Which Design Software Is Best For You? (This Video Will Help You Decide!)

today we're gonna be talking about which

design program is right for you the goal

of this video today is to help you guys

make a decision on which program to

focus on so if you're somebody that is

just struggling to find the right

program for you this video is definitely

for you let's get it



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on it let's go and get back to the video

now this is a non scripted video guys

I'm just going to try to help you guys

out and help you make the right decision

right now

when you learn so many different

programs at once you become the jack of

all trades but master of none and you

don't want to do that you want to learn

one program first and get really really

good at it and then move on to the next

program as soon as I got my hands on

Photoshop I learned it every single day

that's all I did was focus on Photoshop

and I got really really efficient and

good at it until I felt really

comfortable and then I moved on to

illustrator so again it depends on your

goal so here's what I want you guys to

do we're gonna keep this video super

simple I want you guys to focus on what

you want to do right now okay and then

I'm gonna give you guys a few case

scenarios in which program fits that

scenario if that makes sense so pause

the video real quick and once you pause

the video think about what your goals

are as a graphic designer

okay and I'll see you guys in a second

let's just pretend for a second that you

want to be a logo designer okay and you

want to make logos for companies and you

really want to take it serious

illustrator might be the better option

for you and the reason why Ella

straighter is a better option is because

not only is it industry standard but

companies that are looking for a logo

that are paying really good money for it

are going to want a vector file like EPS

and aí okay they're gonna want those

files so they have the highest quality

logo possible and they're not going to

accept anything less

so Photoshop

not be the option for you and keep in

mind if you go the illustrator route you

will be paying a subscription fee for

the Creative Cloud so you're going to

pay monthly to use Adobe Illustrator

okay and if you don't want to pay a

subscription you might want to look into

a Finity designer because affinity

designer is a hybrid program it does

raster and vector and you only pay one

price and you own the program forever

but keep in mind affinity designer is a

newer program so there are going to be

some things that they need to work on

like text warping and stuff like that

isn't as easy an affinity designer so

you have to just think about those kind

of things the good thing about affinity

designer is there is a trial that you

can sign up for and you can get the

program for free for a little bit and at

least see if you like it and that's what

I recommend you guys do I use

illustrator a lot more than Photoshop

nowadays for merge design and logo

design because I just think it's best to

give my clients the highest quality file

possible now if you're somebody that

does a lot of photo editing like photo

manipulation and all that good stuff

then you might want to use Adobe

Photoshop that might be the program for

you and if you guys don't want to pay

that subscription fee you can always go

with affinity photo which is pretty good

so if you're somebody that's budgeting

but you still want to get into photo

manipulation and that's the route you

want to take then definitely go with

affinity photo it's a great app and

you're not going to be disappointed I

personally choose Photoshop over

affinity photo just because I feel like

Photoshop is far more superior it just

has so much more updates all the time

and there's just so much more you can do

in it and I feel like it's easier to use

that's just my opinion

but again I don't use affinity apps all

the time so if you're somebody that's

watching this and you're already using

affinity apps and that's all you use

you're probably going to disagree with

me but I've been using Adobe products

since 2008 at the end of the day guys it

depends on your goals and what you're

going for again if you're a logo

designer if you're a merch designer if

you're somebody that needs to work with

vectors mainly illustrator or affinity

designer is going to be right for you

and on the other hand if you're doing

photo manipulation compositing and just

photo editing in general Photoshop and

affinity photo are gonna be the best for

you you just have to think about the

subscription fees with Adobe versus the

one-time fee with affinity so I hope

this video helped you guys make some

sort of decision today I know it was

kind of all over the place

I just I'm trying to get you guys to

understand that all programs are

definitely going to help you out and

help you achieve your goals it just

depends on what your goals are that's it

and that's going to help you choose the

program but that's it guys thank you so

much for watching my name is Charlie

pangas if you guys loved the video today

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video I'll catch you guys in the next

one peace