The Best Laptops for 2020

pcmags pc labs tests thousands of

products and more than 100 pcs every


that includes laptops we're going to do

a quick overview of each of the 10 best

laptops we've reviewed

and highly recommend for 2020. the asus


zephyrus g14 is an impressive laptop on

every front

we like the way it looks the compact

chassis is satisfying to use

and the performance is stellar the main

attraction here is a brand new amd ryzen

9 renoir

processor the first amd 2 laptop cpu

we've tested

which really shines and puts a lot of

pressure on intel in this price range

this cpu is snappy for general use more

proficient than the competition with

heavily threaded software

and able for gaming fitting a more

powerful gpu into this chassis is

probably not possible

and that's where larger competitors can

set themselves apart as well as by

offering bigger screens

still this laptop pushes comfortably

above 60 frames per second in most games

which is what you want in this price

range with this power and the 120 hertz


it's a solid aaa gaming machine and an

excellent competitive multiplayer laptop

if you really want frame rates higher

than the g14 can push

the options are out there but we're big

fans of this total package

it earns our editor's choice for

mid-range gaming laptops

for its strong performance and unmatched


dallas inspiron laptops are positioned

below its more powerful flagship xps


but you'd never know it from the

inspiron 14 7000

which boasts a magnesium alloy chassis

that's virtually as thin

light and sturdy as an xps enclosure


it pulls off the neat trick of squeezing

a 14 inch display

into a 13 inch size body under the hood

it offers intel's 10th generation comet


cpus and the option for nvidia geforce

mx250 dedicated graphics

in addition long battery life will let

you leave your charger at home

unless you need the 4k screen resolution

that's available with some models of

dell's xps 13

the inspiron 14 7000 is the ultra

portable to own and our editor's choice

pick among mainstream power laptops

even though the lenovo thinkpad lineup

is aimed at businesses

these rugged feature-packed laptops

enamel plenty of customers too

the latest x1 carbon dub gen 7

is a prime example of this crossover

this ultra portable business laptop

distills the thinkpad concept to its


shedding weight but keeping classic

thinkpad features like the comfortable


the iconic red trackpoint and lots of it

security and manageability features it

also offers enthusiast minded features

like face recognition for easy logins to

windows 10

and a gorgeous hdr enabled 4k glossy


that kind of screen may be overkill for

many business users but designers and

discriminating consumers will

appreciate having the choice to its

credit the thinkpad x1 carbon

manages both business and pleasure with

a plum earning it our editor's choice

award for best high-end business laptop

in the blade 15 advanced model razer

once again may have created the elite

gaming laptop to beat for this


the design is appealing the build

quality is strong

the performance is great and the battery

is relatively long-lasting

you could argue it's a little pricey for

a model with a max-q g-force rtx 2070 as

opposed to an rtx 2080

but then again getting the power into a

smaller and attractive package and still

making it run efficiently doesn't come

cheap the results do speak for

themselves and its performance hangs

with other top tier machines

some with superior on paper components

if you accept you're already shopping in

the premium price tier

safe to say if you're considering a 2600


the blade 15 offers the best bang for

your buck and build quality

the 2400 version is even more appealing

if a 256 gigabyte drive will suffice

but most gamers will fill that small of

an ssd in an eye blink

otherwise it's hard to find much fault

with the blade the lid logo of snakes

might get you some side eye from

strangers in a coffee shop or

a stuffing meeting it also might be a

little heavier and denser feeling than

we'd like

but you have to fit high end power

somewhere in the end these are nitpicks

relative to the positives the 2019 razer

blade earns our editor's choice as the

best portable high-end laptop

on the market right now beating the

competition on design and performance

you can find plenty of good value

chromebooks out there but the acer

chromebook 514 is among the best

it delivers premium features at a

reasonable price and provided google

chrome os meets your needs it's hard to

say no to this one

our top tier review configuration at 499

is costlier than many other chromebook


but if you were looking at windows based

notebook pcs you'd be hard-pressed to

find a thin and light aluminum chassis

all-day battery life a full hd touch


and a backlit keyboard all of which you

get in the chromebook 514

more budget-oriented chromebooks tend to

lack one or more of those conveniences


while the ho-hum intel processor left us

wishing for something newer

it was still plenty responsive since

google chrome os is less

performance-hungry than windows is to do

equivalent tasks

this acer could use better speakers but

that's hardly a deal breaker in a

chromebook or a windows based notebook

for that matter

nearly everything else about it is a

deal maker earning it our top honors for

