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video number one what GoPro should you

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here we go ready there we go much better

let's get started with today's video I'm

going to talk to you about which GoPro

you should buy and why you should buy

that particular GoPro I will also

briefly discuss should you get a GoPro

is a GoPro the right camera for you

before we get started it's a little bit

colder in my studio than I thought so

let me change real quick okay much

better the first question that I said I

would answer is should you even get a

GoPro camera there are a lot of other

handy cams out there are there video

camcorders for the family that you could

choose so why would you want to get a

GoPro let me talk about what kind of a

person you are very quickly what kind of

a parent you are if you've seen GoPro

running a few campaigns right now called

capture different is this really playing

with your kid don't stop what you're

doing to capture what you're doing and I

think that that perfectly explains why I

think the GoPro is the best family

camera because the GoPro rather than

taking you out of the action with your

flip out screen and your zoom in and out

it puts you in the action it forces you

almost to be part of the action because

of its wide angle lens and the lack of

zooms and things that people consider

drawbacks to the camera I actually love

that because I don't have the excuse

that I can stand off to the side and sit

on a park bench and just film my kids

playing I have to get out there and play

with them its mountable in so many

places so you can put it on your kids

and get crazy funny perspectives that

you couldn't get any other way I would

say for me if you're the parent that

wants to be involved that wants to get

out and play and interact with your kids

and be part of the action you absolutely

want to go with the GoPro that's a very

simple and quick answer to these should

you get a GoPro to me I've always said

it's just a matter of do you want to be

in the action or do you want to stand on

the side watching the action if you want

to be in it then you want to get the

GoPro absolutely really quick why should

you listen to me I'm just a dude in a

fancy suit

talking to a GoPro camera so why should

you listen to me about which GoPros you

get in why well let me give you a quick

little history of my street credibility

when it comes to GoPro about to have to

go pop pop montage um you didn't play



I have been featured as the GoPro video

of the day

I am a sponsored member of the GoPro

family I create freelance content for

GoPro on a fairly regular basis and I

capture almost every minute of every day

of my life on GoPro camera so I have a

lot of experience over years of time

with many different cameras many

different accessories but that's enough

about us that's enough about me now

let's talk about which camera you should

get first of all I'm going to be talking

about three different models in

particular or if you consider the two

varieties of the hero session so for the

purposes of this video let's focus on

three main models okay you have your

hero4 silver or black i really am only

going to talk about the silver because

you should not get the hero4 black

that's not a knock on the hero4 black

but there's absolutely no good reason

anymore to get a hero4 black the session

which comes in the hero session and you

hear a 5 session variety and the hero 5

black this one which one should you get

and why would you get one over another

let's start out from the beginning this

is the hero4 silver this for a very long

time was my absolute favorite camera

gopro has ever come out with it is

unbelievable and for the most of us who

are the regular family folk we are going

to be shooting in 1080 so this maxes out

at about 2.7 K if you want to shoot a

usable 30 frames per second but if you

want to go into 4k you can do that at 15

frames per second you'll never use it if

you're looking at this you're looking at

this because it shoots in glorious 1080

at 60 frames a second hero4 silver right

now is the most affordable camera you

can find it on a number of really good


something immediately that people will

love about this one is it does have the

LCD touchscreen on the back which allows

you to preview and set up your shots you

can also change menu settings this was a

welcome addition to the GoPro lineup the

first time they ever had this was in

this hero4 silver it does have the

waterproof housing that comes with it

pros LCD touchscreen very affordable the

GoPro form factor very small mountable

you can use it in a number of situations

so I absolutely love this I would say

that if you are just getting started you

have a tight budget this is a great way

to start it's a phenomenal

start you will not be disappointed with

this camera some of the drawbacks of

this one though and it's going to be the

number one drawback is that within the

waterproof housing your audio is going

to be garbage I'm just going to be

straight up it's going to be garbage I

actually have on here what's called the

skeleton housing it's got holes in the

side so that you can get some audio

through here I most typically use the

frame mount if I'm going to use a hero

for this takes the housing completely

off of it so you can get audio directly

into the mics that would be the main

drawback of the hero4 silver also much

as this touch screen is awesome it's

actually been pretty outdated by the

newer interface it's a little bit clunky

not nearly as nice as the newer model so

if your budget is small you don't mind a

little bit older tech you can get a

great deal on one of these next on a

list as we move up I'm going to talk

about the hero session so there's a hero

session in the hero 5 session let's talk

about first the hero session this is now

GoPros entry model to the GoPro lineup

it is only a hundred and ninety-nine

dollars obviously the very first thing

you'll notice is the form factor it's a

small cube it's incredibly versatile you

can put it literally anywhere I'm trying

to think of weird places that I put this

not weird but I put this in you can't

say that this little guy is freaking

addicting and I'm not kidding GoPro sent

me one of these and I started using it

thinking oh that's cute I'll use it for

on-the-go keep in my glove box something

like that I couldn't stop using it

because it is just too simple it is one

button control you push this button it

