Netflix Vs Hulu 2019 (Honest Review)

welcome back to the channel in this

video I want to compare Netflix to Hulu

so two of the largest streaming apps out

there today so if you're looking to

watch online movies or online TV or even

live TV you're gonna want to consider

getting one of these two apps now in

this video I'm going to dive in really

deep and compare both of these apps not

only on a mobile device but also on a

desktop as well as on a smart TV now

this is available on so many different

devices that I can't cover all of them

in this video

however the desktop and the mobile

device essentially show you the majority

of what you need to know about both

these apps before subscribing now

there's a lot of videos out there on

YouTube that just go and scroll through

the libraries of both and point out

their favorite shows now that's not what

I want to do with this video I really

want to talk about four different things

the first thing I'm going to talk about

is the interface I'm gonna look at the

interface and just you know is it easy

to find what you want and essentially

review how its laid out then I'm going

to look at the features of both of them

both on mobile and on desktop then I'm

gonna look at the pricing of both of

them and lastly I will talk about the

library I think it is still important to

talk about the library however I'm not

just gonna go and scroll through and

talk about what my favorite shows are

I'm gonna go and point out what

different kinds of shows are on each

platform so you can effectively decide

which app is best for you

now one more disclaimer like my other

videos this one is totally unspun surd

so it really is just an honest review of

both of these apps and because this is

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okay guys so here we are on the Hulu app

