REVIEW OF hemorrhoid ointments and creams to treat hemorrhoids

there's so many options for hemorrhoid

creams and ointments out there I know

when people are trying to find something

for for their hemorrhoid problems

they're gonna have a hard time deciding

which one to purchase so I I made this

video to share with you my experiences

hopefully that'll save you some time and

money and help you to select the one

that would work best for you and so the

first thing I did was I went onto Amazon

and I looked up hemorrhoid creams and

ointments and the ones that had the best

reviews I purchased at my purchase one

tried it didn't work so I purchased

another one and another one and so on

and I'm gonna give you a review of all

of the ones that I had tried and whether

they worked

so the first cream that I tried was the

number one product that you can find

over-the-counter at your local drug

store such as CVS and its preparation'

aged cream and that actually did not

help at all it didn't do anything for me

and I wouldn't waste my money buying

that product again so the first product

that I'm going to talk about I actually

found on Amazon by looking up hemorrhoid

creams and I found this product called

Myung long buying long mask hemorrhoids

pointment cream and this was given four

stars by one thousand three hundred and

fifty three customers seventy percent of

them gave this five stars so 70 percent

of 1 3 5 3 equals 947 customers gave

this 5 stars in helping with their

hemorrhoids so I purchased this to see

how it worked so this the product aim in

a box that look like this

and it came in a very tiny tube

so I purchased three of these and use

them consistently because with

medications you need to use it

consistently for prolonged period to

really test the effect and this the

major complaint or comment that I read

on Amazon was the smell this to me smell

like medicine it smelt sort of like

menthol with Musk earthy musky smell to


it did that didn't bother me at all I

mean when you're putting these things on

their medicine and so it didn't smell

terribly just smelled like medicine and

it caused a sensation that was kind of

cool cool sensation but it didn't help

it didn't help me at all so I would not

purchase this again but hundreds and

hundreds of people gave this a keep this

five stars so what I'm gonna do is put a

link to where you can purchase this for

the best price the next product that I'm

going to talk about is kalmo sep 10 and

I also found this through Amazon and if

you look at the reviews most of them had

like five to four and a half stars by

hundreds of people this one had 1007 we

used with five stars 792 we use with

five stars they're all mostly five or

four and a half stars so this stuff is

supposed to be really great although I

don't think all of these stars are for

hemorrhoids but the product had

hemorrhoids as one of the things for

which it could be you so I purchased

this as well to try it so the next

product is camo ceptin or camo ceptin

and wow this tube

this tube was huge compared to mine long

you get a lot more bang for your buck

with this this smell like menthol

because it actually does contain menthol

so the active ingredients are menthol

and zinc oxide so I don't know if you

can see this but it has point for 4%

mental and 20.6% zinc oxide gosh this

got wonderful reviews on Amazon for skin

problems and it did include hemorrhoids

as one indications or one of the things

that this would help treat it was

alright it didn't help

I would not purchase this again

especially since this isn't something

that you can find you can find just

over-the-counter at your local drugstore

like this both of these you have to

order online so that's a that's a - okay

now we're getting to the good stuff or

the more effective stuff the next

product that I'm going to discuss is

desitin this I didn't even need to look

up in Amazon there's a turn for people

who have kids is you know the number one

product that people use for diaper rash

it's highly effective and again it's a

lot more bang for your buck compared to

lying wrong this

I'll tell you a little story my mom

during winter time develop lesions

around her lip I thought it was herpes

so I went to CBS and picked up a mini

miniature like half the my mom did


for I think it was like $27.99 or close

to $30 and put just because it was so

small we put very thin layer every day

you know I don't know like three times a

day for a week and it did absolutely

nothing because those seasons were not

due to herpes but it was I must have

been due to contact dermatitis she was

having runny nose you know and so she

kept blowing our nose and it just caused

the lesion around that area so we got

this put it on her immediately the

following day it started heating right

away while with Abreva the lesion kept

getting worse and worse so I know this

stuff is like miracle product it works

and this believe it or not has the same

active ingredient as calm acceptance and

has zinc oxide but unlike calm except in

which had 20.6% this has zinc oxide I

don't know if you can see 40 percent

this has double the amount of active

ingredient you can find this everywhere

I'm gonna put a link to this mmm

link to where you can get this and it's

from Target target had absolutely the

best price every day price for a zinc

oxide or for desitin so zinc oxide

provides your skin with moisture barrier

and it

and antiseptic so it it's good against

bacteria and other microbes so it's

great stuff and when I tried it on

hemorrhoids I really haven't heard about

people trying desert and hemorrhoids

although after I started using it I look

looked it up online and some people have

recommended this for hemorrhoids it did

help actually help a little bit so


is one of two products that I'm going to

recommend it did help a little bit and I

I'll explain what I mean by it a little

bit and it when you put it on it doesn't

sting it will actually I think for most

people it will help soothe painful

hemorrhoids if you have painful

hemorrhoids the other product that I'm

going to recommend is tea tree oil this

you can find almost everywhere you know

Target Walmart local drugstore I happen

to have gotten mine from Trader Joe's

but again if you get you know 100% pure

tea tree oil you can find this anywhere

and it's gonna be as effective this is

the other product that I'm going to

recommend as helping hemorrhoids a

little bit this this I actually think is

miracle product for acne it's the story

I have is I still suffer from acne even

though I'm so old and when I put this on

right away the following day the acne

would be gone or significantly healed

so the redness the inflammation is gone

this is just wonderful product for acne

and I just tried it for hemorrhoids and

it actually did help it has antiseptic

properties again so antibacterial and

antifungal all just it's just a

wonderful product and people recommend

that you dilute this but I just use it

straight I just dab it on my finger and

dab it on the acne or dab it on

hemorrhoids and it does help it has a

very strong smell and it actually causes

like hot sensation to me but it doesn't

sting but you might mistake in that

hotness for stinging but it's not

painful to put in put on so here's the

story with these two products they did

help a little but see depending on the

type of hemorrhoids they still may or

may not help these will help heal

hemorrhoids that would have eventually

healed on their own these products will

help expedite the healing time if you

have the type of hemorrhoids that would

have healed on their own but if you have

more severe cases such as grade 3 and

grade 4 and hemorrhoids then there isn't

any point mineral cream that you can use

out you know out there that will help

shrink and get rid of those hemorrhoids

so grade 3 are the types of hemorrhoids

that are internal hemorrhoids that

protrude out when you have bowel

movements so and when you stick them

back in they'll stay in but every time

you have bowel movement they'll come

back out grade four are the types of

hemorrhoids work once they protrude you

can't stick them back in because when

you try to hook them back in your buck

using your finger they'll come right

back out and those absolutely require

other medical interventions such as

surgery or rubber banding or IRC

infrared coagulation but even these may

or may not help the most of sure cure

would be surgery but even surgery is not

100% people will develop hemorrhoids

again and so that's the unfortunate


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