What It's Like To Have an ITALIAN Friend | Markian

I got us pizza oh my god yes I've been

craving pizza oh very good

let me just add some parmesan oh we have

a boyfriend yeah so what just kissed me

all right kiss everyone like that isn't

a problem

Oh kiss on the lips too oh yeah so you

guys just walk around with your very bus

oh no I like you I think I'm gonna get

the gene okey I'm Bruce Ethel reunion

yucky it bruschetta yucky and whatever

it's not like Italy made it's a little

cut last year anyway for you just say hi

to each other this way it's like buddies

you know buddies don't do that let's

just high five

okay it's not just a big piece of cheese

I mean it's fresh what's it another try

thanks for getting coffee with me

well I moved on I'll see you next time

okay where you going don't you get a

full cup of coffee so enjoy the time


why would I want to drink that dirt

water you drink see those bracelets much

better oh sorry girl if I was late but

you have no idea and I was like I have

to go I'm sorry

Cupid class it's not you know where I

don't think it's the glass that's the


sorry girl it took me a second to pick

the outfit why are you so dressed up

we're just going to the mall doctor stop

I'm just really something that I would

wear in public

an authentic Italian meal let's take it

out Brando this is the worst Italian

meal I've ever seen like seriously I got

the recipe from the ragu what sorry

oh my god I just got the new a portrait

of my favorite Italian artist Mika - I

also got a portrait of Michelangelo

that's not the Michelangelo I was

talking about okay it was sold out I

could get you all the way back in my


they say Italians are loud I prefer to

say you can hear us wherever you go

ready for the wedding

are you white socks with your formal

outfit yeah so you can do that actually

have these rainbow-colored talks I wear

those okay oh my god I picked a special

place tonight

I didn't pasta again we've had pasta

every single night this week we didn't

have it every single night we had lucky

and then we had cavatelli and

penetration developing a gluten

intolerance you are being dramatic so

far you're an amazing girl how are you

dude Oh hold on ciao mama yes you this

later we're on a date here always do

this hang up with her I'm breaking up

with you okay I just broke up with my

boyfriend they won't have dinner tonight

you gotta look me in the eyes when we

cheer okay

now you have to slam the glass on the

table before you drink miss ellaby with

myself takes two