on my phone now Hulu was developed in

2007 and originally it was just for TV

series so if some TV show was on you

know aired one night the next day would

be on their website and then Hulu would

reach into their website and show you

the most recent episodes now they

wouldn't show you all of them unless you

paid for this the premium service but

unfortunately now they only have the

paid version so you can't use Hulu for

free anymore like you used to back a

couple of years ago now Hulu has about

20 million subscribers which is quite a

few considering that there's such a new

app out there

they've always been more focused on TV

and that's why as a you know as a result

you'll see that there's a lot more TV

shows on there now one thing that they

have over Netflix is that if you're

watching some kind of live show and you

don't have cable for example or maybe

you just aren't home to watch it at

night then you'll be able to watch it

essentially the next day on Hulu so Hulu

covers that show it'll be on the next

day whereas on Netflix you have to wait

for the whole season end and they need

to wait a whole year after that and then

they'll release the whole season at once

so there's a you know an upside and a

downside to that you do get to watch the

whole season at once but it is a year

after when everyone else is watching now

the different prices they have so if

you're paying originally it's six

dollars a month for the first year and

then they up it to eight dollars a month

and that is just for the basic Hulu

option available and that's gonna have

ads so you're gonna watch TV shows and

so after every five minutes is what I've

seen they'll show you an ad now if you

pay a little bit extra so twelve dollars

a month they'll get rid of all the ads

now another thing that have is over here

you see the live tab so if you go to the

live tab you can actually watch live TV

now this is $40 a month so I got this

because I thought you know what I might

as well go all out and get you know the

highest option available so I can really

understand what Hulu is all about what I

did not realize is that when you get the

highest version so you get you know Hulu

TV for $40 a month they still show you

ads which I did not expect at all so

that was definitely a huge downside for

Hulu I wish they would not have done

that but they do have live sports in

over 50 live cable TV channels so now

digging into the app a bit more so you

have search up there you can search

whatever TV shows you want and you know

your microphone so you can do voice

search which is pretty standard among

apps these days now what I will show you

here is as you scroll down they have

originally when you first signed up for

the app they ask you for really five or

ten thing

that you're interested in and so the

algorithm kind of suggests things

similar to that you can keep watching

over here so this is other things that

you're watching and they will let you

know so you can remove them if you're

like hey you know what I don't actually

want to watch this anymore you can

remove it from your watch history and

then it no longer pops up as I continue

watching over here in my channels it'll

show up with all the channels that you

like right now they're alphabetical

order because I haven't watched that

many channels you can go over to sports

based on you know what what sports you

said you like and what teams you said

you like and you can go to news TV

movies kids you know there's a lot of

different sections here Hulu originals

is one thing oh that's why I didn't know

that because that was a Hulu original so

Hulu originals I'm gonna talk about

Netflix originals in a minute but the

originals are really getting big these

days a lot of people a lot of platforms

are making their own originals so you

have to get their service in order to

watch that show so you're not gonna see

any of these anywhere besides on Hulu ok

so you can actually have multiple

profiles on here just like Netflix which

is cool so if you're using with friends

or family then everyone can get their

own you know profiles so you can watch

your own shows and leave off or pick up

exactly where you left off which is

definitely cool thing with that so so

another thing in the app so you go to my

stuff and they'll show you again all the

things that you said you liked all the

shows you said you like there's live you

can also browse so they'll suggest

different things for you based on if you

like so let's say you're looking for a

movie you can go in there and they'll

show you different movies based on you

know different categories with popular

so it's a very standard app in that

sense and of course in your very limited

settings there's really not much you

have to do this autoplay or subtitles

and captions but when you're actually in

watching something on a mobile device so

let's just click on this one right here

open that up it'll show you other

suggestions at the bottom and there it

is so you see the advertisement at the

bottom so when I tap that you see all

the little grey dots on the bottom

that's when other ads are gonna pop up

within this video

so as I said it's about every five

minutes but depending on what you're

watching it might be longer here it

looks like it's a lot longer than

probably more like 20 minutes between

ads so you can skip ahead or behind ten

seconds you can pause you can make it

fullscreen so let's just make it a full

screen right here I apologize is

probably gonna be sideways when I edit

but you'll see there is essentially what

you got so you've got three different

three different video qualities you have

subtitles on and off and you can choose

your language so

it's really not a lot of settings on the

mobile app there was a lot more on the

desktop okay guys so here we are in the

Netflix app now one thing I will say is

that I noticed the app for Netflix is

much cleaner than the Hulu app and I

noticed that it is much more like the

web app so they try to make it extremely

similar across all their different

devices you can use now like I said if

you're listening if you're watching on a

smart TV an Xbox a PC a Kindle Fire a

tablet you know a phone whatever it is

they try to make it as similar as

possible because they used to be so

different and people did not like that

so here we're just gonna scroll down you

see it's very simple at the top you have

TV shows movies in my list so you know

they make it really easy at the top you

can scroll down and you'll see first of

all what you're gonna continue watching

so what you already watched you'll see

you know Netflix originals new releases

trending now all these different

categories as you might expect from you

know a typical movie service like this

now one thing I will say is that Netflix

was founded in 1997 and it was

originally just a DVD renting app or

renting business really they weren't an

app at the time and they gradually grew

into the online streaming world where

