Best Savings Account in 2021 (Best HIGHEST Yield Savings Account)

I don't know how to break this to you

guys but pretty much if you use any of

the traditional high-yield online

savings account such as Ally Bank Marcus

or CIT that's giving you about at 1.6

APY right now then you've pretty much

been lied to this entire time if you

think that they offer the highest rate

for your online savings account I'm here

to burst your bubble and tell you guys

that there's actually not one not two

but three online savings account that

can yield greater than five percentage

APY if you stay until the last

recommendation i'm gonna show you how

your online seekers account can actually

get you six point one seven percentage

APY now to put that into perspective

allied bank is about a 1.6 percentage

APY right now versus a 6 point 1 7

percentage which means for every $10 you

put into the savings account today in

the next year you'd be getting a dollar

and 60 cents from ally versus if you put

it in the six point one seven you

beginning six dollars and seventeen

cents from this online savings account

which is phenomenal especially given the

current market conditions when the

federal funds rate is extremely low if

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highest online savings account rates

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are gonna park your cash and you need it

to be super liquid somewhere you don't

want it to be just sitting in your

bedroom or under your pillow or mattress

because that's gonna be losing

purchasing power every single year due

to inflation the average inflation rate

in the United States is about three

percentage and if you go with just a

traditional online high-yield segment

accounts such as Ally Bank still losing

money however if you put it in the super

high-yield online savings accounts then

you're will actually be gaining money

year over year I do want to preface this

saying that because these super high

yield savings rate are giving such

amazing rates there are greater

restrictions and I'll give you a trick

actually at the end on how you can

maximize your return but without further

ado let's get started third place is the

blue Federal Credit Union blue Federal

Credit Union offers a four point nine

nine percentage ap1 which means for

every ten dollars you put in in a year

you'd be getting four dollars and ninety


back now there are a couple of

restrictions within this Federal Credit

Union is that in order to open an

account you have to deposit ten dollars

out of those ten dollars five of those

dollars goats towards the blue Federal

Credit Union Foundation and the other

five dollars go towards your account

there is no monthly fee for you to

operate and keep this account and the

biggest copy that I can see is that the

maximum contribution for you to earn

such a high interest rate is a thousand

dollars coming in second place is this

online savings account called NetSpend

now NetSpend is more well known to the

general public as a prepaid debit card

but it gets really interesting in this

aspect because when you deposit money

into this prepaid debit card that money

within the prepaid debit card is held in

a online savings account that gives you

interest at a five percentage APY the

biggest restriction on this is that

you're required to purchase these

prepaid debit cards but don't worry

about that because we're not actually

gonna be using these prepaid debit cards

we're only going to be depositing money

into these cards to utilize the online

savings account

the second restriction is that each

prepaid debit card that you purchase

you're limited to only one thousand

dollars but the good side about this is

that you can purchase up to five prepaid

debit cards which means that you can

contribute up to five thousand dollars

to yield a five percentage APY you'd be

getting two hundred and fifty dollars

back at the end of the year which is a

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first place I'm gonna need some drum

rolls Digital Federal Credit Union with

a whopping six point one seven

percentage ap why the biggest

restriction being that your maximum

contribution is capped at one thousand

dollars on the flip side is that there's

no monthly fee and there's no minimum

balance now I know I know what you're

thinking right there there's so many

restrictions on the super high-yield

online savings account is even worth it

to open up with the account opening on

the online savings account is pretty

much a one-time online or deal so I know

you're maxed at each individual one for

one thousand dollars five thousand

dollars one thousand dollar contribution

but what my suggestion is actually

opening an account with all these three

institution now that means that adds up


$7,000 in savings that you need in

liquid capital emergency funding which

is fantastic because with these three

accounts which are all FDIC insured

which means that the federal government

ensures your money the money that you

put in is guaranteed minimum of

basically five percentage APY which is

pretty close to the total stock market

average rate of return which is about a

seven percent gain here over a year so

what's really cool is that you can

contribute up to seven thousand dollars

of super liquid emergency funding

whenever you need it while still taking

advantage of close to the average stock

market return of seven percentage points

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