What is the best, most money saving space heater? Infrared, ceramic, mica, oil-filled

today's video is going to be all about

space heaters

so for a long time I've wondered what

makes a space heater effective and cost

saving and I couldn't find any good data

online so finally I just decided to run

some tests myself and that's what I'm

going to be showing you today so I'm all

about saving money and doing things the

most effective and efficient way I

possibly can this past year I've got my

fourth space heater and I decided to

start collecting data so this video has

been a long time in the making I've been

collecting data for months and I'm

finally have the results and honestly

the results are not quite what I was


if you only want to see the results go

ahead and skip to the end of the video

if you want to see the process of how I

came up with the results just keep on

watching also at the end of the video

I'm going to talk a little bit about

what space heater I think might be the

best for you and why ok so the process

of what I did let me tell you a little

bit about the setup what I did is I got

four points in the room that I would

take a temperature reading from so I

could get the average temperature my

room is a pretty small room it's about

110 square feet or 860 cubic feet

I took a reading of the temperature

every 15 minutes for an hour so I could

get up to 4 average temperatures per

hour and measure how many degrees each

15 minutes each space heater had so the

goal of my experiment was simply just to

see which one heats up the room the best

and cost the least amount to do it I use

four different styles of space heaters I

use an oil filled radiator I use an

infrared quartz space heater

I used a mica panel space heater and I

use a ceramic space heater these are

actually about the most common styles or

types of space heaters I've seen if you

want to see the exact space heaters I

use I will post some links below you can

go check those out

so in my experiment I placed a space

heater in the middle of the floor I

measured the temperature I

tested on the high heat and the low heat

just to compare the differences between

the two and I also use a smart socket so

I could measure the wattage and the

overall power consumption for the time

it was on I did this experiment over the

course of a few months just so I could

try to make sure I get consistent data

with the outside temperature and the

inside temperature I realized this

experiments maybe not the most

scientific or accurate but for me it was

good enough to make some conclusions

based off the results I got so before I

get to the results I want to talk a

little bit about the pros and cons of

each style of space heater so here are

some of the things I like about the oil

field space heater so for one it has an

analogue button so you can turn it on or

off with a smart switch it has a long

cooldown period so it can still heat the

room even after you've turned it off it

has no moving parts so it's very quiet

and it doesn't get very hot so it is

actually quite safe to the touch some of

the things I don't like about the oil

field space heater

it's really quite heavy if this is

tipped and especially tipped on to a

child this could be quite dangerous and

because of how heavy it is it's not

really super mobile it also takes a

while to heat up so if you want instant

heat you're not gonna get it with an oil

field space heater I also find it to be

quite large and another con with it is

that because it only has an analogue

temperature dial you kind of have to

guess with setting the thermostat okay

the infrared quartz space heater some of

the things I like with this is it gets

hot probably about 15 seconds after you

turn it on so it's a pretty instant heat

this space heater has a fan so the heat

radiates pretty well around the whole

room another nice thing about this space

heater is

most of the space heaters I've seen like

this they're actually designed to look

like furniture or to look nice the model

I have kind of looks like a fireplace

and that can be a nice thing especially

if you just keep it in one spot and use

it like a furniture piece another nice

thing about this is it can be controlled

with a remote control so you can be

sitting at your desk or something and

control it that way

some of the things I don't like about

the space heater for one because it has

a fan it can be a bit loud this space

heater has sound well it is kind of nice

that you can use a remote control to

control the buttons that also means

because it has digital controls you

can't use a smart socket if you turn it

off with the smart socket you can't turn

it back on with the smart socket another

thing about this space heater is the

area that the heat comes out is kind of

concentrated so that metal grate can get

really hot and could burn you if you

touch it so next we'll talk about the

mica panel heater some of the things I

like about this space heater is for one

it's really lightweight especially for

the size it's very light very easy to

pick up and very easy to move you get

instant heat with this as soon as you

turn it on you can feel the heat and it

radiates really well throughout the

whole room out of all the space heaters

I tested this one got the most hot and

it really radiates that heat very well

this base heater also has analog

switches which means you can turn it on

and off using a smart switch which I

really like so some of the cons with

this the top gets very hot and could

probably burn you if you touch it

another thing that's not great with this

is it looks pretty boring it is fairly

large it doesn't look like furniture

it's very obviously a space heater and

again with the analog thermostat you

kind of just have to guess what

temperature you're at and play with that

you don't have any digital reading to

know for sure

lastly I will talk about the ceramic

heater one of the nice things about

ceramic heaters

that they come in all sorts of shapes

and sizes the one I have is very very

small it's very portable very easy to

move the space heater also has a fan I

think most ceramic space heaters I've

seen have fans which is nice for

directing the heat where you want it to

go and ceramic heaters also seem to

spread the heat out pretty well so if

you touch any part of it it doesn't get

super hot

some of the cons for ceramic space

heaters for one again you have a fan so

it's going to be a bit noisy and also

this has a digital on/off button so you

can't use it with a smart socket in turn

on and off with the smart socket if

that's what you want to do okay now on

to the results here are some of the

things I found while testing all of

these space heaters so you can see here

on my spreadsheet that the mica panel

space heater and the infrared quartz

space heater made by far the largest

difference in the first 15 minutes of it

being on there's the largest temperature

change out of all the space heaters both

