortably and not

worry about your computer overheating or

getting annoying neck cramps it's super

lightweight so you can move it from your

bed to your desk where it doubles as a

standing workspace the best part about

this stand is that it doesn't cost

hundreds of dollars like standing desks

I've personally been using this stand

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significant reduction in back pain and

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to it up next is the Acer Aspire a 15

hour choice for the best budget laptop

if you're shopping for a laptop on a

tight budget it can be really hard to

pick a solid device from everything

that's out there the Acer Aspire a 15 is

a great choice if you're looking to stay

within your budget while still getting a

good laptop with lots to offer priced

under 350 dollars it's got a great set

of internals that make it a prime choice

for budget-conscious buyers the e 15 is

powered by an Intel i3 CPU and six

gigabytes of RAM which is a solid combo

for a laptop at this level as well as a

one terabyte hard drive which offers

plenty of storage for your files and


there's even an 8 X DVD Drive thrown in

for some backward compatibility the full

HD LED display is not the best in class

but it's still sharp with a respectable

level of brightness that is standard for

a laptop in this price range battery

life is very good

nothing up to 13 and a half hours before

requiring a recharge

which is a very big plus for a budget

laptop this means it can easily make it

through the day and still have enough

charge left over for some internet

browsing or movie watching when the day

is over true harmony speakers offer

clean clear sound and music playback and

USB C connectivity allows for ultra-fast

data transfers and charging speeds the

keyboard and touchpad are both very nice

to use good spacing of keys ensures easy

typing with a responsive feel and the

touchpad is especially responsive when

using Windows 10 gestures the Acer

Aspire a 15 can't handle heavy tasks

like video editing high-end multitasking

or hardcore gaming like some of the

other models on our list which are built

for these purposes its main focus is on

providing a solid budget level laptop

that can handle casual day-to-day tasks

with more than enough battery power for

some fun later on in the evening and

plenty of storage for your apps and

files finally we have the Razer Blade

1500 or pick for the best gaming laptop

there are a lot of gaming laptops on the

market but both power and price tend to

fluctuate a lot which can make it hard

to pin down the right one to invest in

the Razer Blade 15 packs a ton of power

without the bloated size most often

associated with high-end gaming laptops

this is great for those who want altra

fast gaming on the go for a price under

$2,900 the Razer Blade 15 runs on a very

fast 6 core Intel i7 CPU with 16

gigabytes of RAM and a very powerful

NVIDIA GeForce r-tx 2080 video card for

the next generation of raytrace gaming

the full HD max Q display can run at

refresh rates as high as 240 Hertz for

buttery smooth lag-free gameplay the

display is 100% color accurate out of

the box which is excellent not just for

games but movies graphic design and

other heavy tasks like video editing its

rounded off by some of the thinnest

bezels we've ever seen on a laptop

allowing for near-perfect edge to edge

viewing from corner to corner gaming

laptops tend to be thick and bulky but

the Razer Blade 15 is less than an inch

thick and weighs just under 5 pounds

no small feat for a machine with this

level of performance and power battery

life is quite limited at just four hours

but this is to be expected with a

high-end gaming laptop it's also very

expensive which may not suit your budget

for a powerful laptop that can handle

video gaming at reduced settings the

MacBook Pro might be a better option

especially if cost is a concern the

Razer Blade 15 is aimed squarely at

hardcore gamers who want an immensely

powerful gaming laptop with the latest

hardware and that's where it truly

shines all right guys that is all for

this video

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