Best Alaska Cruise Which cruise Line and Which Itinerary

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hi pam how are you tonight

um anyway so things that we're going to

have with us tonight

a real expert murray lundberg he has


a tour guide he's uh

been a speaker on the cruise ships and

he lives

in the yukon territory so he knows his

way around alaska he's going to share

with us

some of his adventures and some of the

things that have been um

you know his advice so let me introduce


and we'll give him a shot to talk to us


on screen and i'll let meet you mary

okay good night ken it's uh nice to see

you again

uh thanks for inviting me back these

things are always fun

um i uh at least if i uh can't cruise


for real right now i can get on here and

talk about it

so i've done 13 cruises i i drove

motor coaches that were tied into

cruises for 23 years

and then i've been on 13 alaska cruises

mostly as a speaker on the ships

either as destination speaker or the

actual onboard naturalist

so i've sort of um you know

been around most of the the cruise lines

uh and i always keep an eye on

what itineraries are going on so i spent

three hours this afternoon having a look

at the new itineraries and seeing what

ships are operating

um i've got my uh all-time favorite

ships for various reasons uh the

radiance of the seas was the ship that

got kathy

and i into cruising we got invited to

to speak on the show i got invited to

speak on the radiance in 2008

and kathy and i said i don't know you

know we're not really a cruise ship kind

of people

we're more you know throw a tent in the

back of the canoe and we'll go

wandering that way but about halfway up

the gangplank to the radius we decided


this may be okay and then

the amsterdam uh kathy and i got engaged

as the amsterdam celebration catch scan

so we've got our you know ships that

have our soft spots for

sorry about that i had me muted for a


um and i think we're all that way we uh

you know our first cruise is one of

those things that

stays with us now it's kind of

interesting my first cruise was a sample

like i was a travel agent at the time

and i had a one-day cruise on

the um on the carnival

um it was the holiday

and then after that i had a uh

like a one night cruise on royal

caribbean and a couple of short ones but

my first

seven day was on the spirit and we went

to alaska

and that's what got me really hooked on


and that's what really got me hooked on


alaska to me is one of those places you

go there

you know you're not going anywhere else

again you know i won't say i won't go

anywhere else

but it's sure far and away my favorite

um so let's start let me pop up let me


this first off to this side

um so this is a a map we're going to

look at a couple of itineraries

and this will be a fairly typical

uh glacier-based seven-day cruise out of

a seattle round-trip stopping in


and typically victoria is one of those

really short stops late in the evening

just so that they can say they stopped

their uh

exact stop in a foreign port i like the

itinerary uh

that is in the fact that it goes to

glacier bay um

i i like ketchikan yeah i love juno i

love skagway

uh your thoughts on this itinerary

murray uh yeah i mean

this uh you know sort of introduction to

alaska is always great

for people who haven't done it before uh

all the ports are

are excellent uh victoria is a

disappointment to a lot of people

because you're not there very long

but again it's a good introduction and

it's easy to get from seattle back to

victoria if you decide you want to see

more of it

yeah i would concur that okay this was

uh this was a norwegian cruise line they


and to me um mary and i kind of have

different opinions and and that's the

nice thing about

our our our our show is we can have

different opinions and it's okay

um i think this one shorts changes you

in alaska pretty bad

it's uh 10 days from vancouver it winds

up in los

angeles but you spend uh like two days

or three days from seattle going down to


angeles that i think could be much

better spent

in alaska but i'm very prejudiced about

wanting to stay

and spend my time in alaska you thought

this might be all right because you like

to see days murray

uh yeah i like the sea days but i also

like to spend time in the

southern port probably the the best


of that we've done without san francisco

and san francisco having three days be

there before the cruise

and then 10 days up to alaska and back

to vancouver was absolutely superb

yeah i and i i would agree with that i

love san francisco as a place to visit

it's not a place i want to live but it's

it's such a cool place to visit

uh so i would agree with that let me pop

up i've got another one here that i


this one we did the uh the reverse of

this last year

uh and it didn't have it didn't have a

glacier bay it had

uh sawyer glacier but out of seward

we went southbound and they run this

cruise northbound and southbound

uh we went out of seward down to


and we really enjoyed that we had bad

weather uh up

kind until we got to after we left

hubbard glacier

the weather turned off great we got to

go into the in

in skagway we went into the into the

yukon territory

almost as far as where murray lives we

didn't quite get the white horse we

stopped at

the emerald lake and and made the

turnaround there

but it had juno and ketchikan and then

vancouver and

we really enjoyed that your thoughts on

this kind of an itinerary

uh we did this cruise uh three years ago

on the millennium