of these space heaters cost about 11

cents per hour to run on full Heat

this also happens to be the highest out

of all the space heaters so I found that

with about all of the space heaters

within the first hour each one of them

costs about one cent to raise the room

temperature by one degree and just a

note of information I did some

calculations and it seems that if you

want to use the space heater for about

four hours a day for about four months

of the year it's going to cost you

roughly fifty to sixty dollars that year

to use a space heater so really space

heaters aren't super cheap especially if

you're doing multiple rooms or have it

on for more than four hours a day so

here are some of the conclusions I came

to after running my experiment after

running all the tests I found that space

heaters more or less are basically the

same they create electrical resistance

and they heat up the only major

difference is shape and sizes and how it


the heat that being said I do think

there are some things with space heaters

that can contribute to the efficiency of

a space heater if your goal is the same

as mine which is to save as much money

as possible while heating a room then

the way to go is you really want to heat

up the room as fast as possible so

basically you just want a space heater

that is as big and hot as you can

possibly get it and heat up the room as

fast as you possibly can

once a room is heated especially if you

have a good insulated home it will take

quite a while to cool back down to the

original temperature and to illustrate

why I think it's so important to heat up

a room as quick as possible let me show

you on my spreadsheet a scenario that I

put together so you can see here with

the mica heater even though that the

price per hour is 11 cents and that's

quite hot in the first 15 minutes it

changed the temperature by basically 7

degrees if you compare that with the

ceramic heater on half power it's much

cheaper to run per hour at only 4 cents

but in the first 15 minutes it only

heated the room by almost 2 degrees if

you look at this for the entire hour the

mica heater made as much difference in

15 minutes as a ceramic heater made in

an hour

so if you look at that from a cost

perspective it cost three cents to heat

up the room seven degrees in only 15

minutes whereas it costs a ceramic

heater four cents to heat up the reading

room 6.6 degrees in one hour

so if you were to use the mica heater

turn it on for just 15 minutes then you

would have a room that is warmer than

using the ceramic heater for the same

amount of time but it costs less money

and that's why I suggest getting a

bigger space heater turning it on to

full heat and just trying to heat up the

room as fast as you can then you can

turn off the heat and let it slowly cool

again so when you decide on a space

heater you really

need to kind of figure out what features

are important for you and what your

overall goal is and also the scenario in

which you will be using a space heater

so to finish up this video I want to

talk to you about what scenarios each

space heater might be really good for so

the oil field space heater I think this

space heater I would recommend for an

enclosed room where you have an area

where you could just set the space

heater and just leave it there this is

also a good space heater if you want to

keep it on throughout the duration of

the day and use the thermostat so it

goes on and off by itself this is nice

because it takes a while to heat up and

slow down so you'd have a good average

temperature throughout the day

the infrared quartz space heater was one

of the more efficient and effective

space heaters I found and I think this

is a really good space heater for larger

rooms or rooms that you don't expect to

fully warm up like maybe even a garage

this is nice because it has a fan so you

can blow it on you and so even if you're

not heating up the whole room you can

still feel the heat because it's blowing

on you you need to keep in mind that it

does have a lot of sound so I wouldn't

really recommend it for small rooms

where you need to be quiet the mica

panel heater ended up being my favorite

heater for a few reasons I just liked

how portable and lightweight it was it

was also the hottest heater and it did a

really great job of heating up the room

very fast I would recommend this heater

in an enclosed room where you want a

quiet environment I think this is a good

heater for just about any bedroom or a

smaller room it also worked really well

for us

in our downstairs where we have our

kitchen and living room connected so it

can also work well for large rooms and

lastly the ceramic heater I would

recommend using this in an area where

you need kind of personalized heat I've

seen a lot of people will use this at

work like under their desk and I think

that's a really good use case for this

because it can blow the heat on you so

you get the heat you need but depending

on the size it might not really heat up

an entire room that well especially if

it's open space lastly I want to share a

few tips about saving a bit of

money based off the data I found so one

thing I found is after about the first

15 or 30 minutes of having a space

heater on in this room the difference

that it made after that point was pretty

marginal it didn't really heat up the

room that much so I'd recommend only

heating of the space heater for about

fifteen to thirty minutes at a time and

then turning it off another thing as I

mentioned before try to heat up the room

as fast as you can so crank the heat up

as much as possible

overall it takes longer for the room to

cool down so if you can heat it up

quickly then you will save more money

then gradually letting the room warm up

and then cooling down so just heat up

the room fast another thing I found is

the warmer room is the less difference a

space heater is going to make so really

a space heater is much more effective in

really cool temperatures I would suggest

using a space heater to get it from

really uncomfortable to maybe slightly

uncomfortable and consider wearing a

jacket or wearing a blanket and that's

really what's gonna save you money the

other tip I would share is trying to

contain the heat exactly where you want

it if you use one room in the house more

than others make sure that that's where

you put the heat I wouldn't suggest

opening doors and just trying to heat up

the whole house that's just gonna cost a

ton of money and my last tip is if you

can get a thermostat and measure the

room and use it with your space heater a

lot and find the point where your space

heater no longer becomes effective for

me I found that anything beyond about 65

degrees started being less and less

effective so try to find that point with

your space heater so you're not wasting

money just trying to get that extra one

or two degrees so I know this was a

really long video if you watch the whole

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