Best Full Coverage Drugstore & Highend Foundations

drink every time I say foundation you'll

be drunk so it's gonna be like full-on

cake are you guys ready hey guys welcome

back to my channel so today I am gonna

be talking about something I am very

passionate about that is my full

coverage foundation I've said it so many

times on this channel I am a full

coverage girl full coverage I love the

cake I love just to look like I have

perfect looking skin because I really

really don't so I've always really loved

full coverage foundations from the time

I picked up a foundation I was like what

is this I need more coverage so I've

always loved that I've used so many

foundations that are full coverage and

I've searched all of my life time that

I've been wearing makeup in this world

searching for the best full coverage

foundations and I have brought them here

for you I asked you guys on Twitter I

put up a poll which one you want to see

drugstore or a high-end and you guys

basically said we want both so I have

that for you in this video so if you

want to see what the best of the best is

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family and without further ado we're

gonna get in to the video first

foundation I'm gonna talk about is jus a

essential high coverage foundation so

this retails for $38 and you can get it

on jus wacom the one that I'm wearing

right now and it's currently my favorite

very new it's very very new I literally

just tried it like a few days ago I

became obsessed immediately I actually

used it for the first time in my last

video so if you want to see that

reaction to this foundation I took it on

a shoot with me that I did and in blown

out lights looked beautiful on camera it

lasted a full eight hours did not budge

I've actually had this foundation on for

a full 10 plus hours it looks great I

did touch up under the eyes and I did a

little bit of bronzing my skin looks so

so good with this foundation I just I

love it so much it is like my new Estee

Lauder Double Wear feel like cream is

the best way to describe the way this

looks on your skin in the way it feels

on your skin it is like butter on toast

you don't need to

this thing on and I layer the most

fullest full coverage foundations out

there that I've tried I still layer them

on this one I don't layer on like that

because literally with one pounds of

your Beautyblender you can see it in my

last video it will make things disappear

it's like magic I can't talk it up

enough I just I love it it dries in

matte it covers all the blemishes fills

in all of the large pores and if you

have oily skin this thing is going to

work dreams for you comes in a pump

pumps are amazing anybody who makes the

foundation please make it into a pump

you can really control how much comes

out this is just a tiny bit but if you

work it over like I have really bright

green veins all over my body but if I

just work it over my hand

instantly it covers my vein like a

tattoo I mean I can keep going I'm

blending this out if blends out like a

dream and it just feels so light on the

skin it's not drying it's not

uncomfortable I don't see it oxidizing

much but it's literally covering up my

veins and making my skin look so

airbrushed and flawless jouer has given

me my own code which I've had for a long

time but since I'm talking about this

foundation so much I decided to let you

guys know if you want to use it it's

down there somewhere and if you're

thinking about buying the foundation

it's going to give you a nice gist the

next foundation I'm gonna talk about was

something I found when I first found my

first full coverage foundation and I

fell in love and still to this day I

swear by it foundation that I'm talking

about is the Revlon Colorstay foundation

by the way this foundation right here is

$12.99 this'll last for 24 hours and I

honestly haven't worn it as much to

really remember if it did last 24 hours

back in those days I did not wear primer

on my face at all so I just put on

foundation on my dry skin I would try

all these different foundations from the

drugstore and I would always find myself

going back to this one one annoying

thing about this foundation is that it

dries so freakin quick and if you use

too much it can

really cakey and crazy and it smells

kind of weird it smells like chemicals

but it goes away and the good thing

about this is if you're working out or

if you're doing something where you're

gonna be sweating or if there's a lot of

humidity in your city or whatever it is

your makeup is not gonna budge this does

not move and it's actually a little bit

hard to take off of your face like

you're gonna need like five Neutrogena

wipes really hard to remove but it does

the job and I love it this foundation

will cover everything up I promise you

and it's going to last you a very long

time has a SPF of 15 it does not oxidize

and that's one really great plus about

this because whatever comes out onto

your skin whatever you blend out onto

your skin that is the true color that it

will stay which is awesome and very hard

to find so I'm gonna try it on my hand

