Top 10 Best iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Cases!

what's up guys everything Apple Pro here

and a lot of people are buying iPhone 7

& 7 pluses more than expected Apple is

just selling out of these like crazy so

with a new purchase of an iPhone of

course you want to protect it you don't

want it to break you don't want the

raised camera in the back to fall and

get broken so it's just very important

to have a good case on your phone but

which one I have too many cases that I

know what to do with for the iPhone 7

and 7 plus so I thought I'd share with

you the top 10 cases for the 7 and 7

plus now I'm going to be basing this on

protection looks and just how it feels

on my device I don't want something

overly bulky but I want something that

it'll protect it as well so let me go

ahead and give you my opinion on what

the best iPhone 7 cases are another

thing is there are a ton of new ones but

a lot of them are being delayed they're

not coming out right away so what's

currently available right now that's

what I want to share with you now I may

be a fan of you AG so I'm going to start

with my favorite case first and that's

you AG I think they make some of the

best cases you can possibly buy for your

iPhone or iPad and this year's iPhone 7

case is no exception so it's very

similar in style to the other ones and

if I go ahead and pull this out they've

got new nice packaging as well you'll go

ahead and slip it and the reason I like

these cases so much is because they're

so slim and literally in all my drop

test comparisons these have outperformed

like every case I mean for the size the

amount of protection they have and how

easy they are to use is just incredible

that's what I really like about them so

you'll know why I have them on all my

products is because they're really just

awesome cases now they are tad spending

like $40 for this one so you know it is

worth it though I think these cases are

amazing and some of you guys may be

wondering why I haven't posted a top

cases drop test video just yet just

because the tower where I usually film

is under construction so I'm gonna have

to wait for that to finish up before

posting one unfortunately there's really

nothing I can do and second to that is

the new monarch series from UAG so these

cases have been slightly redesigned

they're basically a better-looking

version of the plasma and I really like

the colors on them so they've got this

silver and like a titanium look as well

you'll see it is very similar just

slightly different style a little bit

more expensive by ten dollars but still


case and second to that is poetic so

I've been using these cases since back

in the iPhone five days actually you

remember posting a video about them and

the reason I really like these cases so

much is because of how lightweight they

are they're extremely thin and this one

actually feels really really nice you

can also see straight through them using

a polycarbonate shell so you can still

see the beauty of your jet-black iPhone

just necessarily without putting it up

against weathering scratching stuff like

that it's got a nice logo it's very

comfortable like I said lightweight easy

to use so this case goes way back with

me poetic I'll always support you guys

so if you guys are like clear like cases

this is the one for you and I'll admit

this one I ordered just because of the

looks I have no idea how this actually

fares but let me just pull this out and

check it out so this is cover huh

interesting so it's made of genuine

leather on the back I really like the

color it pulled me in so very

lightweight case though let's pull this

in here leather case for the iPhone 7

and I like how thin it is on these sides

kind of just wraps in very nicely with

the black I think black on red looks

really good I'm always a fan of leather

especially if you have a leather

interior in your carbine it'll match how

but very nice that's covered and here is

case ologies so the reason this case

pulled me in is because of the geometric

design on the back and the shade of blue

now imagine Apple released an iPhone in

this shade of blue right here that would

have been really cool so on the back

you'll notice it has this ripple effect

hexagonal and it looks really really

nice like something very modern and

clean and me and case ology I mean I

think we go pretty far back I've been

dropping their cases since iPhone 6 if

it's very nice and snuggly and there it

is actually I'm liking this so it

doesn't make your phone too wide but it

does add some grip to it I like this

back here it's like a Nexus 6p

camera cutout hmm but very nice very

nice so there are many of these styles

that I have and there's another one in

here that looks like this so it's got

just lines instead of the hexagonal

pattern but all in all I mean they make

some good-looking cases I love the shade

of blue as well so definitely something

I'm liking one of the best looking

iPhone 7 cases for sure and xyd aureus

so this is the one I actually daily on

my iPhone 6s plus as I'm eagerly

awaiting my 7 plus to arrive in the mail

but these guys know how to make a

beautiful case so they have multiple

finishers for the back but it's the

bumper itself that drew me in so it adds

this really industrial look to your

iPhone just like a metal finish and I

have the leather back II online but this

