Best Cordless Vacuum 2019 - Dyson vs Shark vs Tineco vs Hoover vs Bissell vs Moosoo

we've tested a lot of cordless vacuums

in 2019 and it's time for our second

annual best cordless vacuum competition

2019 edition in addition to the eight

cordless vacuums from last year we added

14 more this year for a total of 22

cordless vacuums tested I broke up the

competition into three categories the

budget category for vacuums $200 or less

the mid level from 200 to $500 and the

premium vacuums from 500 dollars and up

you can check the links in the

description for timestamps to each

category if you want to skip to the

section that interests you the most and

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while you're there I tested things like

their power specifically their suction

and air flow numbers their battery life

their pickup ability on hard floors and

carpet their ability to deep clean

carpets their filtration systems their

ability to resist pet hair tangles their

weight and ease of use their attachment

set their price and a few other things I

then gave them scores making sure to

weigh certain categories more than

others and I think we came up with some

pretty solid picks for the best cordless

vacuums this year in each category I

should mention that four out of the 22

cordless vacuums here were sent to me

for free to do reviews on in the past

and while three of those placed in the

top three in their category none of them

are my pick for best cordless vacuum in

their price range so you can be

reasonably confident that our picks are

our honest opinions okay so let's get

started with the budget category

starting off with power

I took their suction power numbers on

high power and added them to their air

flow numbers measured at the cleaner

head on high power to get a combined

power score for each and we see that the

Jimmy J V 51 was by far the most

powerful followed by the MU sook a 17

and the two other mooses and in case

you're wondering this is the somewhat

complicated way I scored this

competition next up is battery life and

it's important to know that it's not

enough to say that this cordless vacuum

can go for 30 minutes on low power and

this one over here for only 25 minutes

because you also need to know how much

suction and air flow power is happening

on each power setting in order to see

how good or efficient the battery

actually is for example the Dyson V 11

can only go eight minutes on its high

power setting but that's because it's

super powerful on its high power setting

but it's actually the most efficient

battery and

this competition so he made a formula

that took all this into account and

found that the Jimmy and the Moose who

618 B were tied for first place with

decent battery numbers with the other

two mooses and the Hoover react placed

here as well next up is the carpet deep

clean test this is where we take 100

grams of sand and embed it into medium

pile carpet and weigh the dustbins

before and after to see how much they

picked up after 16 passes and all of

these were pretty close with the new

Hoover one power blade plus just barely

taking the top spot a few notable things

here is that the Jimmy did worse than

any vacuum I've ever tested here and

that's because it only comes with a soft

roller head which is amazing for hard

floors but is not really meant for

carpet cleaning which will come up later

probably one of the most important

categories is how well they pick up

debris on the surface of carpets and

hard floors and with hard floors the

Jimmy and the Eureka power plush were

the best since they had those soft

rollers which are so good with

everything from fine debris to super

extra large piles of debris as well as

pet hair with a four-way tie for a

second place with a lot of the losers

here being vacuums that tended to

snowplow larger debris which is common

on hard floors on carpets I also take

snow plowing into account but in general

they all did much better here with a

three-way tie going to the Hoover the

Dirt Devil reach max plus and the

Bissell multi rate one of the biggest

differences between a budget vacuum and

the more expensive vacuums is that

budget vacuums are typically not sealed

systems with hepa filters and don't

really trap a lot of the microscopic

debris in the vacuum which I've become a

bit of a snob about recently and all of

these budget cordless vacuums failed

either our fog test or our dry particle

test where we use a special kind of

testing dust and a particle counter the

Jimmy JB 51 was the only quote-unquote

winner here though because while it also

failed the test and there was a little

bit of visible fog seen it does actually

have a HEPA filter and it didn't fail

nearly as badly as the others we tested

their ability to resist hair tangles

with one gram of seven inch human hair

and there was a two-way tie the musu k17

because it has a fairly large diameter

brush which is good for resisting

tangles and the Jimmy because of its

soft roller and because it has these

small combs built into the housing which

pulls hair off the brush as you vacuum

in the interest of time I will quickly

mention that we looked at the

eight the attachment set giving extra

points if they had handheld turbo

brushes with a preference to motorized

turbo brushes we charted how well they

did on our crevice pickup test which

shows if they have a good seal on hard

floors we gave them extra points if they

had a removable battery and if those

batteries were available for sale if you

wanted to buy an extra one and finally

we took their current prices into

account and gave them corresponding

points and the budget category winners

were the Jimmy JV 51 followed by the MU

sook a 17 and really quickly I want to

add that I really can only recommend the

Jimmy JV 51 if you have almost all hard

floors in your home the lack of a

standard brush that can deep clean

carpets is a major drawback for the

Jimmy so in many ways my real pick for

the best budget cordless vacuum is the

MU sook a 17 you can see the individual

reviews of each in the description and

let's move on to the mid-range category

I much prefer vacuums in this price

range over anything in the budget

category because the quality performance