will power on start shooting video you

push that button again it will power off

and it will stop shooting video the

battery lasts for like days I have gone

an entire weekend without charging one

of these the battery is unreal now the

battery is not replaceable on this so

the battery is internal you flip open

the side door and you've charged the

actual unit itself so you can't if the

battery dies you can't take another

battery swap it out and then keep going

and filming you've got to actually stop

everything and charge it up this is

completely waterproof without a housing

it is the coolest design the feel is

amazing I get excited just playing with


biggest drawback for those of you who

want to see what you're filming you

cannot do that physically on the camera

of course you can take the companion app

the GoPro has sync it up now we're doing

that right now

with this shoot right here you can see

but you can do that same thing with this

so if you wanted to you can grab your

phone sync it up to this and you can

frame up your shots see what you're

shooting you can even change settings

all kinds of things with that app but

you're not going to have the ability as

you're aiming at something to see what

you're filming but with the GoPro that's

the beauty of it that's another thing

that I've always said I love about GoPro

if you point it in the general direction

of the action you're going to get the

shot it's just that kind of a camera

it's ultra wide-angle it just really

captures everything as long as you've

got it pointed in general direction

you'll get the shot you want so there's

not a really big problem that with not

being able to frame it up this one the

hero session now again we'll talk about

the hero five session the hero session

is the perfect starter gift for kids I

would say this is actually my son

Riley's a hero session he's eight years

old and he loves it he puts it on a

little chest mount mounted to his bike

takes it all over the place with his

friends it is durable as can be in

GoPros launch video they called it a

cockroach it just it's really tough to

kill one of these one of these hero

sessions they are like tanks so I highly

recommend this the fact that it's only

two hundred dollars and you can have

on-the-go action camera that is so

versatile like this and you still get

that GoPro quality it's absolutely

unreal so this is like my high

recommendation for entry-level if you're

going to try and decide between this and

this I would say the biggest difference

most obviously is going to be the

touchscreen you can't you can't see what

you're filming here versus you can hear

why would you want to hear a session

over the hero4 silver the hero session

is waterproof without a housing it's

smaller and it's more durable and the

audio is going to be very clean on this

it's not quite as good as the hero 5

models but it's going to be pretty clean

audio but you're also not in an

underwater housing so you can go

underwater with this come back out the

mic port automatically clean themselves

out flush out the water and you're back

to getting clean audio and you don't

have to put in underwater housing I

really can't say enough good about the

hero session just because it's addicting

honestly like you just have to get one

and get your hands on one and start

playing with it to realize how addicting

it did it goes in your pocket like a

keychain but you're packing around an

action camera and it just can't be

broken that's why I give this to my son

because he can just do anything to it

and it

not break it's not a challenge so

quickly let me transition from the hero

session to the hero 5 session because

form factor wise it is the exact same

camera it is waterproof it has the one

button touch control all of those same

things you can't replace the battery

there's no preview screen the difference

is is that it's much more capable so it

can shoot up to 4k at 30 frames a second

if I didn't say it the hero session

maxes out somewhere in like the 1440 M I

go to 2.7 K what you need to know is

that it does shoot 1080 at 60 frames a

second which is freaking awesome

that's everything you could want in a

hero session now the hero 5 session ups

that game it will shoot at 4k in 30

frames a second which is unbelievable

you can pack that into a cube that would

literally fit you can stick one of these

in an ice cube tray and you can shoot 4k

30 frames a second you can also shoot

higher frame rates like 1080 at 90

frames a second if you shoot at a higher

frame rate you can slow it down get some

fun looking stuff the other biggest

thing about the Hero 5 session is the

voice control you can talk to the Hiro 5

session and the Hiro 5 session will

listen unlike my wife you can say GoPro

shoot a burst and it will shoot a burst

of photographs you can say GoPro start

recording it will start recording the

other thing is the microphones have been

upgraded as well on the Hero 5 session

you're going to get cleaner audio again

waterproof without a housing so the

audio is clean the price point on the

Hero 5 session is $2.99 so they're only

three hundred dollars which is pretty

remarkable as well so that's the Hero 5

session now the granddaddy of them all

this is GoPros flagship product in Nick

Woodman's own words this is the GoPro

they've always wanted it just took them

a few years to get to it but this is the

GoPro of GoPros the camera of cameras

the GoPro Hero 5 black the Hero 5 black

is going to have everything that any of

these other cameras have and then it's

going to do it a little bit better

waterproof without a housing you will

not believe how convenient that is to

not have to bring housings or decide am

I going to bring the housing with holes

on the side so that I get better audio

am I going to bring the housing that has

the touch ability so I can touch the

back am I going to be deep underwater so

I need to have the housing that has

really little bit bit instead you just

take this it is fully waterproof and

you're ready to go it's got everything

the audio has been upgraded


the microphones are insane they have

really outdone themselves on the audio

aspect of the euro five left you now

have the touchscreen on the high-end

black edition the hero4 black did not

have a touchscreen the hero 5 black not

only has a touchscreen but the user

interface has been completely overhauled

it is so intuitive so simple if you've

used a smartphone this will be very

familiar and very simple to you changing

