Pros and Cons: Gas vs Electric Ovens

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a great question what's better for me a

electric oven or gas oven and you know

it really kind of depends they're very

very different in how they function

typically electric ovens are less

expensive so keep that in mind and it

really depends on what you have routed

to your kitchen if you only have

electric you might be stuck if you only

have a gas line that could be a little

easier to fix yeah you know sometimes in

electrical lines you can kind of punch a

hole in the wall and snake it through

can solve with your local electrician

but gas is harder to run I recently

purchased a new house and while I was

having it finished I asked him to run

both I happen to have an electric oven

in my stove but if I'd like to have gas

in the future I can go that route much

easier to install while you're having a

house built so if you're in the middle

of a housing build or you're thinking

about it just spend the extra few bucks

now so you have the option in the future

so how are they different and how do

they function differently an electric

oven is a very dry heat and in Colorado

specifically having that dryer heat that

dryer air allows things to cook a little

bit faster and a lot of things to cook a

little bit more even however the preheat

time on this electric is a little bit

longer on a gas stove it's a wetter Heat

what happens is you have moisture being

released from the gas

they're cooking so less beneficial to us

in Colorado where we have very very dry

climate anyways but quite frankly in the

Midwest or places where it's far more

with climate gas I think actually works

a little better particularly lower

elevations because you're not having to

push that volume of gas through a gas

line it's a little harder to do up here

at elevation as far as evenness of

cooking we think electric wins that race

because you have a very even heating

element you have the heat coming from

multiple places wearing gas you might

have one or two rows of gas when that

gas is on it's creating heat when it's

off just shuts off instantly you don't

have any residual heating the case so

you have to do more flipping and turning

while you're baking things also you

might need a little bit more ventilation

with gas just because you have a

backpack here that's back here and

that's releasing additional heat out of

the oven making sure that you have good

airflow because you're using that liquid

gas so keep that in mind that often

times when you're using a gas of it

might not be able to slide a pan all the

way back just because that additional

event might get in the way ultimately

you know if you have the choice and you

love cooking on gas on the stovetop you

can go duel fuel so you can have gas on

the top and you can have electric in the

oven and for Colorado in my opinion I

think that's the best choice a chef Mart

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