and then once we got to seward we rented

a band

with two couples we knew from ontario

and uh toured up to denali and back for

four days

again uh you know it's a great way to

be able to spend extra time especially

in alaska get a van

or obviously there's lots of cruise

options cruise tour options as well but

once you get used to the place it's nice

to be able to on your be on your own

and make your own itinerary yeah it's

kind of interesting i had thought about


in and i'm working on the travel guide

for alaska

and the one thing i think if i had to do

and was going to spend some time in


i'd run an rv uh in alaska because that

way you you've got the freedom to stop

where you if you find something

beautiful to look at

you know you're not trying to get to

some hotel somewhere and you can do your

own meals

and i'm kind of partial to fresh fish so

i'd have my fishing rod and get to do a

little bit of that

um yeah the other thing for those that

that haven't done it the train from

seward to anchorage is just


michelle i got a question here let me

ask answer this real quick

do i think ships will be sailing again

out of seward next june

i think so i i had a i just had um

the uh cat from she's the uh

with the visitors bureau in seward she

was just on you know and they're very

much looking forward

to next year to to be able to sail so

i'm sure they're planning on it yeah i

was talking to the mayor of seattle

about two hours ago i mean uh skagway

and uh

he you know they're ramping up for next


so you know keep our fingers crossed and

hopefully 2021 is uh

good enough that this year will be a

distant uh ugly memory

yeah yeah in fact i i had um uh it was

last monday no not my last money monday

before last i had

cody jennings she's from the um

skagway's visitor bureau she just worked

for the white pass and now she's with

the visitors bureau

she was a she was a real good guest too

real interesting to talk to

okay so let me pop up another um


this one right now i this was what i was

scheduled on

this year as a 10-day this is a nine-day


and it does catch a can juno skagway

does glacier bay

um the one i was on also went up and did

hubbard glacier which is a little

farther north

and it does sitka sitka's a town i've

never been to

he said i've been to every other one of

those ports

but not to sitkin i was really looking

forward to going this year

the sitka is one of our favorite ports

for sure um

we we've only been there twice but we

actually have planned on going back to


independently to do uh the music

festival in june

it's just uh well first of all it's got

the most amazing

marine wildlife tours anywhere in alaska

you go out with one of these small boats

like six people

and the the birds in the sea life uh you

know sea lions

uh sea otters uh whales and on and on

it's just amazing there

yeah and they have the fortress of the

bear too and of course

a lot of history because sitka was where


they turned alaska over from

russia to the united states that my

memory serves me that's right

and so there's a fort there and some

there's just a lot of history there i i

was able to interview

one of the local guides and to talk

about sitka

this year so that one likes it i would

love to

to do that one um but there are some

ones that i

that get even better we're kind of going

from worst to best and then we'll start

on ships

um princess has a really nice 10

day and this is exactly the cruise that


that i had scheduled on the norwegian

sun last year

our this year for september it was

scheduled for september of this year and

we just didn't get to go

um but you get to hit pretty much all

the major ports

uh you go to sitka you do

glacier bay and hubbard glacier so you

get some of the major glacier viewing

um your thoughts on this one uh

this would be high on my list of ones to

do for that combination as well

sitka hubbard glacier in glacier bay is

pretty hard to beat

a lot of people get fixated on glacier

bay as the place you gotta see

but i don't agree having been to all of

them now

hubbard glacier on on a good day is so


and nothing in glacier bay can match the


or or even the size of a hubbard glacier

it's just so amazing so

this one is absolutely a winner yeah i

it was interesting when we were at

hubbard glacier uh

we were there in uh june a year ago

and it was funny because there was one

of uh

one of the adventure sh class ships was

had been with us in seward and left

before us

and they were at hubbard glacier and

they had people that had gotten out and

were out there

in the water you know it's cold it was

raining and you know in

kayaks and i am like yeah you got to be

pretty hardcore don't want to be out

there in a kayak

on a sunny day i could see it but in the

water it's still going to be awfully

cold yeah

we were on the radiance many years ago

and as a

prize for something the crews had been

doing uh the crew members certainly

i think it was a hundred crew members

got on three light boats and went up

really close to glacier

and there was a massive cabin and all of

a sudden there's this

i don't know 50 foot high tsunami coming

towards them the

captain must have said oh what have i

done i've killed my crew

but they wrote it out i never did see a

video from taking one of those like

quotes but it must be pretty impressive

that they wrote it really well

well that was my thought about the

calving in the kayak i am like

yeah one of those calvings can be pretty

big off of hubbard

well uh six germans were killed in uh