settings and changing resolutions and

changing frame rates and changing ISO

and all the new controls that you have

with the Hero 5 Black has never been

easier it's a simple touch of a button

you can change here you can see you can

change from 1080 to 4k you can change

your frame rates and then one of the

things that I love is that if you're

changing something on the fly it will

actually show you how that will affect

your shot so as you're looking in the

screen I can change my ISO in this

situation here I swipe between the ISO

settings here you can see that it gets

darker to give you a preview or lighter

to give you a preview of what your shot

will look like if you leave it on that

setting this is something that you've

never previously been able to do in a

GoPro camera so this to me has been huge

of course this has voice control it's

going to have everything that all the

other cameras had except it's going to

just be better now you can shoot as far

as resolutions go I will just tell you

quickly you can do 4k at 30 frames a

second you can do 1080 at 120 frames a

second that is crazy awesome slow motion

at Full 1080p HD take a look at the

exterior here it has a rubbery feel kind

of like the hero session does so it's

got that tougher exterior feel to it you

flip these ports open or you flip these

doors open I should say to show the

port's the charging ports you got your

HDMI here you've got your SD card and

battery down on the bottom part here all

fully waterproof now of course you want

to make sure they're closed otherwise

it's not going to be waterproof so

everything that GoPro has done great

over the past decade has been packaged

into this little guy right here now this

is 399 that is the highest costing GoPro

on the market at the moment but it is

$100 less than the previous models

highest end product so you get

significantly more in this camera

then you ever got out of the hero4 black

but for $100 less if you have the budget

if you're looking at spending five

hundred or less this is an absolute

no-brainer it has everything you could

possibly want in an action camera and in

honestly a camcorder for your family

there are a lot of other very specific

technical specifications that are really

cool about this as far as like the

microphone switching between different

sources to pick up the best one as

electronic image stabilization which is

pretty rad so that your videos are a

little bit steadier looking the photo

abilities in this one are significantly

better than that of any other gopro

including the hero 5 session or any

other gopro before it you can actually

shoot completely raw photos with this

which is incredible if you're into

photography and you're into editing

photos and post and you like to just

really pull out all the different colors

and do different things with it you can

do that with this GoPro it also has GPS

location capture that will tell you it

will log where you took the picture and

video it's incredibly durable I don't

get nervous handing it over to my kids

to let them give it a shot in summation

in summary here if you have the money

for it if your budget is such that you

can spend $400 I would strongly suggest

in fact I would implore you to get the

hero 5 black because it will have

everything that you need to make home

and family filmmaking a breeze it's

going to be easy it's going to be

intuitive so out of the box jumping

right in and making fun family home

videos this is the camera that you want

to get if you have the money in your

budget for it if you feel like four

hundred dollars is a little on the high

end and you're not really quite ready to

pay that much you can go three hundred

dollars for the hero 5 session you're

going to get the smaller form factor

you're going to get the great audio the

native waterproofing you're also going

to get the voice control you're going to

get everything for $300 - the ability to

see what you're filming and of course

the ability to recharge batteries on the

go but if you're just thinking I just

want something maybe even something used

maybe I go to eBay maybe I go to

Craigslist and find somebody else's

camera I want to spend like 200 bucks

you can get a hero session for $200 new

in the box and you're going to get GoPro

quality video 1080 60 frames a second

small form-factor of a session with

waterproofing you just won't have the

voice control you want to get a little

bit more you don't mind going and

slightly older technology the hero4

over is going to be the way to go for

you because you're going to get the

touchscreen you're going to get the full

form factor but you are going to have to

deal with the fact that you have it in

an underwater housing in order to keep

it safe in wet conditions the underwater

housing is going to kill your audio

pretty much completely yes you can hear

it but it's terrible this thing out of

the housing is not super rugged and

durable it's not meant to be it's

supposed to be in a protective housing

so this can actually crack and break

fairly easily outside of its housing so

there you have it folks let me know if

you have any questions that there's

something that I can talk about

literally all day its GoPro it's just a

passion of mine they've literally shaped

and formed the way that I capture my

family memories they capture life in a

different way than anything else I have

a smartphone I've had an iPhone for

years I shoot video on that and I never

do anything with it it's not that it

can't shoot video I just don't do

anything with it later but I find have

my GoPro and I shoot it on my GoPro I

will always turn that into something

epic it just somehow captures epic so if

you have any questions I am very

passionate about this love to talk about

it go ahead and drop in the comments I

don't even mind emails I'm going to be

doing another video coming up soon on

which accessories you must have which

accessories are nice to have and then

which accessories are my favorite

accessories to have and talk about those

in a separate video so that is coming

but again I don't mind asked answering

questions thanks everybody I hope you

enjoyed this hope this was helpful I

hope that this gets you in the mood to

get out there and capture life from a

different perspective get out there do

something awesome do something rad get

involved in the action don't stand on

the sidelines get in the action before

done let's get this deal out of the way

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