right now let's see if we can cover up

this these green veins right here put a

little bit on my hand and as you can see

it definitely covers the veins you have

to work really fast with this foundation

because it dries super quick you cannot

move it once it dries so you literally

gotta go in there and just beat your

face with a Beauty Blender within like

10 seconds or less because this is how

it's gonna stay that's the only bad

thing about it but I mean if you can

work fast and I remember it took me a

few times but I love the coverage so

much I learned how to use this

foundation and I used it till its

fullest coverage because it says it's

supposed to be a medium to full so I'm

gonna put on another layer with the

other foundation you just need one layer

but this one you can actually do two for

a maximum coverage it may enhance fine

lines and wrinkles it's a little bit

drying so you're gonna want to use a

hydrating primer and right now my

favorite primer that's super hydrating

and really makes your foundation just

glide on so beautifully is the Laura

Mercier hydrating primer it goes onto

your skin it's so nice you can just feel

your skin soaking up the moisture but my

skin just feels so much better so much

plump like I drink eight glasses of

water it prevents all these full

coverage foundations from making your

face feel like cracky

but this foundation has basically dried

now and as you can see it dry - very

fast it will not blend out at all so you

have to really work fast with this but

if you want a full coverage of drugstore

that's gonna be one of the ones you're

gonna sew the next foundation I'm gonna

get into is my all-time favorite

foundation this goes for $42 it's the

Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation oh

my gosh this foundation is so good it is

worth the money if you're looking for a

freaking full coverage foundation

because I want to tell you the good with

the bad so you know what to expect when

you're buying the foundation it almost

reminds me of the Revlon foundation

without it drying super fast this one

gives you some time to work it in it

doesn't ever really dry to the point

where you can't move it but the only

thing about this one is that it leaves

your skin feeling super dry like tight

like it's gonna crack open that kind of

dry at least that's what it does to my

skin my skin is dry to combo so I do

have to use a very hydrating primer or a

long-lasting intense moisturizer on my

face before I put this on because it is

extreme it is intense but it works

really well also another option for you

because this just does look really

freakin drawing on the face I get the

cover effects hydrating drops or any

kind of serum to mix in with this to

make it a little bit more thin and just

go on a little bit more smooth would

work well if you have oily skin this is

perfect for you you probably don't even

need a primer because it's gonna do the

job for you in every aspect it does last

a full day and now I have not it says

it's supposed to last for 24 hours I

have not tried this foundation for 24

hours because I usually take my makeup

off before I go to bed I can't really

tell you if it really lasts 24 hours but

I can tell you it lasts through the

morning tonight so that's a really long

time my skin ends up feeling a little

bit like Grandma sorry grandma you're

here no offense but hey she's actually

in the other room but it does feel very

like tight and it does get into your

pores to where you can see the fine

lines which is not the best but it is

going to cover up all the

wishes and make you look like a

porcelain doll like so let me just put

it on my my hand and I actually have a

scar I have my finger from when I fell

in Fiji so I'll show you how it covers

that as well it does a really good job

at full coverage if you have a scar on

your face it's going to cover it up this

is just one little swipe and it's

basically gone so this is a very very

good full coverage foundation depending

on your skin type you might have to

change your primer but overall this is a

very good foundation and I highly

recommend go for the next best full

coverage drugstore foundation out there

it is going to be l'oreal infallible Pro

matte this is also a 24 hour foundation

and it has a demi matte finish meaning

that it isn't completely dry matte which

actually works really well for my kind

of skin because I don't really like to

look like I'm super matte because I'm

already really dry so I always like to

put a little bit extra highlight in

places or or do a mist at the end of my

makeup so that it looks like skin again

so I like the fact that this doesn't dry

completely matte this foundation is

$12.99 as well same price as Revlon if I

were comparing the two I would just get

this one so I'm gonna just put it on my

hand give it the test I'm gonna work

that into my skin as you can tell this

is another extreme coverage I feel like

it's very comparable to the Estee Lauder

Double Wear if not a dupe to the Estee

Lauder Double Wear so you can go light

and still get a lot of coverage or you

can go a little bit heavier and get

