Intel Core i5 vs i7 For Gaming – Which Should I Choose? [Simple]


recently we made a video pitting the i3

and i-5 intel core CPUs against each

other to see which of these would come

out on top the reason we chose the i3

and i-5 cpus was because they are by far

the most popular choices for the

majority of users but then again most

people don't build overpowered gaming

PC's if you're looking to build a

powerful mid-range PC or even a high-end

one then this is the video for you in

this video we'll be taking a look at how

the Intel Core i5 CPUs stack up against

their i7 brethren in the last video we

could name a clear winner since both the

i3 and the i5 filter rolls rather

brilliantly in the end it all came down

to your budget but you probably noticed

that this video is quite short so you

can expect a more definitive and

prescriptive answer this time around so

without any further ado let's begin the

first thing we have to do is check how

each CPU performs relative to the other

to this end we recommend using user

benchmark it's not a 100% accurate means

of acquiring performance data but as far

as approximations go a user French mark

is excellent and it will give you a

great overall impression of how two CPUs

fare against one another more

importantly you can use it to compare

different I 5 and i7 models since not

all are the same when it comes to

performance and price when we compared

the most powerful 9th gen I 5 and 97

models the i5 9600 K and the i7 9700 K

we found that the performance gap

between the two was rather underwhelming

across the board the 9700 K does get a

better score but the only aspect in

which it pulls ahead by a lot is the

multi-core performance

thing that doesn't really play a large

role in gaming so once we add the price

difference which by the way is by no

means underwhelming into the equation we

have to conclude that the i5 is the

better choice for the vast majority of

gamers yes the i7 will offer better

performance overall but this marginal

improvement will not be worth the extra

investment now you may be saying but hey

want an i5 CPU and def bottle making my

GPU no it most probably will not the

thing is bottlenecking sounds much more

dangerous than it actually is

by definition it says that your GPU will

not be able to work to its maximum

potential unless the CPU is powerful

enough to get it to do so but mid-range

CPUs are powerful enough to get the most

out of high-end GPUs for example even a

previous gen I 5 will just barely

bottleneck in RTX 2080 and also do take

note of the phrase just barely bottom

linking is not a hit or miss situation

where the PC will refuse to work

entirely if it detects even a tiny

percentage of it this is something to

keep in mind because sometimes a

hardware configuration that suffers from

slight bottlenecking

will end up better than one that is

completely free of it and costs roughly

the same just look at the following

example and you'll see what we mean like

we've said and our TX 2080 paired up

with an i5 CPU will end up bottlenecking

a little bit but we'd always choose this

hardware configuration over an RT x27 a

paired with an i7 CPU GPUs are the real

heavy lifters when it comes to gaming

after all and no amount of multi-core

performance can offset this


in conclusion and I five until core CPU

is definitely the better choice for the

vast majority of gamers the only reason

why you would need at I 7 CPU is if

you're building a super high-end gaming


we're talking RTX 20 ATT I kind of high

end or SLI or even a VR gaming machine

if this isn't the case then the i-5 is

the most cost-effective solution and

that about does it for this video we

hope you've enjoyed it

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