Heart Health : How to Find Your Heart Rate for Fat Burning

hi my name is Eric four shirts I'm a

cardiologist in Austin Texas with

capital cardio comm I'm here to answer

the question how do you find your heart

rate to maximize fat burning the first

step it would be to determine your

maximum heart rate which is to subtract

your age from the number 220 which will

give you an estimate of your maximum age

predicted heart rate once you have this

number the range at which you want to be

working to maximize fat burning is

between 60 to 70% of your maximal age

predicted heart rate and you would then

take the number that you got after

subtracting your age from 220 and

multiply that number by 0.6 to 0.7 or as

an average 0.65 to determine your heart

rate that would be most beneficial for

you to burn a maximal amount of fat

during exercise and that's how you would

determine that number