maximum full coverage it doesn't feel

drying on the skin and it doesn't feel

like it's heavy so it's not weighing it

down so that's one layer I'm gonna do a

second layer and honestly I feel like I

don't need a second layer but I want my

green veins to completely disappear and

I'm gonna try that on my red scar to

make sure that

it covers it so again if you have

scarring on your face this is obviously

not the right color but if you have

scarring on your face it's going to

cover it up and imagine just a second

layer of this completely gone it's not


not drying not completely matte but it

does have that effect on your skin and

you want to cover up deep dark circles

redness blemishes zits this is gonna do

it for you I highly recommend this

drugstore option highly it's a good one

so for the next high-end foundation I'm

going to be talking about the Urban

Decay all nighter foundation and this is

a waterproof the long wear foundation

I said foundation like 30 times drink

every time I say foundation you'll be

drawing so be careful

but this foundation is really good it's

super full coverage I like the coverage

it lasts but it does oxidize so be

careful with this one really test it out

before you buy it test out the entire

range if you can if they let you

wherever you're buying it at if you're

worried about your fine lines if you're

worried about large pores then

definitely get this Smashbox photo

finish primer something that has

silicone in it that's going to sit into

your pores and make it look like a

smooth even surface or something that's

more hydrating if you don't have that

issue but you don't want it to feel dry

on your face because this one will feel

that way it's very long wearing this

foundation is $40 in case you guys are

wondering we go ahead and put it on my

hand so here's my hand before it's a

very thick foundation and that is


that is actually more intense than a lot

of these foundations so if you're really

looking for that full coverage this is

definitely like an event kind of makeup

picture day makeup again you want to

test it out before you buy it because it

does oxidize a ton so it gets so much

darker than this for the last full

coverage foundation from the drugstore

that we're gonna be talking about is

Milani the Milani conceal imperfect two

in one foundation plus couldn't see

this is another crazy crazy foundation a

very similar to the Urban Decay all

nighter because it is that intense and I


I forgot how intense that was like I

know it was full coverage but this is

just like I don't stay this work very

often but it literally had me shook to

the core it has a pump which is amazing

I love that it has a pump so easy to

apply so it's not less messy it is a

little bit thicker and we're gonna just

start to work that into our to our hands

right away it is very similar in

coverage to the Urban Decay all nighter

this is the most affordable foundation

that I am talking about in this video

it's $9.99 and it looks like the Urban

Decay all nighter literally looks like a

forty dollar foundation this one is

extremely full coverage this is only one

application if you let it die down it

does oxidize a little bit so you got to

watch out for that as well but play

around actually I don't know if you can

play around with drugstore foundations

they don't just let you try them um but

try to see what your color is if you're

getting married and you're on a budget

and you have like scars or something

that you really need to cover up or you

just love full-coverage flawless skin

get this foundation this foundation is

beautiful but make sure you get your

color and it does not oxidize on you on

your wedding day but it is extremely

full coverage and I wish I knew about

this back when I was in high school

because I would have been buying this

and saving so much more money that's

pretty much it those are all the

foundations that I have for you guys

today these are my favorite ultimate

full coverage foundation most of these I

wouldn't use every day besides the jouer

and the infallible Pro matte I would

actually use this every day and I

wouldn't mind it but the other ones I

would say definitely save them for an

event a big event like a wedding or

picture day or anything like that

because it is gonna make you look so

flawless but most of them are gonna feel

really heavy on your skin

and it's not gonna be comfortable for an

entire day unless you're trying to look

like Beyonce the entire day then you do

you watching I hope you enjoyed this

video and if you like this type of video

this is the first time I'm doing this

type of video let me know in the

comments maybe I could do more maybe

it's the best concealers because that is

another passion of mine covering these

dark under-eye circles let me know in

the comments what you want to see and

that's it that's the end of this video

before I let you go I want you guys to

start believing in yourself today if you

don't believe in yourself or if you're

having any doubt just start doing it

today you can do it I love you and I

wish you the best of luck until the next

video bye dolly