Why You Should Wait To Buy A New TV | Best 2020 TVs

I'm gonna say something I haven't said

in maybe a decade I think you shouldn't

wait to buy a new TV


hey everyone I'm Caleb Denison for

Digital Trends and I've had some time to


since the madness of CES is now in the

rearview mirror

turns out the TVs coming out later this

year are actually worth waiting for

I know you might be looking at a new TV

for the Super Bowl and I know you are

about to see some really killer deals

coming up in the next few months but if

you can hold on for just a bit longer

with the TV you have the wait will be

worth it here's why the new TVs coming

this spring have some legit upgrades

that make them better performing more

future-proofed and very likely less

expensive let's start with HDMI 2.1

which brings a bunch of new

possibilities hdmi 2.1 is coming to most

major TV brands at this time the jury is

still out on sony so look for an update

on that in the comments and there are 7

features in particular that i think will

benefit you variable refresh rate or VR

our auto low latency mode or alm

enhanced audio return channel EARC

dynamic HDR quick media switching and

quick frame transport it's a lot I know

but let me run through them really quick

three of those are aimed squarely at

gamers VR RAL LM and quick frames

transport within HDMI 2.1 give gamers up

to 4k resolution at 120 Hertz with at

least free sync compatibility as well as

Nvidia g-sync and many models

this means killer picture quality with

less screen tearing high refresh rates

and some of the lowest input lag we've

ever seen never mind a high-end gaming

monitor just get a TV you'll get a

better experience the EARC part is also

clutch not just for those who want

uncompressed Dolby Atmos surround sound

going from their TV to their AV receiver

or sound bar but also if lip sync issues

drive you nuts with EARC those things

are gone

dynamic HDR means the better HDR

experience and quick media switching

means no more black screen when you

switch from cable satellite to a

streaming app or a console it will be

absolutely instantaneous now all this is

to say that I think the full suite of

HDMI 2.1 features are well worth having

and if we're talking about

future-proofing i think you need hdmi

2.1 to be as future-proofed as possible

next let's talk about OLED for a minute

not only is there a new 48 inch full

adoption coming from LG and Sony which I

think will make a killer gaming monitor

as well as a more accessible size option

for a lot of people let in the bedroom

anyone sorry

the other thing here is that Visio

Phillips and Conca are all bringing in a

led to the US this year what does that

mean competition it's been LG and Sony

only for the past two years and with

competition coming from noted

budget-friendly brands you can bet

prices are going to drop across the

board for Olin so if you thought OLED

was out of reach because they're too

expensive that will probably change this

year suddenly OLED looks like a viable

option for lots more people and I'm

stoked about that next let's talk about

what TCL and Vizio are doing Vizio is

bringing what will likely be the

brightest TV of the year it's p-series

quantum X into 2020 and it's got a new

picture processor that from what I was

able to see is looking way better than

previous years then you've got TCL which

and I'm still amazed by this brought the

first mini LED TV to market last year

now that mini LED tech is coming down to

its 6 Series TVs which means mini LED at

more sizes and at a much lower price

plus TCL has this new mini LED tech it

calls vid rien and that's going to make

an even more compelling case for mini

LED at the premium tier all of this puts

some serious pressure on Samsung LG and

Sony to bring super high quality

performance at lower prices than we've

ever seen before

so not only should oh let's get more

affordable but I think what we consider

to be high tier LCD TV performance last

year will be seen in the mid tier or at

least that performance will come at what

we've considered mid tier prices in the

past and as a side note I will point out

that LG at least is bringing a TS c 3.0

tuners to some of its TVs so if you want

to be ready for what will be the next

gen of broadcast TV LG has you covered

so there you have it that's my take if

you need a TV right now and you just

can't wait go for it I'm not saying you

shouldn't buy a TV before June or July

when most of these new models should be

out the tvs you can buy right now are

very good and will serve most people's

needs but if you're looking to get in on

the best lend of future-proofing value

and pricing then we've seen in quite

some time

then try to hold out and get something

coming out later this year I think in

the long term you'll be happier hey

everybody thanks for watching

are you willing to wait until the new

stuff comes out later this year leave me

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