what's good guys and this is the HTC One

m7 - a lot of people the best smartphone

the company has ever made so let's see

what makes it so special and how the

phone took home almost perfect review

scores and usually the package is made

primarily from plastic which is very

rare but solid and it's free from the

creases and damage we normally see on

cardboard boxes the highlights of the

phone include blinkfeed which is like a

more general form of the newsfeed you

might find on Facebook we've of course

got boom sound which is I'd say the

crowning jewel of the HTC One m7 but

we'll come back onto this and of course

we've got HTC Zoe which you probably

haven't heard of in a while mostly

because no one really cared about it the

phone is on top and under this we've got

two compartments left hand side houses

loads of paper and the right side has

the micro USB cable and charger but also

these these were at the time and even

today some of the best sounding

earphones included in a phone box

there's also nice to see they've got

some sort of visual identity and they're

not just one plain color with no

branding all right then we've got the

phone and as you can probably tell this

is the rare blue color variant over here

and it's not just a solid smartphone it

is a visual masterpiece alright so back

in March 2013 when this phone was

released it came with some truly

standout aspects to it would we've got

to talk about but just before that we

need to take a look at the ultra pixel

camera this was HTC's way of selling the

four megapixel sensor that we placed on

the HTC One m7 the term ultra pixel is

actually describing how the huge sensor

they put inside this phone combined with

the lower megapixel count actually

allows it to capture up to 300 percent

more light than competing 13 megapixel

cameras and having less megapixels

whilst it sounds counterintuitive does

have some noticeable benefits you can

snap photos faster ones that take up a

lower file size and are less likely to

be compressed when you're using other

programs or sending them and also this

does better in low light you probably

curious to see the results so on the

left-hand side we've got the galaxy note

2 which was Samsung's latest phone at

the time this one was launched and on

the right is the HTC One and from this

distance the lower megapixel count on

the HTC is not so apparent but the size

of the sensor truly is there is a

certain level of sharpness achieved by

the amount of light this is capturing

that the Samsung is just not keeping up

with upon zooming in HTC's detail is on

the lowest

but not by as much as you'd expect given

the numbers I really do think this phone

has the foundations of a very strong

camera and it's kind of a shame that HTC

ditched the ultrapixel idea rather than

trying to refine it all right so the HTC

One m7 is crafted out of one aluminium

unibody which truly set the precedent

for smartphones in the future the body

has zero flexing zero creaking and also

extremely strong drop and scratch

resistance no it is chunky don't get me

wrong but it's not as heavy as you'd

expect and the matte finish was his

fingerprints and keeps it fairly easy to

grip oh yeah and it's visually stunning

grunted I wouldn't swap my 2017 Galaxy

Note 8 out for it but some of the

elements of this design are undoubtedly

yet to be beaten and if HTC could have

refined his concept into something with

a more modern screen to body ratio and

thickness this phone could have been a

winner the screen to received applause

all the way around a Super LCD 3

technology behind it produced bright

natural colors and with a sharp 1080p

resolution combined with a fairly small

4.7 inch display this had pixel density

off the charts it does still have pretty

large bezels meaning it is still hard to

use with one hand definitely an area

that friends have improved on since with

their narrow sides and better ergonomics

but when you combine it this display

with these speakers the HTC One m7 was

pretty much the king when it came to

video audio is so immersive it brings a

smile to your face even today and it's

still clearer than my 2017 dual speaker

pixel 2 XL this phone was pretty much

the start of the dual speaker era and

it's the first of its kind but

ironically still one of the better ones

breem sound sounds like a gimmicky

marketing term what it does do is

transformative the aspect which is

perhaps a little bit more gimmicky and a

little bit harder to notice was the

Beats Audio integration so this phone

came out in a time when beats were the

headphones to buy everyone was wearing

them on the streets and so by slapping

that brand name on I guess they must

have drawn a lot of the audio

enthusiasts in but this was more of a

software integration it was simply a

tuning of the speaker's to emphasize the

bass and it works it sounds good

but it's not exactly a hardware fee the

snapdragon 600 is a chip that powers

this phone which was pretty good at the

time but I remember being very

disappointed that it missed out on the

highest-end Snapdragon 800 and it's

impressive to see how far processing

power has come since 2013 the modern

equivalent of the 600 is between three

to four times more powerful namely the

Snapdragon 660 not to say the UI isn't


because it is but it doesn't feel quite

as responsive to your touch the HTC One

m7 won't quite cut it in terms of tough

3d games and loading screens stay around

for a little bit longer multitasking to

somewhat suffers with only two gigs of

RAM here the One m7 was a real turning

point for HTC's Sense UI now based off

Android 5.0 lollipop it is really easy

to fall in love with the focus is on

being light on being fast a stark

contrast to Samsung's TouchWiz or even

most other smartphone skins at the time

and blinkfeed is genuinely something you

find yourself using this news feed like

list is not something that's new

technology but it's good implementation

of existing tech and sometimes that's

enough the camera software suite 2 is


it's got face detection object removal

and automatic highlight reels usually

stuff you find in third-party

applications and that brings us on to

HTC Zoe which is a three second live

photo effectively where 12 frames are

captured and it's a cool idea and

combined with the fast shutter speed of

the camera as well as the low amount of

blur the N photos come out with lets you

do some cool stuff but it's just not

practical enough these small size photos

end up becoming small videos so the

limited space you have on your phone

which is non expandable is now getting

filled very quickly and if yours are one

of those things you'll show your friends

and play around with if you have five

minutes but not something you start

using by default aside from this you'll

notice Hardware capacitive keys Plus HTC

logo that kind of looks like it's just

been used to fill some space you combine

that black bar with the large chin on

the top and the bottom of the phone

which are accommodating the stereo

speakers you can kind of see why some

people were upset about wasted space on

the phone that was one of the very few

complaints this device received when it

was launched it's just a little bit

longer than perhaps it needs to be but

this kind of leads on to the conclusion

of this video the reason why we're kind

of making it this is a time when HTC was

absolutely out their peak they were

building fast beautiful ferns that

genuinely had a strong visual identity

of their own this was not a perfect

phone but it was certainly an innovative

one this was the first time we'd seen

ultra pixel technology the software had

been completely overdone this is the

first appearance of stereo speakers on a

phone in quite some time and the screen

was really really well regarded and so

when we look back to 2013 the golden

year when HTC released his phone it's

kind of sad because the company is

really not doing well in the smartphone

market now and perhaps if they'd

actually taken the successes of this

phone improved on the floors they could


a completely different position now

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