The iPhone Buying Guide 2020! (SE vs XR vs 11 vs Pro vs Max) | The Tech Chap

hey guys Anton the tech chat but if

you're thinking about buying a new

iPhone but you're not sure which one to

go for well hopefully this video will

help because I've got the full lineup of

new iPhones that you can buy from the

brand new S II all the way up to the

11pro max what's really interesting is

actually last year the best-selling

iPhone was this guy the 10 are followed

by the 11 so it seems that most people

don't really want to spend a grand or

more on the pro series and why I think

the new se is gonna sell like hotcakes

but what about right now which one

should you buy well before we get to the

proper battery and camera tests let's do

a quick overview first and starting with

the cheapest and also the smallest we

have the new second-generation iPhone S

II and this guy will set you back four

hundred dollars or four hundred and

twenty pounds it's essentially the body

of my phone eight with a 4.7 inch LCD

screen but packed with Apple's latest a

13 chip I think it's incredible value

for money and if you do prefer a smaller

phone then this is ideal as long as you

can get over those chunky bezels and

also don't mind missing out on face

unlocking or having an altar wide or

telephoto camera then we have the 10r

which is a little bit older but it's

still shown as one of the five iPhones

to buy on apple's website most notably

it uses the last gen 812 processor and

selfie a 13 that we get on the rest

here's how they compare in terms of

performance for both the processor and

the graphics does it make much

difference in real life well not really

but the newer chip will be more future

proof so you may not have to upgrade us

soon but versus the SE we do get a more

modern design on the 10r

with a 6.1 inch LCD screen thinner

bezels and a notch with face ID in place

of the touch ID home button and i think

it's six hundred dollars or six hundred

and thirty pounds it is still a

relatively affordable iphone then we

have this guy the iphone 11 which i

think is kind of like the best

all-rounder it's a hundred more than the

10r so we're looking at $700 or seven

hundred and thirty pounds and it shares

a similar design and similar 6.1 inch

LCD screen as the 10r but we get a bunch

of upgrades including a second ultra

wide lens a higher-quality selfie camera

that supports 4k video it's also the

cheapest iphone that offers a night mode

for the camera which we'll come back to

in a second we also get apple's latest a

13 chip so it's a little more

future-proof and a few nice to house

versus the 10r like Wi-Fi 6 a slightly

higher water resistance rating plus

you have the option for a 256 gig

storage model if you want more space

then we're into the pro series and this

is where things start to get kind of

pricing the 11pro starts at $1,000 or

$1,500 it's actually slightly smaller

than the 11 and the 10 are though with a

5.8 inch screen but thanks to even

thinner bezels it's only slightly bigger

than the SE so if you do want to phone

that you can comfortably use one-handed

but want the premium features this is

your best bet we get a slightly more

premium design with this matte glass

finish on the back ever so slightly

thinner bezels but more importantly it

comes with an OLED screen with a high

resolution and it supports HDR so it's

sharper a little bit brighter offers

much better contrast and the colors are

more vibrant overall it is just a better

screen but I wouldn't say it's a night

and day difference and something that

unless it's side-by-side something most

people will be that bothered about the

11pro also gets a higher quality camera

sensor and the addition of a telephoto

lens along with the ultra wide and

finally we have this guy the 11pro max

which is the biggest and also the most

expensive iPhone you can currently buy

at eleven hundred dollars or eleven

hundred and fifty pounds it's a hundred

more than the 11pro it's essentially the

same phone though but with a much bigger

6.5 inch screen and crucially a

significantly longer battery life which

we'll come to in a second beautiful

nailed it so that's the lineup but

anyone can just compare specs and in

fact on Apple's website there's a really

good comparison tool if you want to get

into the nitty gritty details but I want

to go a step further and test all these

properly firstly the cameras and from

left to right we have the SE the 10 are

the 11 and the 11 Pro which of course

shares the same camera setup as the pro

Mac so I've left that one out it's

pretty impressive given one is $400 and

the other is 1100 before we dive into

image quality one of the big differences

are the lenses that you get this is shot

with the main lens on all four but then

