Best Garmin GPS unit for Geocaching

hi this is John here from GPS training

what we're gonna do in the short video

is look at the which is the best Garmin

GPS units for geocaching as he more than

likely know geocache he's a treasure

hunt that uses GPS units you can also

use your smartphone for this will be out

and about and it's wet and you're

outdoors a Garmin GPS unit is well I

think as far as I'm concerned a really

good option for geocaching so which is

the best for this purpose

traditionally what we've done with

things like the II tricksters 2535 these

Garmin GPS units or etrex 22 and 32 is

we do what's called a pocket query so we

put these GPS units into our PC or a Mac

and we download from geocaching comm I

know there are other websites available

but them majority people use geocache

calm you download what we call a pocket

query and then we transfer that pocket

query on to our GPS unit yes we can put

lots of geocache on there but we do not

need that PC or Mac to download them on

to and then we can transfer them by that

USB cable it there's a USB plug in the

back transfer those yes we plug there we

can just transfer those onto our GPS you

a really good cost effective way of


with a really good unit like any

toasters 25 or 35 but what's happened

over recent years with the Oregon Range

and now the 66 range from Garmin the

Garmin Oregon 700 and the 66 range from

gone if we can do what's called live

geocaching as you must pretty know these

have now have profiles that we can set

up on them so we have a geocaching

profile on this unit now what we do when

we first start up that unit when we go

to geocaching it will get us to pair it

with our geocaching comm account so the

first time we go into this profile it'll

take you to a website address and that

website address

you're putting your username and

password for geocache comm and then it

will automatically sync those two

accounts so straight away what it's

doing is taking that computer out of the

occasion this yes it's headed to a

mobile phone so tell you about my mobile


I've just got this tethered now with my

iPhone just tethered with my iPhone it's

using the data off there or

alternatively you're on the Wi-Fi it

will use the data via the Wi-Fi so with

a modern GPS unit and doing this what we

call live geocaching we let you just go

into our geocaching profile and there we

are there what we can do is look live

for geocaching so I can just search for

a cache I can just use that little

search button by there I can search

Phineas some sense for geocache is near

so I can say from my current location

and what it does see it goes online and

it down those those geocache she's

directly onto the units no need for a PC

no need of a Mac it's on there the nice

thing is that actually downloaded

directly onto that unit so if I lose

mobile phone signal or I don't have

access to wife anymore it doesn't matter

because I actually on that GPS unit now

when I go and find these geocaches and I

can actually log that I found them it

will automatically update geocaching

comm that I found the de cache I was

looking for if you are a premium member

you'll answer audio only clues and all

the extra information that you get from

geocaching comm and that comes directly

onto the GPS unit so as you think it's

actually a really nice feature we can

search for them on the map page there's

the different caches around where I've

just downloaded from there nice thing is

it eliminates that and takes the PC or

the Mac out of the equation we get the

same features on the 66 range so we've

got 66 s here which is exactly the same

we have the profiles on here again we

just take those from the main menu go

into the geocache and the profile we've

also got the 66 st which you might know

comes with a top or active mapping and

then also the 66 I which has the in rate

in reach technologies of two-way

satellite communication built directly

in that unit you can't use that in reach

satellite communication to download the

caches you still need to tether it to

your smart phone where this Android

phone or iPhone doesn't really matter we

need to tether it

with it so the video is on which is the

best GPS unit if you can afford it the

best one is out of the Oregon 700 or the

GPS map 66 range 66 s 66 St or the 66 I

again in the Oregon range we have the

Oregon 700 which is this one and the

Oregon 750 which comes with the built-in

camera on the back so again that's

personal preference it you won't good

for but you can afford it if you can go

for one with the lives you're caching it

completely changes the way you do your

geocaching experience we spent a lot of

time at the mega events that your

caching mega events and and and we sell

a lot of units to the geocaches and

these our units are going for Oregon

range and also the 66 range that live

geocaching option that's available with

them very much that's hope you helped

you understand a little bit more about

the different options available yeah you

can go geocaching on your etrex took

trains on e tricks 22:32 range but

you've got to download those cashy

directly onto that unit via your PC on

your Mac so every way we can afford it

if you get one of the unit's the Oregon

range on the 66 range from Garmin that

does this like geocaching it's certainly

worth that extra money sit your tether

with your mobile phone just by a

bluetooth and then you can use either

you date off your mobile phone or the

Wi-Fi biz connect to the Wi-Fi to

download the caches directly onto the

unit you then don't need a mobile

forcing way out about by the end of the

day you can have two other update them

as you find them if you've got a mobile

phone signal or alternatively at the end

of the day you can upload those life to

geocaching comm I say pairs really

nicely with the website when you go into

that geocaching program for the first

time you just put in a few details and

it will then sync your two accounts your

live account and also

your GPS unit I very much hope this has

helped we have any further questions or

queries about a geocaching or which is

the best unit for geocaching please

don't hesitate to get in touch with

ourselves out GPS training