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the most common question I hear today is

if the iPhone eight is a worthy upgrade

some people still have the iPhone 7 and

feel that this is just an iPhone 7s and

then there's the irony that you can

still buy both from Cupertino at the

moment with the 7 costing slightly less

money it's only fair for us to put them

head-to-head on a comparison to see just

how similar they really are I'm high net

event with market now and this is iPhone

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let's get the obvious out of the way

first the iPhone 7 is more like the

iPhone 6s s and for the iPhone 8 let's

just add an extra s to that this is the

fourth year in a row that Apple iterates

this design and if you went for the

matte black or Space Gray Varian's I

chose they're almost indistinguishable

from a distance you have to get close to

the iPhone 8 to notice that there is

glass on the back instead of aluminum

that the color is more of a darker tone

of gray instead of black and that the

Apple logo and iPhone texture now

attends to Chrome like in the old days

dimension wise the iPhone ADA's are here

larger than the 7 in every way fractions

of a millimeter taller wider and thicker

though 10 grams heavier and you notice

that the moment you hold them

side-by-side the alumina on the 7 is

less prone to fingerprints than the

glass on the 8 but at the expense of

being more slippery when handled I still

prefer aluminum because it's one less

part that breaks in case of a fall but

if what it was charging is your thing

only the glass on the 8th can achieve

that and since we've begun to discuss

features and specifications the 8

obviously has all the newer toys the a11

Bionic follows the latest and more

efficient 10 nanometer process versus 60

nano meter on the 810 fusion Ram is

reportedly the same two gigabytes if

you're buying today the iPhone 7 comes

with 32 or 128 gigabytes of storage the

iPhone 8 comes with 64 or 256 gigabytes

both devices share ip67 water and dust

resistance as well but the only place

where the 7 wins at least in numbers is

because it's battery is 8 percent larger

for content consumption both devices

support a retina HD IPS LCD that

supports the p3 color gamut the iPhone 8

wins again by bringing true tone

technology of the iPad pro which adapts

the displayed tone to the lighting

surrounding it the iPhone 8 also has

slightly more powerful stereo speakers

than the 7 but I recommend watching

wands real audio review for a full

comparison on that

in software there's really nothing to

compare here both devices run Iowa's 11

and this is one of those cases where

absolutely everything the iPhone eight

can do the iPhone seven can do as well

we have a separate video detailing the

improvements to this new operating

system so I'd rather not for you with

the basics gliding through menus and

launching basic applications perform

about the same on both devices I notice

speedier performance and hard core stuff

like restoring the iPhone eight from a

backup but that's just about it even for

things like gameplay the iPhone 7 is no

slouch when compared to Apple's latest

and greatest wear I have noticed a

significant difference is in battery

life the ten nanometer process on the

a11 is clearly a more efficient ship

even when running on a slightly smaller

battery the iPhone 8 has been the first


regular-sized iPhone that I've been able

to use for a full day without the need

to top up by 4:00 p.m. and listen I said

the only one the iPhone 7 and even the

seventh was have proven to be

disappointments in this department as

you'll notice on our after the buzz

videos and then where I haven't really

noticed significant differences is in

the camera I highly suggest you watch

wands real camera review he actually

focuses this video more on making it a

comparison between the iPhone 8 plus and

the iPhone 7 plus and the differences

are negligible for all that Apple

mentioned that it had refreshed the

sensors that's really not visible here

don't get me wrong though this is not a

bad thing this just means that both the

8 and the 7 are great at photography

video recording is where things are

different but not when you record a

regular video it's when you tax the

iPhone a to its maximum capabilities

like being able to record 4k at 60

frames per second or being able to

record slow-motion video at 1080p at 240

frames per second thinks that the iPhone

7 can't do and not even the camera that

I'm using to film this comparison either

and I think the camera experience is the

best way to conclude this comparison

those are you looking for major

differences between the iPhone 7 and the

iPhone 8 might be disappointed that

there aren't that's what the iPhone

tennis for and if you're wondering why

the iPhone 8 exists that's because I

know a significant amount of people that

like the iPhone as it is they want the

latest and greatest iPhone but they

don't want to lose touch ID or even the

rest of the experience that they're used

to if you already have the iPhone 7

upgrading doesn't really make sense but

if you're in the market for a new iPhone

and don't want to wait for the 10 I

would highly recommend the iPhone 8 more

than the iPhone 7 simply because it's

newer hardware it performs better when

it comes to battery life and while Apple

supports a newer phone for a longer

period of time and regardless of what

you choose fingerprints and smudges are

always going to be a given the brand

skins will eliminate those fingerprints

and add some grip to your upcoming

iPhone 8 or any iPhone for that matter

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