My Visit to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah! || Mayim Bialik

(upbeat music)

- Okay we are coming into Kanab,

which is where the Best Friends Headquarters is,

are, are, is,

- [Man] Headquarters is.

- Headquarters is.

I'm an animal lover, and I'm a vegan.

And this is one of the major organizations

that does a lot of positive advocacy

in educating the public about the different ways

that we can care for animals

if they can not live in other parts of society.

And it's also really important

and meaningful alternative to zoos.

I'm a person who doesn't like to go to zoos

and this is a wonderful way to educate people

about animals and let them live in an environment

that's comfortable for them and that's safe for them.

(upbeat music)

Okay, we're here at Best Friends Horse Headquarters,

I don't know a lot about horses and ponies

but these are smaller than horse, so maybe they're ponies.

I don't know.

They don't seem that excited to see us.

But we're sure excited to see them.

(upbeat music)

We just got to visit the very,

very impressive medical animal clinic

here at Best Friends.

I think it was my favorite part.

We got to see a dog being prepped for nuetering,

we saw a dog on the table being sewn up after surgery

and just, it's such an incredible veterinary experience,

there's a room for acupuncture and chiropractic,

and there's a room for everything.

It was just amazing, it's amazing

to see such an incredible impressive facility

that can care for so many animals.

It was just, it was amazing and I got to pet dogs

and there was a really cute kitten asleep, it's a great day!


(upbeat music)

Okay we had a great time at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary,

we saw so many animals.

We saw horses and sheep and pigs and goats and cats,

we didn't go, we didn't have time to go to the dog area,

but I'm sure that they're adorable.

But we saw a lot of cats, we had a great time, it was great!

So many animals, they're all my best friends.

I guess that's why they call it Best Friends.


(upbeat music)

Best Friends is a very, very impressive animal sanctuary.

What started as a couple families trying

to save animals, you know, almost 30 years ago has turned

into this gigantic national organization that does so much.

It's overwhelming and it's beautiful the work that they do.

It's just unbelievable.

I highly recommend a tour to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary,

it was terrific, it was beautiful.