and features get significantly better

with the power specs we saw a 4-way tie

with the duo clean sharks like the F 80

and the P 50 as well as the Dyson v8

taking the first spot I should also

mention at this point that though I have

tested the shark I on flex before I

didn't include it in this competition

because it seems that shark has replaced

the iron flex 2x with the shark F 80

which is basically an upgraded version

of the iron flex 2 X but cheaper with

battery life it depends on how you look

at it because two of these vacuums the

teen koay 11 master and the shark F 80

comes standard with two batteries so if

you take the combined numbers for two

batteries they would clearly take the

top spots with an edge to the shark F 80

however if you want to show which vacuum

has the best battery efficiency that is

the most time for the most power the

scores look like this with the shark ion

p50 over the Dyson v8 and the Bissell

icon Pet moving on to the carpet deep

clean test here the simplicity s 65 did

the best with its carpet floor head

which has an excellent seal and good

agitation followed by the ting co a 11

and the Sharks and the Dyson v8 tied for

third place with carpet and hard floor

pickup ability it got a little more

complicated as many of the vacuums in

this price range come with two cleaner

heads the soft roller head for hard

floors and the

standard cleaner head which can do both

carpet and hard floors but are much

better for carpets the net result is

that you have excellent pickup scores

for all of these on both hard floors and

carpets assuming you switch the heads

out since I'm not a huge fan of having

to switch out the floor heads for

optimal performance I gave a half a

point advantage to the shark duo clean

rollers here for having essentially a

soft roller and a standard roller

combined into the same head basically

you only have to flip a switch on the

handle to change the brush speed to

transition from hard floors to carpet

and it's a much more convenient system

as I've said many times I think the duo

clean rollers from shark are amazing so

sharks did really well with the debris

pickup scores ironically some of the

vacuums in this price range like the

shark rocket Pet Pro and the Bissell

Ikon pet were better than any vacuum at

any price at resisting pet hair tangles

as both of them have separate

technologies to prevent tangles and took

the top spots in this category with

filtration we started to see a lot more

sealed hepa systems with this middle

category but a few of them especially

the slightly cheaper ones weren't sealed

and they lost points here moving quickly

forward I gave the best weight and

ease-of-use category to the shark ion

p50 even though it's technically not the

lightest vacuum here it's because its

handle weight is so much lighter than

the others so it's the easiest on the

arm to vacuum with by a long shot

after taking price into account the

winners for the mid-level category were

the shark ion p50 followed very closely

by the shark f80 and a three-way tie for

third place including the team ko a 11

and the simplicity s65 both of which

were one of those free units I received

that I mentioned earlier moving on to

the main event

the super premium category featuring the

Dyson v10 absolute the Dyson V 11 torque

drive and the ting co s12 plus so these

are between 500 and 700 dollars and

really there are only a handful of

vacuums in this price range at all but

these represent the best of the best in

my opinion so in terms of power there

really is no question the Dyson via

Levin is the most powerful cordless

vacuum I know of

now the v10 and the s12 are also really

powerful and are actually very evenly

matched battery life was really hard to

judge because on the one hand the tink

os-12 is one of those cordless vacuums

that comes with two batteries

which makes its battery numbers look

really good but on the other hand the

Dyson V 11 has the most efficient

battery on the market right now in my

opinion with incredibly high power -

battery life numbers so I decided to

call it a tie for first place even

though I know it's not exactly accurate

the Dyson V 11 also won the carpet

deep-clean competition though it was

amazingly close and all of these are

superior carpet deep cleaners on the

hard floor and carpet pick up tests it

should be noted that the Tenko s12 and

the Dyson v10 absolute have both a soft

roller and a regular head though the V

11 in America only comes with a regular

head which made it lose a half a point

on the hard floor tests don't get me

wrong it's regular head does great on

hard floors as long as you keep the

adjustment gates all the way open for

larger debris but it's nowhere near as

good as having a soft roller the tink OS

12 Plus did slightly better with hair

wrap than the Dyson's but the Dyson's

were much better than average just not

as good as the tink OS 12 they all had

perfect filtration as they all had

sealed systems with HEPA filters with

price the advantage really went to the

Dyson v10 which in many ways is so

similar to the V 11 but after a recent

price drop is drastically cheaper than

the other two which tend to mirror each

other with their price he was so drastic

that I gave the v10 two extra points

here for value again the tink OS 12 gets

a big boost for its crazy amount of

attachments and there's one final thing

to consider here both the tink OS 12 and

the Dyson V 11 have an automatic suction

adjustment feature built-in which

adjusts the power of the vacuum based on

the floor type with the V 11 or how

dirty the floor is with the S 12 so I

gave them both a point for this really

cool feature which really helps to

optimize their already great battery

life numbers so after counting it all up

the super premium winner is the Dyson

v10 absolute and it may be the older

version but the cheaper price helped to

push it over the edge it should be said

here that this was by far the closest

competition yet and all three of these

are excellent choices if you don't mind

the price links in the description to

all the winners and be sure to subscribe

to vacuum ores to see our best robot

vacuum competition coming up in a couple

weeks thanks for watching