on the 11 series we also get ultra wide

and finally on the pro and pro max we

also get a 2 x 2 telephoto lens I argue

the telephoto is probably the least

useful of the three but the pro series

are the most versatile when it comes to

the camera there's not much in it but if

you look closely at the road my

on top of the camera you can see that

the SE is a little less detailed a

little sharp versus the other three and

I think with the fake plant which is a

YouTube essential you know everyone has

to have one of these in their setups b11

and the 11pro do look a little bit

sharper a little bit more vibrant than

the SC in the 10r

but in good light there's really not

much to tell them apart although I won't

say the 10r has a softer look and also

it ever so slightly cooler color

temperature I really thought we'd see a

bigger difference in this photo we've

got quite dark foreground and very

brightly lit background

it really is minor but if you look at

the brick wall on the left and a little

bit of red graffiti it does look a

little bit clearer and more vibrant on

the 11pro the FC and the 10 are a little

bit soft the 11 is an improvement but I

think the 11pro just about takes the win

here obviously this is a candid photo

and not at all posed for once again the

11 and 11 proton just a little bit

sharper but really there's not much in

it and Kreator Apple across the board

the dynamic range is spot-on now this is

the portrait version of the same shot

and if you do just look at the 11pro on

the right versus a BST on the left you

can see the SE is just a little bit

softer again though while the tenner

doesn't look good that color is just a

little bit off but it's when we get into

low-light that the 11 and the 11 Pro and

of course also the pro max do take the

lead and that's because they're the

three phones that offer a night mode so

with that two or three second longer

exposure the eleventh series captures

much more light it's far more detailed

and the colors are great the SC and the

10 are by comparison look kind of dull

how do we get by without a nightmare on

phones for so long it really is a

literal night and day difference between

the eleventh series and the SE and a 10

R so for this low-light selfie well they

all look pretty badly but again I think

the 11th and the 11pro do come out on

top the 10 always the darkest and also

the softest it's definitely key in

detail but while the se is a little bit

brighter it's just a noisy mess all over

and actually between the 11th and the


I would say the pro has slightly more

natural colors and also the noise isn't

quite as bad oh jeez this is a close up

one I'd say the 10r is noticeably softer

and that is a theme we've seen

throughout but what about a selfie in

good light very good light in fact I've

got the Sun beating down on me here and

you can see that again the 10r is a

little soft but I don't know if I love


sharp and look that we get on the 11 and

the 11pro however an advantage of the 11

series is we can zoom out so we get a

wider field of view in selfies so

there's more room for a selfie with your

mates and one last photo a quick selfie

in portrait mode they all do a pretty

good job although I think the SE does

fall behind a little bit it's got the

least detail it looks quite soft but

what about the selfie video well this is

being shot with the iPhone se there we

have the iPhone 10 R then we have the

iPhone 11 which is the first one to bump

the resolution up to 4k those guys are

both 1080p and then finally the iPhone

11 Pro and also the pro max because they

share the same selfie camera as well

also a 4k like the iPhone 11 but what do

you think can you tell much difference

between the selfie video okay next up

what about battery life well this bit

took forever to test so if I can get a

thumbs up for that I'd really appreciate


but with all the phone's set to the same

brightness and the same settings let's

see how they stack up in my intensive

real-world battery test which includes

rowing through YouTube videos games

social media apps shooting some 4k video

and then rinse them repeating until

they're well all dead so at the 1 hour

mark the SE is in last place with 90

percent remaining and the 11pro max is

still on 98% now thanks to the miracle

of editing jumping ahead to the 4 hour

mark and this is following an hour each

of YouTube gaming tik-tok instagram the

SE is already way down to 24%

significantly behind the others and then

just over an hour and a half later at

the 5 hour 40 mark we lose the SE with a

10 hour on 26b 11 on 30 11pro on 37 and

the 11pro max still on a whopping 49

percent almost bang on the 7 hour mark

though we then lose the 10 R and I don't

think the 11 is far behind just 16

minutes later the 11 boughs out leaving

