Important Things to Know Before Booking a London Hotel | Book Your London Hotel series


about to book your hotel in London well

here are some important things that you

should know before you do it by the way

if you're new here I'm Jess and I make

videos for people who are coming to

visit London and this video is part of

my book your London hotel series there's

no best area to stay in there are lots

of great areas to stay in in London each

of them offers something different for a

different type of traveler so if you

need recommendations of where to start

your search I have a couple of videos

that I will point you to at the end of

this video that will help you out

hotels are relatively expensive you've

chosen to visit one of the most

expensive cities in the world and so the

hotel prices do reflect that so you'll

just need to manage your expectations

and expect to get a lot less for your

money here than in most other parts of

the world central London is the most

expensive so all of the hotels that are

in the most central part of London which

is near like the major sites and

attractions relatively speaking those

ones are gonna get you the least for

your money

so if you're on a budget then I would

start to expand your search outside of

that very Center we have all of the

major hotel chains here in London but we

also have some really great boutique

hotel chains like the firm Dale hotels

and Citizen M so don't be afraid to

branch out from the names that you

usually know and usually stay with

always booked a hotel that is just a few

minutes walk from a tube station some

hotels will advertise that there a short

bus ride away from the tube but actually

a bus ride can add a ton of time onto

your travel time if there's traffic or

if it just doesn't come very often so

your best bet is to always make sure

you're staying within about a five

minute walk of a tube station I'll cut

down on your travel time significantly

if you're planning to party on a Friday

or Saturday night when you're in London

then you can save yourself some money by

staying near one of the stations that's

part of the night tube which runs all

night on Friday and Saturday nights that

way you want to pay for taxis to get

back to your hotel I'll leave a link in

the description of the video that will

tell you which stations and which lines

are part of the night tube the best area

and the best hotel to staying in London

totally depends on you just figure out

what you want to get out of your trip do

you want to be right by all the major

sights and attractions or do you want a

little bit more of a local experience

that will help you to figure out which

area is gonna be best for you and also

which hotel if you need some

recommendations for areas to start your

search in I have two videos as part of

this book your London hotel series which

you can watch by clicking the card

that's popping up right below me of

these I got distracted to the right

the taxis