uh exactly that the the glacier they're


calved while they're out there in their

little inflatable kayaks

and they were all drowned yeah

i saw that was that that was that last

year uh

two years ago i think two years yeah i

remember reading

my sense of time kind of slides by um

okay so let's look at the next one like

i said they get better

here's a 12 day that

throws in um prince rupert and victoria

to the mix uh i think this would be um

again another great choice and of course


i'm very much a fan of more i'm like

murray i like lots of days on the ship i

just like lots of my days on the ship to

all be in alaska

yeah this one is great um i'm a huge fan

of prince herbert

uh there's not a lot to do in prince

rupert as far as excursions and stuff

but it's just such an incredibly


location and the sale into prince rupert

is is beautiful

it's like sipkin a lot of ways you're

going through all these little channels

and it's wonderful

and the museum there actually the the

first nations museum the indian museum

is wonderful i think that's what we saw

when we were there i was telling murray

before the show started

that we visited uh prince rupert

back when it was first opening up this

would have been

in oh probably 2006

2007 somewhere in that time frame we

were on the spirit when she first came


she was had been with star cruise lines

in asia

and when we got to prince rupert they

didn't even have a gangway on shore

so they had to snake one out of the hole

all the way forward on the

on the spirit and then it was so steep

that my wife was in her wheelchair and

and they had four officers carried her

up and down

because they didn't want her trying to

walk or trying to to to

me push it up but yeah i was it was

enjoyable and i'd love to go back okay

and so this is our last itinerary this

is honda

hall in america's 14 day

and so this has some unique things about

it um it does homer and valdez

and then it also does misty fjords is

there another cruise line that does

misty fjords

that you know of maria no uh it's all

small boats that go in there

this is really unique yeah so i think

that would be uh pretty

amazing and it also does tracy arm it

said so

i would probably be um might be daws or

it might be um

oh what blank murray what's the other

glacier up there

and you've got our indulge glacier at

the sawyer you mean

sawyer yeah that's what i was saying

about it it might be sawyer i didn't

look to see

but so the the interesting thing is

there's a lot of different choices when

you go to alaska

and these weren't all of them but it's

kind of interesting that these

these variations that we just looked at

encompass pretty much

all of the the itineraries there

might be some minor variations

um i think one of them goes to haynes

instead of skagway possibly

but there's like i said these are the

gen let's say the general

um itineraries that available so we'll

let murray talk to us about ships for a

while because he's had

a lot more experience than i've had

yeah one of the the uh the neat things

about choosing an alaska cruise is that


cruise line and for that matter every

ship has its own personality

and it's fun to really get into the

details of

each ship's personality and see which

one suits you the best

kathy and i have sort of uh decided that

we like holland america and celebrity

the best

uh those that we travel the most and

we used to think that the smaller ships

were better but we really like the

larger ones now

um kathy was just in europe on the

corning's dam and i

love that she went with two of her

girlfriends uh but for the two of us so

we are probably the solstice would be

our our top line

you know overall uh there's certainly

advantages to some of the small ships as

well like the amsterdam

um which for other reasons we're a big

fan of but

the the smaller ships have um a cozier

personality which

can be really nice you know some people

are overwhelmed by

well a lot of things about the big ships

and aren't interested in

a lot of that you know like rock

climbing walls and that kind of stuff

that the really big ships have and glass

blowing demonstrations and on and on

so the small ships can be great to that

sort of thing

yeah it's interesting because the thing

i like about

small ships is is that sometimes they'll

get into ports the big ship won't and if


if you're tendering you know or it's a

busy port uh the fewer passengers

getting off at one time

makes that piece of it a little easier i

do like

on some of the bigger ships i like the

amenities yes

yes you know the rock climbing wall on


on the millennium i believe it was was


you're up there uh ten decks anyway and

then look you climb another eighty feet

up there

yeah when he thought i'd lost my mind

you do what you're 64 years old you

can't do that

yeah sure again oh my god


so um you said you like the

the amsterdam for reasons um and the

celebrity of the millennium

what what is it about the millennium

that that makes it something that suits


uh the um uh entertainment venues and

the dining as well on the millennium are

wonderful and the solstice perhaps even

knocks that up a notch but the blending

was wonderful for that

uh we as we change ships we quite often

uh have a new favorite each time we do

that partially because we

you know we change uh our ideas a little

bit of what we want

to do some more research and then say oh

we should try the the solstice uh this


and ten days on it was amazing and i

think the the longer the cruise says


the the bigger ship works out uh better

