while today's smartphones are loaded

with Google Maps or Apple maps they're

really quick solutions for traveling

short distances getting a dedicated GPS

device for your car or truck is still

the best way to get to your destination

safely and with ease a vehicle GPS

navigation system has numerous

advantages over phones including the

fact that they don't require a data

connection and provide you with a higher

amount of information so if you're

looking for one we can help you with

some of the best in the business take a

look at the video description down below

if you want to know more about today's

featured products or if you need buying

links to find them we are starting our

list with the Garmin Nuvi 5:7 LMT it's

an easy to use dedicated GPS navigator

with a 5.0 inch dual orientation display

this car GPS comes with pre-loaded with

detailed maps of the lower 49 US states

with free lifetime map updates and

traffic avoidance the direct access

features simplifies navigating to select

sophisticated destinations like malls

and airports and displays current street

speed speed limit and arrival time and

cautions with school zone alert that you

see and hear more over the Foursquare

data adds millions of more points of

interest so that you can discover new

and popular restaurants shops services

and more in your area add a micro SD

card using the built-in slot to store

additional data if needed or just to

upload additional information further

it's trip log displays statistics about

your time on the road so you can analyze

your trip later while trip planner lets

you plan your route

next up on the list we have the TomTom

GO 520 it is a smarter faster better

connected GPS device it has Wi-Fi

connectivity that allows you to update

without a computer it supports a voice

controlled hands-free calling and smart

phone messages offer connectivity with

safety you can activate and talk to Siri

or Google now by tapping a button on

your TomTom go and using its built-in

microphone just connect your phone via

bluetooth also each tap swipe or voice

command will be registered instantly so

you can enjoy all the navigation you

need with zero hassle besides the unique

magnetic mount makes it easy to install

your TomTom GO every time you drive with

the help of the USB interface you can

easily connect to your computer

smartphone or car charger to get map

updates access real-time traffic and

more up next on the list we have the

Garmin dazzle 7 7 0 LM t HD this GPS

navigator was created with big rigs in

mind and boasted a suite of features to

help you on the long haul you can record

the dates and type of service performed

in the included service history log the

seven-inch glass dual orientation

touchscreen provides you with an easy to

read interface and displays the lifetime

traffic updates to keep you moving its

active Lane Guidance helps you through

difficult interchanges while Junction

view gives you multiple views to further

assist you in finding the correct lane

of travel route avoidance lets you avoid

highways or tolls speed limit indicator

helps keep you on the right side of the

law by displaying limits for most major

roads to help you avoid a speeding

ticket it's Bluetooth wireless


interfaces with your smart phone to

access live services using smart phone

link make and receive calls using the

built-in speaker and microphone keeping

your hands-free to drive

the TomTom via one 5:05 m has a 5-inch

screen for a better view of the road

ahead it also comes with free lifetime

map updates so your map changes when the

roads do for the life of your via this

device includes our TomTom maps with IQ

routes and map share technology with the

advanced Lane Guidance it shows you

exactly which lane to take before you

approach an exit turn or difficult

intersection so you can stay on the

right path on the other hand and has a

folding mount on the back so what

attaches easily to your windshield you

can use the optional disc to attach it

to your dashboard instead the Garmin

speak works with your audio system in

your vehicle providing high quality

sound through your existing car stereo

speakers it also leverages the growing

list of Amazon Alexa skills to bring you

a full range of voice-activated audio

infotainment smart home automation and

other lifestyle enhancing features on

the go also it comes with exclusive

garmin connected gps navigation that

gives you turn by turn directions to

specific destinations you could use your

phone's Bluetooth or an aux cable to

hear audio through your car stereo

moreover the garmin speak app works with

your Bluetooth enabled smartphone

relying on a suitable cellular data

connection with wireless smart home

connectivity Alexa adds to your comfort

and convenience by letting you remotely

control various compatible devices and

systems however you can remotely reset

the thermostat so you're not cooling an

empty home

the next product on the list is the

pioneer AV I see eight two zero one and

E X it comes with a seven inch

capacitive touchscreen with its upgraded

graphics to get the best possible view

of your maps while the spot on GPS

direction keeps you on the right path

and away from traffic congestion the

included remote control lets you take

charge without leaving fingerprints on

the screen it even offers a power off

mode in the source menu for those times

when you want a completely dark screen

it's wireless bluetooth connectivity

keeps you in contact with others from

the road with hands-free calling the

included external microphone gives your

conversations plenty of clarity when

you're talking through a compatible

phone further its dual zone capability

lets you enjoy the radio or another

audio source up front while your

passengers watch their favorite movies

with headphones in the back

finally at the top of the list we have

the Garmin drive smart 51 nal MTS you

can sync a Bluetooth enabled device such

as your smart phone for hands-free

calling receiving smart notifications

text messages and calendar reminders

without taking your hands off the wheel

get directions by talking instead of

touching thanks to the unit's

voice-activated navigation capability

you can also customize the device with

up to 1000 destinations of your choosing

its active Lane Assist with voice

prompts and Junction view ensure that

you are in the right lane of travel at

tricky interchanges while route shaping

helps you pick the most efficient way to

get where you're going the system is

compatible with Garmin smart watches and

the BC 30 wireless backup camera both of

which are sold separately thanks for

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