a reasonably priced premium chromebook

a controversial keyboard once present in

every apple laptop

is now a thing of the past the new for

2020 13-inch macbook pro was the last

mac notebook waiting to be updated with

the new magic keyboard

the magic keyboard ditches the extremely

shallow keys of the previous design

adding travel distance and stability in

a bid to please people who use their

laptops to type all day long

also new on our 1799 macbook pro review


are an updated 10th generation intel

processor faster memory and

more storage the upgrades are nice if

you can afford them but most people will

be satisfied with the base 1299

configuration instead

which retains our editor's choice for

the best mac laptop

some of the improvements that apple made

to the macbook pro family in its latest

model are minor

for example the screen is bigger by a

few fractions of an inch than before

but the most consequential one addresses

one of our main quibbles for the last

few generations of macbook pro

the shallow unsatisfying keyboard the

other major improvements especially

those to audio quality

are impressive and they make what was

already an excellent laptop even better

we were a bit grudging in our

recommendation due to the keyboard issue

and apple's merely incremental responses

to it the butterfly keyboard was widely

panned on the fronts of comfort

and in early iterations durability and

apple tweaked it only by half measures

generation to generation

this model shows apple finally listening

to its loyal users with that change

and the advances on the component and

display fronts the 16-inch macbook pro

is easy to recommend to well-heeled

content creators

whether they're editing 8k video footage

or compiling mission critical code


it's a pity that apple doesn't offer an

easier entry version of this laptop with

less expensive components though

this expensive laptop isn't really

designed or priced for mainstream users

since its specs are overkill for

everyday tasks and its port selection

will require too much in the way of

accommodations and extra expense

on the other hand if your pockets are

deep enough that you don't mind buying a

fistful of dongles and adapters

and you're seeking a powerful big screen

laptop for content creation tasks

the 16-inch macbook pro has plenty of


the xps 13 is stealth's flagship ultra


and the 2020 version has a slightly

larger display in a redesigned body

that's minutely more compact than its


it also boasts a significantly more

futuristic design

with cnc milled aluminum and ultra thin

screen bezels

the xps 13 has a striking look in line

with its high price tag

it starts at about a thousand dollars

and our test unit was about 1750

a few hundred dollars higher than

competing systems with intel core i7


and full hd screens it must weather

stiff competition from the likes of


hp lenovo and others so it's no surprise

to see that dell has invested heavily in

the physical design

making it smaller and lighter while

simultaneously improving many of its


the thing is dell has also invested

heavily in its other products

including the inspiron 14 7000 which

offers many of the same features

as the xps 13. in a chassis that's a bit


heavier and slightly less elegant but

also solidly constructed and much less


delt's pricing changes frequently but

currently an inspiron 14 7000 configured

nearly identical to the xps 13

costs hundreds of dollars less that

makes the xps 13 a bit harder to justify

and why it gets 4 stars down from 5

stars a mere couple of generations ago

it's best to think of the xps 13 as a

status symbol even as its benefits

trickle down to other models

lower indel's food chain you'll need to

pay a premium for it just as you need to

pay the infamous apple tax for a macbook


but in return you get a superbly

designed laptop with oodles of cool

factor despite its unorthodox blue color

the elite dragonfly is a no-nonsense

business laptop that gets the basics


the fact that it manages to include all

of its features in such a compact

lightweight and well-built package is

what makes it a standout

a business laptop should be easy for it

departments to manage

and equally easy for users to cart

around as well as offer proficient

performance in everyday computing tasks

with a 2.2 pound starting weight

available intel

v pro support and other similar features

the elite dragonfly exceeds all of these


it's our new top pick for business

focused two-in-one convertible laptops

and it's especially well suited to

executives who travel a lot and

also need to give presentations from

their laptop screen

the elite dragonfly may be a first-rate

convertible but hp still knows how to

make a first-rate clamshell laptop too

we were enamored with this punchy little

ultra portable and it's possibly no

coincidence that during the time it took

for us to test the nv 13

and review it on dell and

razer took several hundred dollars off

the price of the xps 13

and blade stealth respectively could the

nv13 be better

sure power users will gripe about the

lack of a thunderbolt 3 port

but the mv-13 rates near the top of a

crowded field

if you want to cut down on how much

laptop you have to carry without

overspending on it

don't overlook this one want more detail

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