for some people

because you've got more time to explore

it and really get into the details of it

seven days is is pretty tight when you

start doing

ports and every day there's not a whole

lot of time to explore the ship

so that too can be an advantage for the

smaller ships like

the amsterdam for example the nordem

was a beautiful ship to stay alone we

thoroughly enjoyed that

uh that too the uh the entertainment

venues were part of that

a lot of people say well hall in america

they uh you know

they're designed for like 80 year olds


all the entertainment is aimed that way

but we didn't find it that way

and i mean my wife uh you know is a

whole lot younger than i am and she

didn't find they're so

old stuffy people okay

uh yeah and it's interesting in the

caribbean i like bigger ships

um because you have more more time and

seeing and

um if you're not getting awfully set up

in port every day there's a lot of

things to do

uh we've been you know and we've been an


fans let's say because they were the

first ones that had freestyle dining

and we liked the concept of being able


eat where we wanted to when we wanted to


it was interesting we just sailed on msc

um in march in fact

came back from msc went from there from

there to disney world

where i gave a speech and then it was we

went into self quarantine and we've been

in self quarantine

since the middle of march which is nuts


um so there were they had a

the thing that i guess my favorite venue

on on the

breakaway was they had a

a place called sid norman's poor house

and had a let's call it a

uh we'll call them oldies now but

uh for me it wasn't oldies at the time

you know it was music from the

70s and 80s and they just tore it up and

it was such a great band and so

it was a small venue and they're out

there singing in the middle of the

audience you know and

it was it was just it was one of those

things i really liked

the jewel which was what we sailed on to

alaska last year

had you know it had some nice music

venues and the shows were good

but it didn't have a place that we

really fell in love with like sid

norman's on the on that we did on the


um so what about royal caribbean because

you said you sailed on a couple of their


what was what how did you feel about

them in alaska

sorry which ones did you say you'd

sailed on some of royal caribbean's


the the radius was our first ship and

then we also sailed on

um now i've forgotten now the next one

after the radiance was

it's gone now that's awful um anyway

it was a a down scale it was a much

older ship than the radiance it's not

even sailing anymore

uh but the the radiance was was

literally built for

alaska with huge windows and

just a really comfortable place to view

alaska from

uh the uh the coral princess is the

other way around

um i didn't enjoy the coral it was a

great ship except that

i guess the designers decided that blue

plexiglas all around the ship would make


but for anybody who wants to take

pictures you don't want to be shooting

through blue plexiglass

so that was my bug about the coral but

ah you know don't be so fussy well you


i can be fussy because there's a whole

lot of ships sailing up to alaska you


you can start picking and choosing down

to those fine details i don't want blue

plexi on my ship

well yeah i uh uh i guess it was on msc

that i was taking it through the

you know the gaps in the panels but it's

still kind of limited

no you know yeah you're like okay how am

i going to make this work and get what i

want to see

but um so so let's

again my experience is kind of limited

what's your thoughts on

if uh food anything that stuck out a

special to you

on any of the lines well

while we're on this question of food one

of the things that kathy and i really


is having breakfast on our veranda while

we're in port in the morning it is

awesome you know that's one of those

things where people say well

why do you want a veranda so we can have

breakfast on our veranda as we're

looking at the pork

it is just so amazing though we we do

that a lot

but we also spent a lot of time in the

specialty restaurants with the

one you pay a surcharge for because you

do get what you pay for

uh every one of them has been an amazing


though i highly recommend the the extra


restaurants a lot of people object to

the concept they're supposed to be

uh everything included which it is but

you can

upscale that as well yeah you know

and it's funny um i am a fan of a lot of

the specialty restaurants

uh in fact um i had this one lined up

with all the

all the bells and whistles i could get

because i got a really good deal on it

and so we'll have to see what happens

for next year

but one of the things that that amazes

me when just talking about cruise ships

in general

is how much traffic the buffet gets and

i don't understand

the why of that on the jewel for example


would go to the buffet for breakfast

because they had multiple almond


and it was quick and easy to specify

what you wanted in your omelet

more so than in the dining room but

other than that

you know i'm not a buffet guy i'm not

going to the buffet for lunch

back when we board the ship my first

routine my ritual is we get rid of our

luggage wherever they store it

and then we go to the main dining room

for that first lunch on board and that

to me just sets the tone

yeah i'm a big fan of the formal dining

room as well

but and kathy actually on the corning's


uh last year um excuse me

spent a lot of time in the buffet uh

they took most of the meals in the

