Best George Foreman Grill Review 2021 [Top 4 Picks]

are you looking for the best george

foreman grill here we will break down

the top four george foreman grills on

the market

we have included links in the

description for each product mentioned

so make sure you check those out to see

which one is in your budget range

at number one george foreman gr 144

grill for large families

if you have a large number of people

that you want to cook for but you don't

have enough space for a big grill

then this might be a good option for you

it doesn't come with a stand so this is

strictly a countertop grill but it is

still quite large

though it can't cook for 15 people at

one time it should be more than large

enough for a big family and can make up

to nine servings simultaneously

another big benefit to this grill being

a bit smaller in size

is the fact that it is quite lightweight

this helps to make it a good option for

anyone that has a lot of cabinet space

and doesn't want to keep their grill out

all the time even if you put this grill

into a top or bottom cabinet you

shouldn't have too much trouble getting

it out to use without any help

there are a few things to keep in with

this particular grill however

one of the biggest is the fact that

grease tends to pull at the back of the

grill near the hinge

this can be corrected by placing a board

under the grill to increase the slope

something that helps with the overall

value of this grill is the fact that it

can be used for more than just meats and


it actually doubles as a panini press it

can be used to create delicious

sandwiches making it all that more of a

useful tool in the kitchen

at number two dot george foreman for

serving removable plate grill and panini


the george foreman four serving

removable plate grill with removable


makes it easy to prepare healthy meals

it comes with a 60-inch removable grill

plate that can be used for cooking many

dishes in a single instance

it applies heat to both sides of your

food for faster cooking time

it also works to eliminate up to 42

percent of fat as you cook

the bottom plate is sloped and designed

to move grease away from your food as it


the grease is channeled into the

included drip pan for easy cleanup and


the plates are designed in a way that

ensures your food is evenly heated

so there is no need to move it around as

it cooks it also

comes with a spatula designed

specifically for the grill plates

at number three george foreman nine

serving classic plate electric grill

this is the best grill for cooking for

large groups of people this will come in

handy when making food for a party or

even for everyday use

this girl can cook up large nine

portions at once so cooking large

batches will become a piece of cake

besides this it's easy to understand and

use the cleanup takes little time

as the removable plates are dishwasher

safe and the drip tray helps with

removing fat and making your grilled

meat as lean as possible

at number four george foreman five

serving grill

this grill by george foreman can fit

five servings of everyone's favorites at

one go

beat a burger steak it got you covered

like most george foreman grills this one


removable plates as well but what this

also has is a premium ceramic coating

free of ptfe and pfoa cleaning grills

just got twice as much easier

along with all its unique features it

includes the patented aspects of all

george foreman grills

the slatted slope and drip tray these as

you know by now make your food fat free

besides you know a company has complete

trust in its products when they give you

warranty of three years

hence you can close your eyes and put

your belief in this one