BFF! WHICH COUNTRY IS BEST FRIENDS WITH JAPAN?! Ask Japanese about friendship countries.

I think it was Turkey. We helped each other once.

It would have to be Brazil!

The Major League. Japanese go there too.

Hey guys and girls this is Cathy Cat. As many of you know, I am from Germany.

And we say we have good connections with Japan but

my French friends say the same, so do my Italian friends.

So today we are gonna go and Ask Japanese

Which country they think is the closest to Japan right now.

Who is best friends with Japan? Let's go and Ask Japanese.

- The country that sells kebab. - You mean Turkey.

Oh right, that was Turkey?

You can buy kebab everywhere, even in Harajuku.

I think we are really close to that country.


I think it was Turkey. We helped each other once.

Near the Okayama prefecture, a ship was about to sink and

Japanese people tried to save it.

When we had an earthquake in Japan, they came to help us in return.

I heard that. I think that was Turkey.

Where did you hear about it?

We learned that in school.

Maybe Brazil...

You think it's Brazil?

My hometown has many people from Brazil.

In my class was a girl from Brazil. But why Brazil?

I think that would be Brazil. At the ceremony at the Olympics in Rio...

they introduced Japan, and when Japanese athletes won,

the people of Brazil would applaud and such.

Seeing things like that, I felt a close friendship between our countries.

I think America...

But now we have .... that Trump so...

... now that things have to changed in that direction, I think some things changed...

But when it was still Obama, I thought our countries are good friends.

When I went to Guam, I was able to communicate in Japanese.

I could use Japanese there and also in Hawaii.

I think in those areas we are developing a relationship.

I think America. I am not sure though, now that we have Mr Trump...

I am not sure..

He spoke with Obama. Obama also came to Hiroshima.

I think our connections are not that bad.

Sorry, I think it's America.

Why so?

The Major League. Japanese go there too.

That's why I think it's America.

I think it might be Taiwan.

- Why so? - I also played baseball...

One of the players for the GIANTS went to Taiwan for a match...


all people of Taiwan were standing up.

I felt a close friendship with Taiwan at that moment.

Korea, because I love Korea.

If you go to Shin Okubo, there are many Koreans living there.

I hope we will always get along well with Korea.

She loves Korean idols a lot.


Around me many of my friends love Korean idols.

That's why I feel something like affiliation ...

And thinking the other way, many Koreans love Japanese idols...

I think on that note you can see how well we get along.

- Like an Idol exchange? - Yeah I think we have that a lot.

Those were all questions. Thank you.

So who is best friends with Japan, interestingly enough

most people didn't straight away say America.

Some said Turkey, Brazil and Korea.

Brayil had come connections with Japan, many Japanese went to Brazil

for a period of time, so they usually have a dual visa....

... if I am right... I am right about that?

You are not listening are you? The Director wasn't listening.

There are connections between Brazil and Japan...

And well..

What about you? Do you think your country is best friends with Japan?

Give me and us a good reason why it is.

So maybe we can start a discussion.



Catch you soon on Ask Japanese!