buffet it just worked out well for them

but when she and i are together we

prefer to you know go in the diagram and


you know meet different people each

night and sit with them it was great

that way

yeah and that was actually what started

me with msc is that we really

enjoyed we had some people we met and we

had a good time

eating with them on the ship uh we had

kind of gotten spoiled to

this table for two by the window routine

you know and and you know i like sitting

right by the window and you've got the

world sliding by outside

we had it's it's funny we had a balcony

you know or a veranda

uh on the jewel um that's a whole nother


but we didn't we didn't eat on it uh

part of it was because we had our

granddaughter so it was three of us in a


that made it really tight so there

wasn't much space and it's a little

it was a very little uh veranda but it

was a

we had a great time very nice a very

nice ship

i i said i think that to me you know i

mean again this is a very much a

personal preference

and what i would say for everybody out

there that's listening or that's

watching on the replay

first of all i'll beg for subscriptions

if you haven't subscribed to my channel

please do so

uh and yeah i like it when you hit the

like button it makes me feel good

and it makes murray feel good too even

if he doesn't admit it

but murray is a legend by the way


my wife just rolled her eyes oh no he

can't get hats to fit already

but um and while we're on that subject

just real briefly i would say

in the description below is my contact


murray's contact information is down

there if you ever go to skagway and you

want to drive into the yukon territory

murray has written the definitive guide

the uh

murray's guide to the south pawn dike

highway it's amazing

i i ordered it the first time i went i

ordered it the last time i went which


in june last year it just gives you so

much information about what you'll see


there's so much to see up there too um

also he's got a great blog

what's it's the links down below what

was the name of it explore north blog

explore north blog so if you if you're

interested in

yeah if you're interested in um like i

said the links in the description

if you're interested in alaska and uh in

the yukon

and that part of the world you should

follow his blog he has some amazing


um but what i was going to say and go

back to where i was trying to

head with that is that

for it's i guess it's a preference

case my choice is typically going to be


based on itinerary rather than ship

because i have specific

things that i want to see and i do a lot

of research and a lot of research that's

how i found murray's guide the first


what i would say is is that some people

it's the ship is the experience

and then you know we pick the ship and

then go where the ship goes

for me like i said i have this haul in

america 14 day or either one of those

two princess ones

or the the ninth day on the sun any of

those would be a good

suitable cruise for us next time because

i'd love to be able

to um you know to to see sitka that's my

my big thing and i've never been to

glacier bay so i want to go

any final thoughts for the for our

audience murray um

my main thing is i want to uh tell

people that

there's a lot of information out here

you know once you get onto

the various forms and so on uh take

advantage of it

and and don't take people who

try to nail you down very seriously you


some people say well you gotta go to

glacier bay uh the ship is more

important than the itinerary or vice


and on and on and on you've got to do a

round trip and so on

take the information decide what it is

that's important to you

uh check out the port times uh that can

be a big thing

there are actually a couple of cruises

that spend the whole day in victoria for


but four times can be really uh


if you've got a plan for juno but you're

only going to be there from 2 30 p.m

until nine

it may not work for you so pay attention

to that sort of details as well

that can make a huge difference in the

overall experience and say every ship

has its own personality start looking at

the details

look through the deck plans uh decide

what's important to you

do you want an ocean view and and so on

you know decide that sort of thing as


and there's all kinds of people out here

you know to give you information give

you some feedback

yeah and i would say it's kind of

interesting that you hear a lot of

people say you've got to have

a balcony in alaska and i've done alaska

in an inside i've done alaska

in with a balcony last year we would

have stayed in an inside cab and if

if the price hasn't dropped so much that

they actually paid me to take a balcony

i got

21 dollars net back in my account after

we did all

this porcelain trading on the deal so

um and i would say that if i was going

to pay for a balcony

i would pay for a balcony in alaska but

i would not

trade off shore excursions for a balcony

because you know everybody has a debate

about portside starboard side

if you're up on deck it doesn't matter

because you can see you can get to both

sides real quick and easy so

you miss some of either scenery

if you're in your on your on your


like i said though there is always

something to look at so i

to me like i said again i i my pocket

controls a lot of what i spend and

my money typically is going to go to

what i'm going to do in port

and i will throw in one quick caveat and

let marie comment on this too

my recommendation is to book direct with