they were streaming movies and as a

result you'll see they're much more

focused on movies and they have fewer TV

shows now what they're sort of leaning

towards now is their Netflix originals

that is a really really big business for

them and so let's just see if we can

find right here Netflix originals so if

you go into that you'll see they have

over 700 Netflix originals according to

Netflix themselves and they spend

somewhere on the order of 8 billion

dollars a year making new originals so

they have so many different movies TV

shows and all these different content

out there that they are they're really

pushing this so this is what's really

driving their business these days and as

a result you can see a very heavy

reflection of that in the app you can

just do the basic option for eight

dollars a month where you get standard

definition so it's not high definition

and you can only have one screen at a

time playing so you can have multiple

profiles on here you can have multiple

devices signed in but you can only watch

on one device at a time okay guys if you

want to pay an extra five dollars a

month you can actually get one DVD at a

time enough to two per month personally

I think there's a ripoff if you pay

eight dollars a month you can get one

DVD at a time unlimited per month and

then if you pay $12 per month you're

able to get two V two DVDs at a time and

unlimited rentals per month

don't think many people are doing that

these days I think Netflix is really an

online streaming service so that is what

I'm really focusing on this video but

back to the apps so when you're looking

at so Netflix originals whatever they

have all these different things you're

going to see this in a second on the

desktop version but you'll see so you

can search which is very standard again

you have the voice option when you're

searching you have coming soon which is

going to be essentially their new

releases anything that's coming a lot of

originals of course are gonna be on here

you have downloads so one really cool

thing about Netflix is you are able to

download so if you're gonna be on a

subway or on a plane it's a good idea to

download these shows that are in TV

shows movies whatever you're watching so

you can watch them on a plane and then

one other thing I wanted to point out so

see this little thing right down here

you can actually cast and play on

something else so if you're not playing

on your phone or if you want to control

your TV from your phone you can cast

from your phone which is I in my opinion

a very cool option another thing I want

to mention is I believe if you have

t-mobile basic Netflix is already

included in your phone plan so Netflix

also has a 125 million subscribers so

about six times as many as Hulu right

now and that's as of April 2018 so as

you can see they're a much larger

service right now they're the big animal

in the game okay now another thing I

want to do so let's just go right here

and open up just some TV show so we're

gonna watch the black list once again

I'm really sorry that this turns

sideways but here you can see there's a

few more options on here than there were

on Hulu so I'm gonna pause that you can

see audio and subtitles right there so

you can choose a language for subtitles

they'll show you the episode so if you

want to choose what episode you want to

watch it's really easy within the video

player right here to choose not only the

season but then the individual episode

that you're trying to watch you can also

cast as I said this is also right there

so whenever you're watching you can cast

it you can go to the next episode and

again you can go forward and backward

ten seconds in case you missed something

so if you know someone starts talking

you can just skip ahead or behind

whatever amount of time you're looking

for so some other things now I noticed

that the app settings are also more

advanced on Netflix so not only can you

see if you're able to use cell you know

cellular data maybe you're only wanting

to use Wi-Fi if you want notifications

so you know Netflix will tell you when

new TV shows are coming out our new

movies are uploaded so there you can

download only on Wi-Fi you can do smart

downloads you can you know

the video quality and you can also

adjust the location of the download

right there they're going to show you

how much data you have available on your

phone ok guys so here we are on the Hulu

website as you can see it's very

different from the mobile app

everything's in different places but

essentially you still have to keep

watching things that you're gonna be

interested in up there my channels and

then sports and other things like that

now what I will point out is you see the

white background right here if you're

somebody who wants a dark background you

just go right up to your profile and you

click the little switch and it'll make

it into a dark mode so that's something

that I think a lot of people will like

some people are interested in dark

backgrounds some people want white

backgrounds on websites and you can get

either one here on so something

that I think it's really cool about the

web player is if you hit the little X

right up there you'll actually have a

mini player right there while you're

browsing and looking at other things so

this is very similar to what YouTube now

does but I don't believe Netflix

actually does this but of course it

depends on what device you're using

Hulu definitely has this really cool

little feature right there okay so

besides the web player there's really

not a whole lot of other stuff to talk

about here on the website you know you

see as I said before you see a whole lot

of TV shows this is definitely big on TV

show so you don't see nearly as many

movies as you might have expected and

you also see a lot more of the modern TV

shows that are on every day so you see

Seinfeld on here you see Rick and Morty

on here you see all you know friends are

on here you'll see everything you know a

lot of those type of shows are gonna be

on here and they might not be on Netflix

so Netflix is definitely gravitating

away from those shows and into their own

originals where they're making the most

money so here we are just on a show on

the Netflix app and as you'll see you

have essentially the same options as you

had on the mobile player however down

here you have the mini player and since

this is the downloaded Netflix app on my

PC the mini player actually makes it a

tiny player on my screen so it takes up

now about you know an eighth of my

screen if you click this you'll see it

gets a lot smaller so let's make it

large again and you can see you know

it's just a really cool feature that you

have it's a little bit different so you

don't have the same mini player option

as you had in in Hulu where it makes it

smaller and you can continue to browse

but it can make it smaller while you

continue to do other productive things

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