Best Graphics Cards For Gaming 2020 [Buying Guide]


the graphics card is the most important

component in any gaming PC and you

certainly won't find anyone disputing

that sure components such as the CPU the

RAM the power supply and others are all

vital and the PC can't function without


but if gaming is your primary concern

then it's the GPU that's going to be

doing the most important happy lifting

when it comes to rendering all those

polygons textures shaders and effects

that make up the digital world of every

video game as you probably already know

new GPUs are being released all the time

sometimes the next generation of GPUs

introduces exciting new innovations to

mainstream gaming so sometimes the new

lineup only offers an incremental boost

in performance or quite simply rebrands

old GPUs and markets them as new

products that said there are dozens upon

dozens of graphics cards available for

purchase right now and finding the one

that fits your needs best can be quite a

tedious slog through benchmark results

comparisons between different GPUs

comparisons of different cooling

solutions and so on well if you don't

really have the patience for that here

are a few GPUs that we think are very

good picks for gaming in 2020 while

keeping up with the latest cutting-edge

GPUs and technologies sure is fun not

everyone has hundreds of dollars to

spend on a graphics card alone and if

you can't afford to spend too much

you're gonna want to find a good budget

solution that comes at an approachable

price while also offering good

performance for the money and so for our

budget pic we have the NVIDIA GeForce

1650 super surprised that the budget

pick is an AMD this time around honestly

so are we for a long time AMD generally

offered better value in lower price

ranges than Nvidia did so the GTX 1650

super came as an interesting change of

pace the model that we chose is the one

coming from ZOTAC gaming as it is a

compact card with efficient dual fan

cooling that currently goes for a

hundred and sixty dollars which is also


sarpy of the GTX 1650 super and to put

it simply team green easily beats

everything that AMD has to offer at this

price point right now currently you can

find many Radeon rx 580 models hovering

around that price point

however the GTX 1650 super not only

offers slightly better performance in

general but it's also based on a much

newer and more power efficient

architecture which makes it a better

choice on virtually all fronts one

notable advantage that the rx 580 does

seem to have though is its larger view

Ram capacity most rx5 ATS come with

eight gigabytes of vram whereas the GTX

1650 super is only available with four

gigabytes of vram while this might make

some minor difference in certain theorem

intensive games the gtx 1650 super still

has faster GDD are six RAM and has the

lead when it comes to overall

performance at to that the fact that

it's much newer and more power efficient

and it's abundantly clear as to why it's

our main pick for a budget gaming set up

in 2020 but you're also probably

wondering about the Radeon rx 5500 XT

isn't that supposed to be AMD's latest

budget model well the four gigabyte

version of the RX 5500 XT goes for about

a hundred and seventy dollars while the

eight gigabyte one goes for 200 and the

gtx 1650 super kind of beats them both

Nvidia's GPU consistently scores higher

in benchmarks and offers better in-game

performance at a lower price point so

the tables have definitely turned at

least for the time being so all in all

if you're on a budget and you're looking

for a good budget GPU for gaming in

1080p we'd say that the GTX 1650 super

is the best option available at the

moment as it beats the competition and

is a big improvement compared to the old

GTX 1650 if you're really pinching for

pennies however the Radeon rx 570 might

be a better choice as it is some $40

cheaper of course the performance isn't

quite as good but

won't find a cheaper GPU that can run

the latest game in 1080p at acceptable

frame rates next up for our mid-range

pic that we feel happens to offer the

best overall value for your money we

have the Radeon rx 5700 XT the model

that we recommend comes from gigabyte

see the link in the description and it

is one of the best rx 5700 XT models in

general as it boasts a good triple fan

cooler as well as a sleek shroud and

backplate all the while maintaining a

very approachable price AMD may have

dropped the ball with the cheaper models

this time around but the rx 5700 XC is

another story

priced at four hundred and ten dollars

gigabytes rx 5700 XT is among the more

affordable models and it is more or less

in the same price range as in videos our

TX 2060 Super however AMD's card pretty

much consistently outperforms Nvidia's

cheapest our TX GPU by a noticeable

margin anywhere from 5 to 20 frames per

second depending on the game and the

resolution of course and if that wasn't

impressive enough the rx 5700 XT also

goes toe-to-toe with a significantly

pricier RT X 2070 super and it can

actually even outperform it in some

games not by much mind you but if a $400

GPU can keep up with and even beat a

$500 one but it's definitely worth

considering now the most obvious

advantage that the RT X 20 60 super has

compared to the rx 5700 XT is the

inclusion of real time ray tracing which

was the biggest and the most heavily

marketed feature of invidious during

GPUs and while this may seem like a

major selling point for the RT X 20 60

super keep these two things in mind a

few games make proper use of ray tracing

at the moment and more importantly B ray

tracing is very demanding and will

generally cut your in-game FPS in half

which constitutes a big performance head

for a mid-range GPU such as the archaic

20 60 super so with all of that in mind

it should be obvious as to why we chose

the rx 5700 XT as our mid-range value

pick it can offer excellent performance

in 1080p and is a very competent GPU for

1440p gaming and it can even take on 4k

though the performance won't exactly be

stellar in the more demanding titles and

finally if you're building a high-end

gaming PC and can't afford to get

yourself some of the more powerful

hardware than the card that's bound to

get your attention is the RT X 2080

super currently one of the most powerful

NVIDIA GPUs the RT X 2080 super offers

some of the best performance that you

can currently get in a mainstream

graphics card and we feel that Emma size

gaming extra virgin is one of the better

models you can get at the moment as it

equips the card with excellent triple

fan cooling beautiful RGB lighting and a

sleek exterior that can fit great inside

virtually any high-end gaming PC

overall the r-tx 2080 Super offers great

1440p and 4k performance not to mention

that it will also manage to push higher

frame rates with ray-tracing turned on

compared to the cheaper RT x models we

also feel that it offers much better

value for your money than the beefier

Archie X xx atti which costs about $500

more than the 2080 Super thus pushing

the price so high you could build an

entire gaming PC for what the graphics

card alone would cost you and yes the

2080 ti does perform significantly

better in benchmarks when it comes to

actual in-game performance the in-game

FPS difference between the 2080 Super

and a 2080 ti is usually about 10 to 20

FPS depending on the game and the

resolution that said if you're aiming

for 4k gaming or want to hit higher

frame rates on a 1440p monitor we feel

that the RT x 2080 super would be the

best and most cost efficient pick

so all in all we feel that the AMD

Radeon rx 5700 XT is currently the

all-around best pick when value is

concerned as it will net you more frames

per dollar than any other GPU could at

the moment it offers excellent

performance at both 1080p and 1440p and

as we've mentioned before it can also do

4k Alvie it at lower frame rates however

keep in mind that GPU prices will

inevitably fluctuate with time due to a

number of factors and new GPUs will be

out in no time so if you're watching

this video a few months after it was

originally uploaded then there's a

chance there might be in accuracies here

for more up-to-date information make

sure to check out the complete buying

guide on our website as we will keep it

updated as the market shifts moreover it

will also have some additional graphics

card models that might suit your needs

or budget better than any of our three

main picks and that about does it for

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GPU to buy as usual may your games be

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