the the tour operators in the port

uh you pay so much more for the same


um and in fact in recent history i've

only paid for one excursion

on a ship and that was because my

granddaughter picked something in


that we couldn't get any other way it

was uh

you know it just it was sold out every

other way you could buy it

but other than that um you just you get

a better experience you get better


i i got to tell us a quick story when we

were on the spirit

it was their first sailing in the u.s

they had to go out to sea to dump

greywater they couldn't dump it in

inside because they didn't have the

certifications they needed

so we were late into june now we have

gone through the cruise critic you know

read everything we could read

and we had booked our sh our whale

watching excursion independent

we pull in we're about two hours late

they canceled the ship's whale watching

we called the company they said we got a

car downstairs you know it's sitting

right there beside the dock get off get

in the car

uh we've got we've got one of our big

boaters out it's already found them

we've got a fast boat we'll get you out

you get to see whales today

and that is a perfect example of why

booking direct pays off uh it's

financially better

and everybody's worried about missing it

these guys know and they make their


supporting people that you know are off

of people that take cruises

so they know when you have to be back

you know the people that miss the ship

aren't people that typically are on


there are people that were in the bar or

in the store

you thought gary yeah they absolutely

when you see the the runners

heading down the dock doors the ship you

know three minutes after they're

supposed to be left

they've always got that red bags in the

discount t-shirt shop

you know it's always the case

yeah this absolutely yeah part of the

deal with the

the booking independently though is

you've also almost always got

smaller groups uh whale watching is a

good example that instead of being on a

boat with 100 people you're on a boat

with five people

typically and it's just a better

experience all the way around

uh we've only ever in 13 cruises booked

one excursion

uh through the cruise line and then

because no one else offered it and it

was an amazing conversions but

we just don't do it yeah that's that's

the way we are

um we just don't it's there's just too

many other options

too much fun to do it yourself plus i

i'm a fan of the research i i

spend hours and hours looking at it

oh yeah kathy and i spent a long time uh

we uh have an excursion or a

cruise to antarctica book for december

which uh

the odds of it happening now are about

zero but we have

i don't know 300 hours of research into

that one

so at this point we don't know what

we're going to do uh we fully expect

that all

america is going to cancel it but we'll


yeah this would be interesting because

uh you know the

the way things are going with the with

the virus in the u.s right now it's uh

i don't see things starting anytime soon

for sure yeah you know everybody's

fussing about wanting to go but i'm like

uh most countries if you had to go

through florida and get on the ship

they're not going to want you you're

going to be persona non grata there

that's a bad experience with ncl from


yeah i see that marvin and that's um

that is such a sad situation because

we've cruised

we've got 11 cruises on ncl and we've

never had

a a bit of a problem um

you know i am sorry to hear that and you

know i understand not

making that decision not to cruise with

them again i had somebody

um was on a show it wasn't ncl but

trying to think it might have been msc

but anyway uh he checked his wheelchair

he didn't need his wheelchair

he checked it at the port it didn't you

know when he was checking in

didn't make it on the ship and um never

found it and

of course the port says it's not their

fault they gave it to the cruise line

the cruise line says no we never got

it and on and on and on and i would um

that's one of those things that i would

not let out of my position i would

keep a hand on it but i am so sorry for


your situation there

um but yeah those of you who have been

on uh

well it doesn't matter what cruise line

have a look around and see what the

other options are

you might be surprised at what's

available both the itinerary

and the personality of the ships

yeah i am i'm looking forward to we have

a i have a free cruise on princess

um assuming that we ever get cruising

going again and i am

looking forward to that i'm not sure it

is kind of funny because i

i i do went to their school for to be a

trial as a travel agent

and so if you graduate you know the

upper level

then you you get a graduation cruise so

i'm looking forward to that

i'm not sure where i almost went last

year um

panama canal um that was one of the

options and so

we'll see what happens i um i'm looking

i'm looking forward to taking but it

could be that could be that 12-day

alaska cruise too

that would be that that would be sweet


anyway i appreciate everybody that's

been here and watched this evening i

hope you enjoyed it um

if you're watching on the replay again

do me a favor if you have any questions

put them in the comments let me know

where you're watching from

because we will very definitely um

be monitoring it i'll get answers if i

don't know the answer murray will know

everything so

i'll get a hold of murray and uh

listen i appreciate it and we'll see

everybody next week on monday night

thanks thanks coming by all