us with only the 11 pros remaining it's

a good half hour before the 11pro

finally gives up at 7 hours 45 leaving

the 11pro max and surprising absolutely

no on the winner with 21% still

remaining it just keeps going and almost

hits the 9 hour mark

that's 57 percent longer than the S II

although it is nearly 300% more

expensive so battery life is fairly

straightforward among the

by phones the more you pay the longer it

lasts but what's the best value well a

big thank you to my friend Andrew

Selleck for putting these calculations

together for me because I'm pretty

terrible numbers and in terms of dollars

per minute the SE wins at $1 18 per

minute of battery life versus the 11pro

which cost 2.15 per minute and it's the

lease value for money so the takeaway is

best battery life 11 pro max but the SE

wins in terms of bang for buck and

actually beyond the SC it's the 10 other

offers the best value for battery life

and as I say the 11pro that's the worst

I thought that was pretty interesting so

hopefully by this point you've got a

good idea which iPhone may be best for

you or if in fact it may be best to hold

off because consider that the iPhone 12

series is likely to come out at the end

of September maybe early October or

maybe even a few weeks later because of

the whole coronavirus crazy wall that we

live in that could delay things a little

bit but the next phones are likely to

add a higher refresh rate screen so

everything feels smoother even thinner

bezels and a small knotch

Apple's a 14 chip which will no doubt be

ludicrously fast but I think most

importantly 5g which would make them

more future-proof but as you guys know

in tech there's always something else

around the corner you can wait forever

so right now if you want the best value

iPhone hands-down it's the iPhone se I

know there's an argument about whether

perhaps Apple have been a bit lazy I

mean we hash in a iPhone 8 design which

yes on the one hand means it's cheaper

because they can retool the same parts

from their factory from the iPhone 8 but

then again would you expect a 20/20

Android phone to come with bezels that

big but then again most people who are

gonna buy this probably don't care about

the bezels they want a good phone with a

solid camera that's gonna last them a

few years and also doesn't cost a

fortune so I think the SE is a really

good option I think for me they're

taking everything into account from the

battery the camera the design just using

it and also of course the price I think

the iPhone 11 is the one I would

recommend it's the best all-rounder you

get the modern design you get the two

camera setup I think the ultra-wide is

quite important to have and also it came

about midway in the battery life test so

for $700 or 730 pounds I would recommend

the 11 and I do think that while the 10

are offers good value I would pay that

extra hundred and go for the 11 if you

could you get the newer chip the ultra

wide lens are fewer than nice to haves

and I think

it's gonna be a little bit more

future-proof I mean that you won't have

to upgrade as soon but if you want the

ultimate iPhone experience and the

longest battery life by quite some

margin actually then I would recommend

the 11th pro max although your wallet

will be crying afterwards in my opinion

the two phones that kind of fall behind

a little bit are the 10 R and the 11 Pro

which is kind of surprising actually

although I do love the size of this and

it really is a good one-handed phone and

also 100 less than the pro max I think

the battery life that you get with the

pro max also if you want that bigger

screen with this or mersive experience

you get from it it's worth paying a

hundred more and also I don't think this

is worth three hundred more than the

standard 11 so again better value there

the 11 is the one I'd recommend the SE

is the best value option and of course

as you'd expect the 11 Pro max if the

all-singing all-dancing

no-expense-spared option

alright so that's enough of being

waffling on hopefully you guys enjoyed

this video and you found it useful if

you did a lot of thumbs up or maybe a

chi keeper subscribed will be amazing

and I'll see you guys next time right

here on the tech jab thanks for watching

well just a quick note if you actually

saw my video on the SE a few days ago

and you notice that at the beginning I

do a fancy shot of dropping in some

water and reversing it I wouldn't

recommend that because while all iPhones

do have some level of water resistance

whether it's IP 67 or 68 Apple don't

really recommend that you go swimming

with it or dropping it in buckets of

water so don't try that at home because

you may damage the phone you may not

like I didn't but probably best to avoid

it so you don't destroy your shiny my