one is a carbon fiber so let's open it

up and see how it looks very nice

actually padded leather finish and the

band's over here it's green instead of

red so mine has been through about a

year now of daily use and it's pretty

scuffed up but it's still holding up

very very well and that's what I like

about it it's a very durable case so

let's slip it off and insert the iPhone

7 so it's like a two-piece case so

really cool how you slide it on whenever

I take it off and I'm like around people

everyone's always like oh whoa what's


it's a nice case so it's all about show

I'm not really sure what this hole in

here is for as I don't have that on mine

hand it down here actually but there it

is so that's the EXCI Doria case and it

fits very nicely also gives you a very

good border to grip so and I'm going to

keep it in the family so either you AG

or X Doria for me personally as I do

like kind of bulkier heavier cases and

these actually performed very well on

the drop tests as well and next up is

ESR so also go way back with these guys

so their style is pretty nice it's the

durability of these cases that's the

most impressive so they actually feature

a metal shell inside which kind of gives

it a rigid structure and when you drop

it it helps to protect it as well so

this part comes off you can kind of get

a better look at that inside really nice

so pop my iPhone 7 plus inside this

is for the larger model seems to fit

nicely this one is industrial for sure

so it's got metal grates in here up here

it's more blocky it makes your phone

more of a square but it looks good I got

to say it looks good and it performs

very well and here is case crown so this

is a very very lightweight case for your

iPhone it's basically like a clear shell

and it's very simple right so this is

what it looks like right here so very

simple as clear and all you do is you

remove the inside put your iPhone in

here and now way you can enjoy the back

whether it's the matte black or jet

black still have people know you're

using a brand new iPhone but still enjoy

some sort of protection and there it is

installed so extremely thin case also

it's got a nice metal border I mean it's

very simple that's what I like about it

it's very simple and the clear back is a

winner for me so that's nice that's a

case crown for the iPhone 7 and here's

spigen so this is one with the carbon

fiber on the outside I was really a fan

of this in my drop test video let's see

how it looks on the iPhone 7 and there

it is

so you've got Matt over here I think

it'll match very well with the matte

black pony and the carbon fiber looks

kind of cool up here so I feel like this

would match very well with either jet

black or matte black as well and this

one isn't a hard plastic so it's very

soft feeling this one is very stylish

one and I've never been a fan of spigen

as much but once they added the carbon

fiber finish that's when I started

looking much nicer so there's that one

and here's the Rhino shield crashguard

this one I really like because it

reminds me of the good old days with the

iPhone 5 and 5s so it's a bumper case

meaning it has no front or back and go

straight through it just wraps around

the phone entirely so just like this I'm

going to insert this and boom you can

see the back clearly you can see the

front clearly but still have some sort

of protection on the bottom and sides on

top of course so it's nice it's really

nice because I'm person that likes to

use my phone naked and this is like semi

naked right here you can still see

through it feel it's the nice jet black


and still be able to comfortably protect

your phone so there's at the Rhino

shield crash guard and the very last one

is spec so these guys have been around

for a very very long time I mean I

remember seeing people with three G's

use them and they've always kept a very

similar design they like diagonal lines

and just lines in general close together

and you know it still looks good so this

is the latest one for the seven plus and

I couldn't get them in any other color

but this one but mostly I associate this

brand with their white cases and black

stripes that's just how I remember them

very thin very slim and these guys

generally do good in the drop test they

just failed from 50 feet but you know at

10 feet right here how much more do you

need so it looks good feels good and is

somewhat stylish now I wanted to mention

that there are several other ones that

you know there aren't on this top 10

list but they're honorable mentions so I

wanted to show you those as well there's

otterbox of course I don't really

recommend this one for looks

Tech 21 it's got this neon look going

for it slightly I mean it's pretty cool

but Tech Tony Wan is a brand with

reputation for drop tests I will be

performing one on this case and many of

these as well but for now I mean doesn't

look too bad

alright guys that's it those are my top

10 iPhone 7 and 7 plus cases as time

goes on more and more will be released

I'll be reviewing more but for now

that's all you guys need to know any of

those are a good choice in terms of

looks and protection and even feel

Department thanks so much for watching

guys protect your iPhone protect that

mirror shine on that jet black I mean

it's going to be a shame if it gets

scratched up so yeah hope you guys

enjoyed the video peace